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Samsung Good Lock is a somewhat powerful app for Samsung devices. It includes a variety of customization options, including theming, UI tweaking, and more. It’s not a new app and originally launched back in 2016. However, Samsung updated Good Lock on February 3, 2020 with support for Android 10 and One UI 2.0. Here is everything Samsung Good Lock can do.

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How to download and install Samsung Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock is easy enough to find but it’s only available on Samsung devices. Simply open the Galaxy Store app and search for Good Lock. You can also hit the button below if you want to get there right now. 

However, that is not the entire process. Good Lock has a bunch of modules and each module is its own app. Thus, when you open the app and select an option, you redirect back to the Galaxy Store to install that particular module. There are ten total modules so get those fingers ready to download a bunch of stuff. 

Samsung Good Lock comes with ten total modules and all of them are in the Galaxy Store for download.

There is a positive here, though. You can uninstall or simply not install the modules you don’t intend to use. It saves space and lets you customize only what you want to customize. We don’t expect many people to download all ten modules.

Theme Park

What each Samsung Good Lock module does

Let’s talk briefly about each module and what it does. Each module works with Android 10 and One UI 2.0, something that wasn’t true before its update in February 2020. The modules are rather simple and don’t require a ton of explanation. You can open each one through the Good Lock app.


QuickStar adds a theme to your Quick Settings menu once activated. It comes with about eight presets with various colors, or you can add your own. Once you select to add your own, you pick a color. Once done, Samsung lets you pick the icon colors while each setting is on or off, the font color, and the background color. You can also add transparency (via the Panel BG Alpha slider) and a blur effect with a Blue Amount slider. That’s basically all it does and it’s very easy to use. For the record, QuickStar overwrites the theme from Theme Park as well as the system’s dark mode toggle. Thus, if you use QuickStar, that’s the way your quick settings stay until you turn QuickStar off.

Task Changer

Task Changer Samsung Good Lock
Task Changer lets you alter the look of the Recent Apps menu. This Samsung Good Lock module is also simple. You simply choose the layout you want and add in an optional blur effect. Your Recent Apps menu then changes to the layout you choose. There are only six options, but they include super simple options like Slim List and Regular list along with old favorites like Vertical Stack. 


MultiStar Samsung Good Lock
MultiStar is a customization option for your multi-window experience. The options here are surprisingly varied and include a lot of options. For instance, you can set the app to quickly launch multi-window by long pressing the Recent Apps button. You can also have it open in split screen view or pop-up view much like Android’s picture-in-picture mode.

You can also force multi-window for all apps even if they don’t have native support. Additionally, you can prevent the OS from killing the process of any app in pop-up view or multi-window. However, our favorite is the ability to create a pop-up window any app by swiping in from the corners. 


NotiStar Samsung Good Lock
NotiStar is a lot like MultiStar but for notifications. You can select the apps you want notifications from or blacklist ones you don’t. Additionally, you can add a filter that includes things like keywords as well as apps. You can, say, get SMS notifications but only if they contain the word “emergency.” You can also set this to work on the lock screen and it’ll store notifications indefinitely, for a week, or for 30 days depending on your preferences. This is definitely one of the most power-user Samsung Good Lock features available.

Theme Park

Theme Park Samsung Good Lock 2
Theme Park lets you create your own custom theme. It asks you to select an image from your gallery, download folder, or any other album. From there it lets you select a main color and uses the other colors from the image as accent colors. It also includes dark mode support and the dark mode version is independent of the light mode version. You simply enable dark mode in the settings to get the dark mode version of any theme you make with Theme Park in Samsung Good Lock.

Once done it creates the theme with the colors and wallpaper you selected. The app diverts you to the theme store in order to enable it. We’ll be honest, this one crashed on us a few times during testing and it has a few bugs we’d like to see fixed. However, being able to basically create a theme with every wallpaper on my Note 10 Plus is well worth the headache.

Nice Catch

Nice Catch Samsung Good Lock
Nice Catch is a surprisingly useful tool. It creates a log every time your phone beeps, boops, vibrates, rings, wakes up, and every time you change your settings. However, the part we like the most is its log for toast notifications (the little bubbles that appears at the bottom of your phone from time to time). You can check these logs by entering the Nice Catch app and clicking on the appropriate setting. This is so insanely useful that every phone should have it even if you don’t use it very often.

