If you know that paella is a rice dish, flamenco is a dance, and that Don Quixote is ingenious, then you are either Spanish by blood or you just happened to learn these terms when you channel-surfed and got glued to a Spanish show. Spanish is one of the most spoken and used languages in the world. It currently has over 350 million speakers and it is also one of the most distributed, being an official language in over 20 countries.

You will find in this article some of the best apps that can aid you tremendously in learning Spanish. Why tremendously? Because you won’t be shelling out much money to learn. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your home and your Android device.

Learn Spanish with babbel.com

One of the largest language learning platforms on the web, babbel.com, has come up with a mobile vocabulary trainer to help learners make use of their time out of work or school.

Learn Spanish with babbel.com was made to supplement the user with the needed vocabulary and lessons even when he or she is on the go. Both basic and advanced vocabulary are available in this app as well as on babbel’s official website. This app houses 3,000 vocabulary words complete with images, pronunciations, and sentence examples.

Working offline is also possible with this app, as well as practicing your pronunciation with the app’s integrated speech recognition. All the words and phrases you have studied are gathered through the app’s review manager and presented again to you for review. Additional exercises and content are downloadable from the developer’s website; you just have to make an account for free.

Talking Spanish Translator

What better way is there to learn a language than to actually hear how the words are said? Talking Spanish Translator does not only translate English words to Spanish and vice-versa but also helps you in getting the Spanish accent right. You can choose to write a word or say it out loud and results will be shown to you in written form. You can also opt to listen to how these words are said.

Another feature that is very useful is this app’s Word of the Day. By the name itself, this feature gives you a Spanish word a day together with its meaning and a sample sentence. Learning different Spanish words everyday will surely enrich your mental word bank even more, but do take note: this feature gives out only the first 50 words for free in the trial version of this app.

Upgrading to its pro version allows you unlimited words for the Word of the Day feature and can also have your incoming SMS translated to Spanish automatically. With that, you can test yourself as to how well you’ve learned Spanish so far. Learning and testing, all in one app.

Learn Spanish with busuu.com!

Spanish is one of the world’s most phonetic languages. Knowing how a Spanish word is spelled can almost always help you with how the word is pronounced. Most of you may have also noticed the use of the inverted question mark and exclamation point in Spanish sentences (¿ and ¡) and you’ve probably wondered what those are for. Although these are unique to the Spanish language, their function is similar to that of their English counterparts.

With Learn Spanish with busuu.com, you’ll see plenty of those punctuation marks. Similar to the first app mentioned on this list, Learn Spanish with busuu.com also coordinates with the official website in reinforcing you with the much-needed lessons in Spanish.

This app covers more than 100 various topics that involve day-to-day situations like common dialogues and everyday phrases. Audio recordings by native speakers are also available to help you get the feel of how the Spanish accent goes. Making an account for free on the website also keeps track of your learning progress while you are using this app. And of course, you can learn Spanish with this app offline.


Learn Spanish Phrasebook

Spain has a lot of beautiful tourist spots and tons of unique beautiful traditions. Touring around the country is one effective way of getting acquainted with Spain’s people, its culture, and of course, its native language.

Learn Spanish Phrasebook will definitely be of great use when you are planning to travel to and around places that have great numbers of Spanish speakers. This app contains high-quality audio recordings done by native speakers — another plus to practicing your accent well.

The developers of this app, codegent, made sure the pronunciations are authentic and easy to comprehend. Over 800 common words and phrases are included in this app, together with useful tips for travelers. Frequently used words and phrases can be stored in the app’s Favourites and to top all these, Learn Spanish Phrasebook is ad-free for both the free or the paid version.

Save yourself from the hassle of bringing clunky travel books and dictionaries. You’ll only need your Android device with Learn Spanish Phrasebook installed on it.

iTranslate – free translator

iTranslate – free translator does not just translate English words to Spanish and the other way around. It is a universal translator that supports translations from over 50 other languages. You don’t only get to translate a single word but also a whole sentence, much to your convenience.

This app is perfect for those who travel a lot or for those who have dreams of becoming polyglots. Spanish is just one of the many languages this app supports and despite the number of languages it can cater to, this app does not fail to deliver.

iTranslate – free translator has a text-to-speech feature that will more or less aid you in pronouncing the translated words. This will be of great use when you are trying to converse with a native speaker and you are just not that confident of your pronunciation and accent. Key in your sentences, have them translated, and press the speaker icon to let the other person hear what you have to say.

