wd black hard drive

When it comes to storage, enough is never enough. Especially because many games take up a good chunk of space. Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling games when you want to play them, it makes way more sense to grab an external hard drive. Here’s a list of the best cheap external hard drive deals currently available.

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The best part about many of these deals is that hard drives are becoming more affordable than ever. You can even take your storage on the go as many of the hard drives are small enough to fit in a pocket or a backpack. Many people like to rely on cloud storage, but with a physical hard drive, you won’t have to worry about subscription fees or the internet going down.

Best cheap external hard drive deals:

All of these deals were live at the time of writing, but deals can change often. We’ll do our best to keep the list fresh but check back often for the latest savings.

 1. Maxone Ultra Slim 500GB

maxone ultra slim external hard drive deal

The Maxone Ultra Slim offers plenty of choices in terms of color and storage capacity. You can start with 500GB and opt for up to 2TB in Charcoal Grey, gold, or Rose Pink. It’s formatted as exFAT which means you won’t need to reformat for PlayStation, Xbox, or newer laptops. The Maxone Ultra Slim is also less than five inches across so you can easily slip it into a pocket.

$36 .99
Maxone Ultra Slim, 500GB
Save $10 .00
Buy it Now
Maxone Ultra Slim, 500GB Buy it Now
Save $10 .00 $36 .99

 2. WD My Passport 5TB

western digital my passport 5tb

Credit: Amazon

The WD My Passport blows away the Ultra Slim’s capacity at 5TB without sacrificing much of the portable size. WD Backup software also works constantly in the background to protect your data should the worst happen. The WD My Passport is USB 2.0 enabled and it’s available in red, blue, and black.

$119 .99
Western Digital My Passport 5TB
Save $30 .00
Buy it Now
Western Digital My Passport 5TB Buy it Now
Save $30 .00 $119 .99

 3. Silicon Power Armor A60 2TB

silicon power a60 rugged

The Silicon Power Armor A60 matches Easystore’s capacity, but it offers better durability with an IPx4 rating. It’s preformatted to FAT32 so you can use it directly with Mac or Windows. You won’t have to worry about drops or scratches either with the rugged rubber casing and internal suspension protection.

$64 .99
Silicon Power Armor A60, 2TB
Save $70 .00
Buy it Now
Silicon Power Armor A60, 2TB Buy it Now
Save $70 .00 $64 .99

 4. WD Elements 2TB

western digital elements 2tb

Credit: Amazon

You’ve already figured out that Western Digital is the first name in hard drives at this point, and the Elements model is no exception. It’s USB 2.0 and 3.0 capable and comes in storage capacities up to 5TB before increasing in physical size. Although the Elements hard drive doesn’t offer the same powerful encryption of the My Passport, it’s a solid and affordable storage solution.

$59 .99
Western Digital Elements 2TB
Save $5 .00
Buy it Now
Western Digital Elements 2TB Buy it Now
Save $5 .00 $59 .99

 5. WD Black P10 5TB

wd black p10 external hard drive deal

WD designed the Black P10 with gamers in mind, leading to the rugged design and extra-large 5TB storage capacity. It offers enough space to store up to 125 games, which should keep you going for some time. If you want to game on the go, the WD Black P10 is just 4.65 inches tall and should fit in just about any pocket.

$123 .48
WD Black P10, 5TB
Save $26 .51
Buy it Now
WD Black P10, 5TB Buy it Now
Save $26 .51 $123 .48

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 6. Seagate 3TB

seagate 8tb

The Seagate external hard drive is a bit larger than the previous few options on the list, but it also offers more space than any of them. For reference, 3TB should be big enough to hold more than plenty of 5GB iTunes movies at 1080p resolution. The Seagate offers maximum read speeds of 160Mbps which is slower than some other options.

$89 .99
Seagate, 3TB
Buy it Now
Seagate, 3TB Buy it Now
$89 .99

 7. SanDisk Extreme 1TB

The SanDisk Extreme is meant to live up to its name with an IP55 rating. It’s pocket-sized, shock-resistant, and 1TB of storage should be more than enough to store all of your adventure photos. You can also read and write at up to 550Mbps with USB 3.1 technology.

$179 .99
SanDisk Extreme, 1TB
Buy it Now
SanDisk Extreme, 1TB Buy it Now
$179 .99

 8. Samsung T5 1TB

samsung t5 1tb cheap external hard drive deal

If you want the smallest option on the list, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the Samsung T5. Not only does it offer a full terabyte of storage, but its also no larger than three inches on any one side. Even with a tiny body, the T5 offers read speeds up to 540Mbps and write speeds up to 520Mbps. You can also match the T5 to your other gadgets in black, red, gold, and Samsung Blue.

$139 .99
Samsung T5, 1TB
Save $110 .00
Buy it Now
Samsung T5, 1TB Buy it Now
Save $110 .00 $139 .99

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 9. WD Easystore 10TB

wd easystore 10tb

The Easystore is back on the list with the largest capacity you’ll find. At 10TB, it’s even larger than the Seagate, though it’ll take up a bit more space on your desk. You can pretty much fit everything you’ll need on 10TB of space — thousands of full-length movies or nearly 250 games. The Easystore 10TB even supports data transfer at up to 5Gbps.

$249 .99
WD Easystore, 10TB
Buy it Now
WD Easystore, 10TB Buy it Now
$249 .99

 10. LaCie Rugged 4TB

lacie rugged 4tb cheap external hard drive deals

The final option, the LaCie Rugged with 4TB of storage, is another excellent adventure companion. It’s drop, water, and dust-resistant and can even withstand one ton of pressure. The LaCie also has an integrated Thunderbolt cable for transfer speeds up to 130Mbps. When not in use, the cable wraps around the body and seals securely in the rubber housing.

$233 .99
LaCie Rugged, 4TB
Save $16 .00
Buy it Now
LaCie Rugged, 4TB Buy it Now
Save $16 .00 $233 .99

That does it for our list of the best cheap external hard drive deals, but we’ll do our best to add to it as we find new offers. If you’re looking to upgrade your computer along with your storage, here are a few more deals to check out: