Rumored Samsung Galaxy Q to Be a Bit of Smartphone, a Bit of Tablet

by: Elmer MontejoAugust 2, 2011
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What do you think of a tablet the size of a smartphone? Or of a smartphone the size of a tablet? Dell took a jab at such a device with the Dell Streak 5, a tablet with a 5-inch screen, but it did not really take off as people expected it to. Samsung, it seems, is going to take its chance on a hybrid tabphone (or smartlet, or maybe phoneblet) with the rumored 5.3-inch device said to be codenamed the Samsung Galaxy Q.

If the said rumor is true, Samsung Galaxy Q will effectively fill the wide gap between its Samsung Infuse 4G (a 4.5-inch smartphone, the biggest in the Samsung line) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (a 7-inch tablet, the smallest in the Samsung line). In effect, the Samsung Galaxy Q will be an intermediate device for those who still have to cross over from smartphone to tablet.

Samsung will reportedly debut this upcoming tabphone at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin this coming September.

The Samsung Galaxy Q’s screen is also rumored to continue the Super AMOLED Plus lineage of devices from the Korean manufacturer. Very little info about the specs have been thrown around for now, but rumors say the Galaxy Q will carry Samsung’s own Exynos processor, as well as GPS functionality, and 3G connectivity (with option for LTE).

Tablets are generally pricey, but if the Samsung Galaxy Q comes at a price lower than most tablet prices today, then Samsung just may have a chance at a market where Dell didn’t seem to succeed in.

Some folks, however, have frowned upon the device’s massive screen size of 5.3 inches. Their chief complaint seems to come from the intended use of the device as a smartphone, which they presumably want to carry around with them inside their pockets. Admittedly, a 5.3-incher can show a big bulge in one’s pants, especially skinny jeans.

Others have expressed skepticism about a smartphone/tablet of such rumored size. They say it’s too big for a smartphone, yet too small for a tablet. Admittedly, the Samsung Galaxy Q’s size is unusual, and it may take some getting used to before people feel comfortable about it. However, the Samsung Galaxy Q’s size may have a stronger appeal among those who think that the current standard tablet sizes are too big.

The Samsung Galaxy Q could also potentially have Android 3.x Honeycomb as its operating system (or, the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread), but with a rumored debut date slated for September–and with devices generally reaching the market 3 months after debut on the average–the Galaxy Q might as well carry Android 2.4/4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

As of now, all these remain in the realm of rumor. But, just in case the rumors turn out to be true, what do you think about a 5.3-inch Android device? Should it be properly called a tablet? Or a smartphone? And, would such a device attract your interest?

  • Tnue

    I think that would be cool to have a smartlet.. you can use a headset to talk, this way you don’t need to put the smartlet against your ear. this is more efficient than tablet since its also a phone you can have unlimited data to surf the web so you don,t really need to rely strictly on wi-fi…

  • I like the idea. Hope it’s true :)

  • RexGene

    Slap a sliding QWERTY on this bad boy and i’m so there! Super AMOLED Plus HD YES PLEASE!!

  • Igejones

    its got to have a qwerty to really steal the market

  • Jbwhatsup03

    yes, the bigger the better

  • Anonymous

    I love my 4.3″ HTC HD2, I’d love it even more with a slightly bigger screen. If the Q is thin and fits in a shirt or pants pocket, I’ll be very interested. I’m actually delaying replacing my HD2.

  • Rjlausen

    Yes with a key board and I am there!

  • Chris

    I have a Streak, and I love it; I’m eager to see the Samsung Q, because I think a little larger might make the device even easier to use without making it noticeably less holdable.

    And I don’t think the relative lack of popularity of the Streak in the US says ANYTHING about whether there’s a market for 5″ screens on phones. The Streak wasn’t marketed or supported by Dell or AT&T; four months after the Streak was released by Dell exclusively on AT&T, a salesperson in an AT&T store told me that it was a T-Mobile phone. (This was in Redmond, WA, not exactly a technology backwater.) Moreover, a lot of potential users were turned off by the phone being sold locked to AT&T even when they’d spent hundreds more to get it without a contract, especially when AT&T didn’t seem to know how to unlock it for the first several months, even for people in India or Africa. This kind of experience, and the resulting discussions online, didn’t exactly promote the Streak. I use mine all the time on buses and other public places, and I get a lot of questions and comments. Many people seem seriously interested in having something this size but had no idea that they existed, and can’t believe that they’ve been available for a year.

    I really hope that Samsung will do a better job with the Galaxy Q. And I’d be THRILLED if it were offered on T-Mobile. T-Mo’s EDGE is actually pretty fast most of the time (and faster than I was getting on an expensive pay-as-you-go AT&T sim), but I’d sure love some 4G feeding that big screen…

  • Donna

    I have been waiting for a phone/tab hybrid. 5.3 is still small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and big enough to enjoy watching netflix movies, etc. A little computer. You would not be limited to WiFi like a tablet and could use it anywhere. I have an Iphone and am ready to switch to a bigger screen.

  • looki

    M crazy 4 dat………….

  • Dion

    It’s been released, and has a 3.2-inch screen. Basic smartphone, not a baby tablet.

    • Chris

      There seems to be a name mix-up here. The press seemed to have two threads going about the Galaxy Q, as this 5.3″ smartphone and as the phone actually released in Canada with the smaller screen. But this tablet phone does exist, only the name was wrong: it’s actually the Galaxy Note–