One Hand Operation Plus

One Hand Operation Plus Samsung Good Lock
One Hand Operation Plus lets you configure the Android 10 gesture controls. Namely, the part that lets you swipe in from the side to go back. It allows those actions to exist without removing the soft keys on the bottom of the display, something vanilla Android should let you do anyway. However, you can also configure it to allow different directional swipes to do different things. For instance, by default, if you swipe in from either side and then up before letting go, it opens the Recent Apps Menu.

Each side is configurable with three different swipes (swipe out and up, swipe out and down, and the regular swipe out) for a total of six configurable gesture shortcuts. You can set them to the usual home, back, and Recent Apps. Some additional options in this Samsung Good Lock module include closing an app, turning the screen off, taking a screenshot, showing/hiding the navigation bar, opening the notification panel, opening the menu, going forward (in the browser), and turning on the flashlight.

Edge Lighting Plus

Edge Lighting Plus Samsung Good Lock
Edge Lighting Plus is an extension of the Edge Lighting feature on Samsung devices. It doesn’t actually do much on its own and you still control basically all of Edge Lighting’s features from the Settings menu. However, Edge Lighting Plus gives you a few more options for lighting effects and also allows you to change the color, speed, and transparency of lighting effects. You can also access this in the regular Edge Lighting section of the Settings menu.

Edge Touch

Edge Touch Samsung Good Lock
Edge Touch is a potentially useful app if accidental touches is a real problem for you. It lets you manually configure the parts of the screen that reject accidental touches. This feature already exists in Samsung phones by default without an app. However, this Samsung Good Lock module lets you increase or decrease the size for better use. We recommend hitting the Show Edge Zones option so you can see where Samsung puts the accidental touch protection by default before trying to mess with it.

Sound Assistant

Sound Assistant Samsung Good Lock
Finally, we have Sound Assistant. This is one of the most useful Samsung Good Lock modules. It lets you change the volume settings of your device in a variety of scenarios. For instance, you can have the app automatically mute your phone during work hours, set to a louder volume when you’re at home, and lower the volume automatically at night. Some smaller features include forced mono audio, the ability to launch specific music apps when using headphones with media keys, the ability to use your volume buttons to skip tracks (forward and backward), and even the ability to reverse the left and right channels to fix broken headphones. We also quite like how it has dedicated selfie stick controls as well.

If you're going to use one Google Lock 2020 feature, use Sound Assistant.

However, the better features are the per-app settings. You can configure the audio in specific apps separate from all other apps and phone settings. Additionally, you can configure and define the apps that are allowed to make noise while other apps make noise. Finally, you can configure apps to only allow audio when headphones or other audio devices are connected.

Using Samsung Good Lock 2020

Samsung Good Lock main screen 3
The app itself has a lot of various things you can do and it’s quite easy to spend a whole day configuring various things. Aside from just testing the features, I created a separate theme for all seven of my favorite wallpapers, set it up so I could adjust my mobile game audio independently of my media volume, and set it so the only app that can make sounds while my music app works is my SMS and phone dialer apps so I don’t hear email notifications over my music anymore.

Most of the rest of the features are power user stuff. The only module I didn’t really have any use for was the NotiStar, but I am one person and others may find it more useful than I did. Still, I plan on configuring gesture controls eventually and using Nice Catch to find out which app keeps popping up the toast message that it could not connect and to check my Internet connection. 

Using Good Lock almost feels like using a custom ROM again.

In short, Samsung Good Lock is fantastic for power users like me. It adds that extra layer of configuration and theming that, to be honest, I only ever previously received from custom ROMs back in my root days. Something like Magisk Manager has more options, more powerful modules, and more configuration.

However, the fact that something like Good Lock exists on a phone without root makes me hopeful for the future. There are bugs, though, and sometimes the configuration is just barely not powerful enough. For instance, you have to start Theme Park with an image from your gallery and I would’ve liked to make a theme from scratch. In any case, any power user with a Samsung phone should check out Good Lock.

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If we missed any big Samsung Good Lock features, tell us about them in the comments! What is your favorite part of the app or, consequently, what don’t you like about it?

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