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Amazon isn’t only the biggest online retailer (by far!), but it also makes some awesome tech. In fact, some of their products are among the most influential of their kind and can easily change your day-to-day habits. If you like their ecosystem and are looking to make your life and shopping smarter, here are some of the best Amazon devices and services you can find. These can also be terrific gifts for friends and family.

The best Amazon devices:

1. Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

The Amazon Echo Dot has become a popular introduction to the smart home experience. Mostly because it’s affordable enough to dip your toes into the ecosystem. This is also a really cool device to get, even if you don’t plan to get too invested in the smart home world.

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The Echo Dot 4th Gen comes with a much cooler look than the previous-generation hockey puck design. Audio has also been improved. It’s powered by the Amazon Alexa digital assistant, which can be controlled with voice commands. You can ask it to play your favorite tunes. You can also request weather information, alarms, timers, news, and even jokes. Furthermore, if you decide to buy into the smart home market, you can also control your smart lights, robot vacuums, security cameras, and much more.

Now, if you want a more serious speaker, you should consider the Amazon Echo. It has the same design but is larger and sounds significantly better, making it one of the best Amazon devices around. If you’re OK with the Amazon Echo Dot but want a bit more functionality, also look at the Echo Dot with Clock.

2. Amazon Echo Show 10

Amazon currently offers a trio of smart displays, but the Echo Show 10 is by far the coolest you can find around. The latest and greatest Echo Show comes with a screen that rotates and faces towards your direction. It can also follow you during video calls and can be used as a security camera to look around the room when away. This is the kind of stuff that makes you feel like the future is truly now.

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The Echo Show 10 can be used to watch videos, view the security camera footage, control your smart devices, get recipes, set up alarms, learn about the weather, catch the latest news, and much more. It’s a great gadget, but we also believe it’s a bit too pricey. You can save a good amount of bucks if you go with the Amazon Echo Show 8. There’s also the Echo Show 5, but we feel like its screen is too small, and you don’t save enough money for us to recommend it over the 8-inch version.

3. Amazon Echo Buds (2nd gen)

The Amazon echo buds (2nd Gen) in white on top of a wooden surface.

Amazon couldn’t be left behind in the world of true wireless headphones, and their Echo Buds were among the most popular in the market. Now it’s time for the second-generation Echo Buds to shine, and they come with nice upgrades.

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The newer headphones come with active noise-cancelling, a smaller design, and faster-charging capabilities. You also get the option of getting a wireless charging case for an extra fee. Other features include an IPX4 rating for liquid resistance, Alexa support, five-hour battery life (an extra 10 with the case), and more.

4. Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

Amazon devices have dominated the budget tablet market for some years. This one costs less than $100. While the Amazon Fire 7 is much cheaper, it’s also very slow and outdated. The Amazon Fire HD 10 is better but costs more. We believe the Amazon Fire HD 8 offers the best bang for your buck, and the experience it offers is more than acceptable for the price.

The base version of the Fire HD 8 comes with an 8-inch HD display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage (microSD card support), a 2GHz quad-core processor, and an estimated 12-hour battery life. This might not sound like much in 2021, but somehow the tablet manages to take advantage of its resources pretty well and offers great casual performance. You can even do some light gaming with it!

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We love this Fire tablet because it can also double as an Echo Show device, albeit with worse-sounding speakers. The software has Show Mode, which overlays the Echo Show UI and makes it works just like any other Amazon smart display. Cool, right?!

5. Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite or 4K

Got a dumb TV? Maybe you’re just not happy with the smart TV OS you are currently using or want your TV to be more Alexa-friendly. Whatever the case may be, the easiest and most affordable way to get Fire TV OS running on your TV is by buying an Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite. It plugs into your TV via HDMI and makes it simple to stream all your content. The remote also has Alexa, so it can be used for all the great things you already love about your digital assistant.

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The thing about the Fire TV Stick Lite is that it’s very affordable, but it can only stream at 1080p. Those who want 4K compatibility will need to upgrade to the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

Another option to consider is the Fire TV Cube, which is the best of these Amazon devices.

6. Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon's Smart Plug

Amazon has its own smart plugs! These are super simple to understand and operate. The Amazon Smart Plug acts as a mediator between your products and any outlet. In summary, it powers your device when you request it. It also cuts power when needed. This makes it easy to make anything smart, including lamps, coffee makers, fans, and more.

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The product obviously works with Alexa and can really make managing your appliances easier. It’s also a very affordable smart home accessory and one of the best Amazon devices.

7. Kindle

Amazon Kindle 2019 front with book and text

Tablet screens can be bright and uncomfortable for viewing longer periods of time. If you want to enjoy some good reading, your best bet is to get an Amazon Kindle. This isn’t only one of the best Amazon devices, but also one of the most popular e-readers in existence.

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It can hold thousands of books at a time with just 8GB of storage. Battery life can last weeks, which means you can take this device and read multiple books on a single charge. It even comes with an integrated light for nighttime reading. And if you prefer audiobooks, they can be listened to with Bluetooth headphones.

8. Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Have you seen those fancy smart doorbells and security cameras from Ring? That’s an Amazon company! They happen to offer some of the best smart security cameras. While they can get pricey, the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery comes at a very reasonable price, which is why we believe it’s one of the best Amazon devices.

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The camera can capture video at 1080p resolutions, features motion detection, and you can even use it for 2-way communications. It uses a battery and gets rid of cable messes, making installation a breeze. A wireless setup can raise battery concerns, but this thing can last months on a single charge. When it dies, you can easily pull out the battery and charge it via micro-USB.

9. AmazonBasics Microwave

A smart microwave? Yes, that’s a thing. This microwave from AmazonBasics can connect to your Echo devices via Bluetooth, and it even includes a built-in Ask Alexa button. Pressing it enables you to provide a cooking command. You can set up various quick-cook presets and let Alexa handle the rest. There is added support for the Dash Replenishment service, too, so you can reorder food when your supplies run low. This compact 700W microwave is an easily affordable appliance, making it one of the best Amazon devices you can find.

10. Eero 6 System

Amazon’s Eero mesh routers are powerful, user-friendly, and relatively well-priced. Their newer Eero 6 System is definitely one of the best Amazon devices. This bundle features three units, which can be strategically placed around the home to create a seamless network covering a larger area. In fact, it’s said to cover as much as 5,000 square feet, which is simply astounding.

Plenty of upgrades are incorporated. For starters, this system features Wi-Fi 6. Another really cool addition is that a Zigbee hub has been integrated, making it easier and more efficient to control compatible smart home devices.

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Despite being a simple-to-operate mesh router, the Amazon Eero 6 System comes with plenty of features. You can set up a system-wide VPN, block ads, pause specific devices, control it with Alexa, and much more.