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Freedom Mobile buyer’s guide: Plans, prices, and more

Sometimes it's best to get away from the big three. Here's everything to know about Canada's number four, Freedom Mobile.
Ryan HainesApril 14, 2021

How to cancel T-Mobile wireless, internet, and TV service

The Un-Carrier isn't always a perfect match. Here's how to cancel T-Mobile services and get to a new carrier with ease.
Ryan HainesApril 13, 2021

Fido buyer’s guide: Plans, perks, and more

For Canadian subscribers looking for great mobile service on a budget, one of Fido's plans might be worth a look.
Ryan HainesApril 13, 2021

The best laptop cases you can buy

You protect your phone, so why not show the same love to your laptop? Here are the best laptop cases to guard your machine.
Ryan HainesApril 13, 2021

The best true wireless earbuds under $50 you can buy

You don't have to break the bank to get true wireless freedom. Here are the best true wireless earbuds for under $50.
Ryan HainesApril 12, 2021

The best 27-inch monitors you can buy

If you're ready to upgrade your workstation, a new monitor may do the trick. Here are the best 27-inch monitors to buy.
Ryan HainesApril 12, 2021

Can you get a Chromebook for under $200? Yes, here are your best options

Chromebooks are unique in that they don't need a lot of power to run. This means you can find them for relatively cheap.
Ryan HainesApril 12, 2021

The best action cameras: Capture your summer fun

Don't miss the amazing moments when you go hiking, climbing, or diving again! Pick a great action camera from our best list.
Ryan HainesApril 12, 2021

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases to buy in 2021

Looking to get a Samsung Galaxy S9 case for your phone? Join us as we take a look at the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases.
Ryan HainesApril 12, 2021

How to trace an image in Adobe Illustrator

One of the most common uses for Adobe Illustrator is tracing. You can learn how to trace and save time making your art pop.
Ryan HainesApril 12, 2021
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