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10 affordable tech gifts that only look expensive

Who doesn't like nice things? Even better who doesn't like saving money? These two concepts might seem at odds with one another but they don't have to be.
December 15, 2017

Who doesn’t like nice things? Even better who doesn’t like saving money? These two concepts might seem at odds with one another but they don’t have to be.

In this guide we take a look at a few tech-related gifts that actually look much more expensive than the actual price tag would suggest. All these gifts are fun, unique, and just different enough that you likely don’t have to worry about others buying your friends and family the same thing. 

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A high-end smartphone for just $200? 

last minute Christmas gifts

While most of the suggestions here are well under $50, if you’re looking for a phone that looks ultra-premium, has tons of performance punch, and yet costs ridiculously little — the recently launched HONOR 7x phone is the way to go. This is easily the best Android phone you can purchase for under $200 and honestly compares with many phones double its price.

The star feature here is the gorgeous 18:9 display that’s perfect for gaming and media, but there’s also a snappy Kirin 659 octa-core processor, 3 GB of of RAM, 32 GB of onboard storage, a dual rear camera setup with a 16 MP primary sensor and a secondary 2 MP sensor, an 8 MP front-facing camera, and a 3,340 mAh battery.

You can pick it up now directly from HONOR for $199.99. If you’re looking to get a loved one a mobile device that looks much more expensive than it truly is, this is without a doubt a great choice. 

The power of Alexa for under $30? Enter the Eufy Smart Speaker

While Amazon Echo’s cheapest option begins at $50, the Eufy gives you essentially all the same features as the Dot, but for almost half the price at $34.99. The voice-controlled smart speakeris  powered by Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant and can play music from services like Spotify, TuneIn, and Pandora. It can also tell you what the weather is like, and answer any questions you might have.

You can also use the Eufy speaker to control various smart products you have in your home, order a pizza, and much more. Eufy is a compact device that comes with a simple yet modern design and an affordable price tag. Best of all, your gift recipient will think you spent much more on this smart speaker than you actually did!

Create amazing lighting effects with the URPOWER Portable Speaker

The URPOWER speaker connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and keeps you entertained for up to four hours when the volume is at 50 percent. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling and a range of up to 31 feet.

This compact speaker is equipped with a number of LED lights that offer seven kinds of music pulsating visual display modes, making this the perfect gift for a younger person or even a teen, as it can not only pump up the jams, but it happens to look cool as hell while doing it. The URPower also sports a 3.5 mm headphone jack if you’d rather directly connect your phone instead of going the Bluetooth route, there’s also various buttons for playback control.

Best of all? It will only set you back $18.99, making it a perfect gift for just about anyone on your list. 

These headphones look like a million bucks, okay… slight exaggeration

A high-end music experience will easily cost you hundreds of dollars, but for more casual listeners… going that route is a total overkill. Sound Intone’s i68 headphones are a great gift for those who listening to music, but aren’t necessarily audiophiles. They are wired, have a gorgeous design, and can be folded for easy storage. 

The on-ear headphones sport a built-in microphone for taking as well as making calls and have a few buttons for controlling your music. They are compatible with all devices that have a 3.5 mm headphone jack and come in two color options: Black/Gold and White/Gold. While they don’t have active noise cancelling, the over-ear design does a pretty good job of blocking out some unwanted noise.

Although they look expensive thanks to the gold trimming and elegant design, the headphones are actually very affordable — you can get them for just $18.99.

Wallet meets phone with the Ringke Flip Card Holder

Wallets are a Christmas gift going back to the beginning of time itself, or something like that. I’m sure pretty much every one reading this has gotten a wallet, organizer, or purse as a gift at some point in their life. Well now it’s time to bring that wallet into the 21st century by slapping it onto the back of your phone. 

This is a thin and small wallet that can hold up to five cards as well as cash and has a magnetic front closure that makes sure the stored items stay in place. As for how it attaches? It uses special adhesive that is designed to stay on until you’re ready to remove it. Due to the nature of the adhesive it will not leave marks or any residue, though it might be a bit hard to get off. A pro tip might be to attach it to a case instead of directly to your phone — but that’s ultimately your choice. 

What makes the wallet even more uniqueis that it can double as a kickstand, making it easier to watch videos on your device. Ringke’s wallet looks gorgeous, is available in six different colors, and starts at $8.99. It’s a great gift for those who hate carrying a thick wallet around in their pocket and your gift recipient will likely think you spent double or more on it!

Cut the cord clutter in style with the Amir Bamboo Charging Station

This charging station manufactured by Amir is a real stunner. It’s made of bamboo, and allows you to charge three devices simultaneously. Additionally, it can also be used as a stand for your smartphone and smartwatch.

The Amir Bamboo charging station even has a dedicated space for credit cards and a couple of pens, which helps keep your desk looking cleaner. The charging station is compact, has soft foam mats on each bottom corner to prevent it from sliding, and hides the cable if you’re charging the smartphone while it’s on the stand. It’s a great gift for those who also use a smartwatch, and maybe even a tablet, in addition to a smartphone.

At just $16.99, this maeks for a great gift that looks much more elegant and costly than it is. 


Capture your epic adventures to the grocery store and beyond!

The Bekhic Dash Camera is a great gift for those who spend a lot of time in their cars. The camera record videos in 1080p resolution and has a 170-degree wide-angle lens. It’s compact, equipped with a 3-inch display, and sports a memory card slot — up to 32 GB.

Bekhic’s dash camera also has a night mode, so it can be used in low-light conditions, and starts recording automatically when you turn on your car. This could be a great gift for those that want to capture that epic adventure to the grocery store,  make videos for their video blog while driving, or even for security reasons — Uber drivers might find this useful, for example. 

It comes in black and can be yours for $53.99 on Amazon. While that makes this one of the more expensive gift ideas on this list, it’s still much cheaper than most of its competition in this segment and yet has been well rated by actual users of the device. 

Who says tablets have to cost an arm and leg? The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is just $50

Amazon’s Fire tablet sports a 7-inch display, making it a great gift for those who watch a lot of videos online and love to read e-books, among other things. It has enough power under the hood for the average user, ships with Alexa on board, and is also quite affordable.

The tablet is designed for entertainment and comes with either 8 or 16 GB of expandable storage. The cheapest model will set you back $50, but it does contain ads. To get rid of them, you’ll have to pay $15 extra — which is definitely worth it as it ups the ‘premium’ factor of this cheap but expensive looking tablet. The device is available in four different colors, offers a battery life of up to eight hours, and is equipped with a 2 MP camera.

Increase your mobile productivity on the cheap with the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard K480

This keyboard from Logitech works with smartphones (Android, iOS) as well as computers (Windows, Mac OS). It can connect to three devices via Bluetooth, and allows you to easily switch between them with a dial.

The keyboard also sports an integrated cradle that holds your mobile device at just the right angle to see what you’re typing. It comes in handy when chatting online with friends, or just writing down your thoughts in programs like Word or Google Docs. Additionally, the keyboard is quite compact, making it easy to take with you on the road.

If you have a business-oriented friend or family member on your gift list this year, this is an excellent way to upgrade their productivity experience on their mobile devices and yet it will only set you back around $30. 

Never lose your stuff again with the fabulous Tile Style

The Tile Style Bluetooth tracker helps you locate your valuable possessions, and happens to look extremely elegant in the process. Just attach it to items like keys or a wallet and then ring it with the help of an app to reveal its location. The device can also help you find your smartphone with a press of a button, is resistant to water, and has a Bluetooth range of 200 feet.

It’s a great gift for those who keep misplacing their wallet, smartphone, and other items every few days. Or you know, that guy who has lost their keys four times today, before it even reached noon. The Tile Style is compact and light, looks gorgeous, and will set you back just $34.99.