LangLearner Spanish Lessons

“¿Dónde está Santa Claus?” Sounds familiar? That is just one of the many famous Spanish sentences most of us have learned through songs. Knowing this one sentence is certainly not enough for us to get by, especially when we are trying to learn Spanish. This is why LangLearner Spanish Lessons did not limit its lessons to just the basics. You get plenty more with this app.

LangLearner Spanish Lessons sports a very simple interface that takes you directly to the lessons. Each lesson covers common sentences in conversing using the Spanish language. When you tap on a particular lesson, a list of words and sentences in English is then shown. Tap on a sentence and you’ll see the Spanish translation together with the option of hearing how the translation is said. To avoid dullness on the screen, relevant pictures are shown together with the translation, giving you the feeling of having fun while learning.

LangLearner Spanish Lessons is a product of LangLearner, a global language solution provider. Aside from this app for learning Spanish, other apps for learning 9 other languages are also available for free.

Spanish English Dictionary

Don’t get misled by this app’s name because it’s more than just a dictionary. Spanish English Dictionary from Ascendo, Inc. is one vital app a learner of the Spanish tongue should and must have. Beginners will find this app very useful because of the number of functions it offers.

Spanish English Dictionary can translate English words and phrases to Spanish, can conjugate verbs, can present Spanish words from its dictionary, and can test you if you have remembered what you have learned so far. On top of these functions, you can add notes and images to dictionary words, helping you increase your mind’s retention power. You’ll love how quick this app’s fast lookup is, not requiring you to switch from one language to another since both English and Spanish words are in a single index.

This app also has the text-to-speech feature and a phrasebook containing 200 essential travel phrases. All these features can be used offline, except for the translator which requires a connection to the Internet to work. Upgrading to the paid version will give you over 263,000 more translations, making your learning experience worth every penny.

Spanish Dictionary RAE

Let’s face it. When we first try to learn a different language, we resort to buying dictionaries. We start from learning various words before we delve into learning phrases and eventually, sentences. Spanish Dictionary RAE is probably one of those apps that can be considered a necessity in learning Spanish. Why? Because it is not just any dictionary.

This app takes its dictionary words from the Real Academia Española or the Royal Spanish Academy, the official royal institution responsible for regulating the Spanish language. Spanish Dictionary RAE can be downloaded for free and is also free from any ad support.

You can check any word in this app, conjugate all verbs, and get the most updated definitions for every word you search. All the words you’ve searched are reflected in the app’s history to make referencing quicker and easier. This dictionary app contains definitions and expressions used in other countries where Spanish is also used like Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and many others. With Spanish Dictionary RAE, it’s like you’re learning Spanish straight from RAE itself.

Spanish Translator

Spanish Translator basically does what its name says. It is a translator app that is very easy to use and has a very simple interface, perfect for people who don’t like seeing a lot of buttons and whatnot on their screens.

Despite the simplicity of its UI, Spanish Translator sometimes gives out many translations for one word. This won’t be much of a problem if you can discern well which one is the most fitting and reasonable for you. But, then again, if you are still a beginner in learning Spanish, you’ll get a bit confused with which word to pick out. On a lighter note though, this app actually works well. It does not only translate words but sentences, too.

Just like some of the other apps mentioned on this list, Spanish Translator also has voice recognition and can read translations out loud. Translations can also be shared with friends through SMS, e-mail, Facebook, and other social means. Sharing translations may not be that of a big deal to you but maybe one of your friends may find them useful. Simple but extremely useful, this app should have a space on your Android device’s home screen.

Spanish Class Demo

Now you can learn Spanish without even signing up for classes! Spanish Class Demo is an app that helps you learn Spanish similar to how you could have learned it in a class. You won’t have classmates but the lessons and features this app has are almost tantamount to what Spanish classes offer.

Spanish Class Demo offers both written and audio content to supplement your learning of the Spanish language. In this demo version, 300 basic words, basic grammar and tenses with gerunds and participles, and 30 useful phrases are available to you. When you upgrade to the paid version, tons of content will then be available as well as more in-depth lessons about Spanish.

You will be more motivated to learn Spanish through the app’s Awards system where you are given awards every time you complete a challenge. Most of the exercises are highly customizable, giving you the freedom to set the number of exercises you want to take and which lesson you would want to have an exercise of (vocabulary, verbs, grammar). You can also keep track of your progress by saving the statistics of all the exercises you have gone through.

Who would’ve thought that learning a language could be fun, less expensive, and rewarding all at the same time? With the apps we’ve listed for you, learning Spanish will be a cinch. Go on and master this language, and maybe later on, you’ll want to conquer another one (like, French, perhaps, or maybe English if you’re a non-native speaker).

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