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5 best DC Comics games for Android

DC Comics is doing better with being successful in the media. Here are the best DC Comics games for Android!

Published onOctober 17, 2021

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DC Comics is having a hard time cracking the winning formula. Batman movies are doing well, but movies like Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad didn’t get the rave reviews they were hoping for. Still, there are a ton of DC Comics fans out there looking to have a good time with their favorite superheroes in mobile game format. You can kind of do that on mobile. These games aren’t nearly as good as console games. Plus, the DC universe doesn’t have the diversity of Marvel’s mobile game collection. In any case, there are a few that are halfway decent. here are the best DC Comics games for Android!

We’d also like to give an honorable mention to DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition [no longer available]. It’s a neat, albeit small AR experience that is kid friendly and pretty fun. It’s a little buggy, though.

Batman – The Telltale Series

Price: Free / Up to $7.49

Batman – The Telltale Series is a puzzle-adventure game about, well, Batman. It features a decent story that thankfully doesn’t reiterate the origin story yet again. Players move through the game and make decisions. Those decisions affect the outcome of the story in various ways. It has puzzle and adventure elements. However, its presentation feels a lot more like an interactive graphic novel more than any other style of game. It’s a bit older, but it should still work on most devices. You get the first of five episodes for free. The rest are available as in-app purchases.

DC Legends: Battle for Justice

Price: Free to play

DC Legends: Battle for Justice is a mobile RPG with gacha elements. You collect various characters from the DC universe, level them up, and fight off the bad guys. It’s a lot like other mobile RPGs from popular TV, movie, or comic series. There are a ton of cameos and places from the various properties. It features a campaign mode, online PvP, and tons of special events. Some of the characters are very broken in the online PvP, but the game is otherwise decent for its genre. Just beware that there are freemium elements with this one.

Injustice 2

Price: Free to play

Injustice 2 is among the most popular DC Comics games. It features a large cast of popular heroes and villains from various comics. It’s a fighting game with three vs three combat. The mechanics are a little simplistic compared to serious fighters. You tap and swipe for most moves and there isn’t anything overly complex to learn. However, it does cater to a more casual audience and that’s fine too. You collect your favorite DC heroes and villains, level them up, and use them in combat. Each one has its own set of skills, perks, pros, and cons. It’s also a freemium game and that’s not great. The console version of this one is much better, but this isn’t a bad fighter in short bursts.

Teen Titans Go and Teen Titans Go Figure

Price: $3.99 each with in-app purchases

Teen Titans Go Figure screenshot 2021
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Teen Titans Go and Go Figure are two above average from the popular Teen Titans universe. It’s a gacha style game with mobile RPG elements. Players collect a variety of characters and team them up to beat up the bad guys. What’s neat about these is that they aren’t freemium games like most gacha titles. Teen Titans Go Figure is the newer of the two games, but it also added in-app purchases that the first game didn’t have. Both of them still get updates as of 2018 so you can’t go wrong either way really.

Teeny Titans

Price: $3.99

Teeny Titans is another Teen Titans mobile game. This one has a single price tag with no in-app purchases. Players assemble a squad and duke it out in three versus three battles with various opponents. There are over 70 collectible figures, special missions to complete, and a goofy presentation that is both fun and family-friendly. About the only complaint is that it doesn’t work with every device’s aspect ratio.

If we missed any great DC Comics games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

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