Samsung Explains Why the Galaxy S Lineup and Galaxy Tab Did Not Make the ICS Cut

by: AlexanderDecember 23, 2011
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Yes it is said that the entire Galaxy S lineup did not make the ICS cut along with the early Galaxy Tab models. But we all knew that not every Android phone would be able to get an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich. After all, hardware limitation is the number one reason, and this is no exception.

Samsung explained today exactly why these models will not get ICS support, which you can read below. I cleaned it up a bit because it was absolutely brutal to read before.

We used the Ice Cream Sandwich platform in order to give our device users the latest. Unfortunately, the hardware specifications must be met, and in particular, the available memory (RAM, ROM, etc.) capacity is important.

Galaxy Galaxy Tab S and S, unlike the Nexus platform, in addition to Google Manufacturer-specific features (Touch Wiz / Samsung Widgets / video calls, etc.) Country-specific features (such as mobile TV), carrier services, and is mounted, so the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich is not possible. The lack of available memory cannot provide a satisfactory environment. 

With the hardware considerations, provide customer devices featuring the best user experience is what we aim to do.

But this is not the end for the Galaxy S lineup, we all know how many custom ROM’s there are for our specific devices right? Well, I am fairly sure there will be some if not many available for each of the Galaxy S phones, as well as the Galaxy Tab, thanks to the awesome developer community working on Android. There’s no doubt that ICS will make it over to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab – just not officially

We aren’t to surprised by this news, but let us know what you think about Samsung’s reasoning in the comments.

  • A lone wolf can make it work, But a big corporation can’t and won’t. Can we say want more money from consumers. Greedy corporate bastards!!!

    • Demetris Drakos

      Not quite. A lone wolf and a big corporation can make it work WITHOUT the things they said. But no-one can do it with those. Now, the lone wolf doesn’t give two cents about TouchWiz, so he/she will happily make it work just fine. You can hardly expect Samsung to give up their UI skin.
      The real bullshit is that they don’t trim down their custom overlays enough so as not to impact system performance so much, and drain less system resources.

  • Rob Little

    I spoke to Samsung many times after getting my Galaxy Tab, and they PROMISED me they’d be doing Honeycomb AND Ice Cream Sandwich – and they still haven’t delivered Gingerbread! Yeah, sure, many models of the Galaxy Tab have got Gingerbread, but not mine – and that’s not a hardware reason. I haven’t even got a carrier-locked version, it’s totally unlocked! That can only be because they don’t care about providing ongoing support. I know people will say “so what?”, but competition should mean that vendors who don’t continue to support their devices (and we’re only talking a year or two here remember!) start losing out to those that do… now which ones DO?

  • Imkafer

    MIUI already has a beta, and custom ROOMS outperform stock rooms by far. So screw it Samgung

    • Anonymous

      What’s a ROOM? :-)

    • Anonymous

      And who is Samgung? :-)

  • Gustavo Steigert

    Bullshit! This decision was made based on money. I’ll make sure my next smartphone is not a Samsung!

  • Azure_sky76

    Throw touchwiz out the window. Hardly anyone likes it anyway.

    This is the worst move Samsung ever made. It’s going to piss-off Galaxy S plus and Galaxy W owners too! These phones have pretty much the same specs (except for the GPU) with the Galaxy S and are less than a year old! The Galaxy W in particular is only a couple of months old and it’ll anger a lot of owners (myself included) knowing that they’re stuck with gingerbread.

    Thanks a lot Samsung. I’m never buying any smartphone from you again.

    • I’m willing to buy Galaxy W in this month, but after reading this I switch to SE xperia neo v, which will getting update to ICS.

  • Slacks Johnson

    I agree, the worst move they have ever done. Will definitely slow their growth. They just do not get it. Making a great phone is just the beginning. Post-sell s/w support is where loyal fans are made. You can best believe I will be shopping for a manufacturer that has a better post-sell s/w support track record when my contract is up. Any suggestions???

  • sighhhh

    Errm so I’m really a noob when it comes to technology (sort of). I’m guessing SGS2 is not getting the ICS update either? =S

    • John2

      6 hours ago I bought my galaxy S2. Thanks God I read this thread. I have 7 days before returning it, if I dont like. I like S2, but after reading the ICS issue I will return and go for iphone 4S or galaxy nexus.
      I dont want and old OS running on my S2.

      • Anonymous

        The GS2 will get ICS, it’s the original GS that can’t. But by all means, if you want a lesser experience, return it and get an iPhone 4S.

  • Ok, everyone stop crying. When you buy a phone upgrades are not guaranteed in any way. They are basically favors if they come out at all (excluding any security updates). The reason they can’t upgrade because of the hardware specs is true. What is commonly referred to as bloatware is what really caused the problems with lack of available memory. Consumers need to understand that OEM’s have deals/contracts with app developers to guarantee that an app will appear on a specific device on a specific carrier. An upgrade that prevents the bloatware from being included would break the contract. There is nothing wrong with bloatware as it pays the bills for a lot of things in the community. There is always options to by a vanilla android device if you desire. If you need a new feature on ICS sell your current device and get a new one, but honestly, what does ICS have that really makes pre 4.0 obsolete? Nothing.

    • Robert Lichota

      You hit the nail on the head with the bloatware. But I feel really ripped off by it as I move from country to country and cannot use it. Robert Lichota Robert

  • MedX

    Never cared much for the official support for my galaxy S. The dev/mod community has much better support and i have been running ICS since before the Nexus was even available in my region and it runs quite well as a vanilla rom. The hardware limitations are only apparent with their bloated software.

  • Robert Lichota

    I am glad I did not buy the phone. So sorry to see it come out this way for others. Robert Lichota Robert

  • Pedro

    It’s v4, not ICS. Keep those fancy codenames in-house willya.

  • Level380

    I’ve heard this line before… HTC did it when sense 3.0 came out, oh no your Desire HD can’t get Sense 3.0, not enough RAM….. roll on a year and a update came out to bring sense 3.0 to it cause they are shipping sense 3.5+ on new phones. Gotta love it.

    That said, lets watch the 3rd party ROM space and see what they bring to the table. I bet both these devices will get a stock ICS rom without issues

  • olbp

    In other words, Samsung, and with many others, simply screwed up by not providing enough RAM to future-proof their machines even for this little bit of time. Way a shit pile.

  • As dissappointed as you guys are, in the long run of things, my windows mobile 6.5 HD2 is not that different. Robert Lichota

  • Hassanraza462

    nice mobile