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Samsung explains how it wants to differentiate its app store

by: John DyeMay 24, 2016
Samsung says the difference between the Play Store and the Galaxy Apps Store will be the same as the difference between Walmart and a boutique.

How to create a simple 2D platformer for Android in Unity – Part one

by: Adam SinickiMay 20, 2016
A complete tutorial explaining how to create a very basic 2D platform game for Android with touch-screen controls in Unity. By the end of part one you will have a working APK that lets you control a character on a flat surface.
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Can you still make money from an Android app? How to beat the odds

by: Adam SinickiMay 19, 2016
This article looks at what you can expect to from an Android app and how you can get around challenges such as market saturation to increase downloads.
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Google Play Services 9.0 makes it easier for developers to show ads in their apps

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 19, 2016
Along a major update to the Firebase app development platform, Google launched a new version of its SDK framework, Play Services.
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Major expansion coming to Google’s Firebase app development platform

by: Bogdan PetrovanMay 19, 2016
Firebase is gaining powerful new features, improvements to existing functionality, and integrations with Google’s suite of development tools and services.
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Google releases Android Studio 2.2 Preview with a new layout designer

by: Gary SimsMay 19, 2016
At Google I/O 2016 the search giant has released a preview of Android Studio 2.2 with a new layout designer, the constraint layout, and much more.
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Google is making it easier for developers to manage their Android apps on mobile

by: Jimmy WestenbergMay 18, 2016
If you're an app developer looking for an easier way to manage your Android apps via your mobile device, you're in luck.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Android Game Development

by: Alex MullisMay 18, 2016
There are many ways to get started in Android game development, here are some tips and tricks to get you started, as well as some links to few tutorials.
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The top perks of being an Android app developer

by: Adam SinickiMay 17, 2016
This post looks at some of the top perks that come with being an Android developer. These include general perks like career prospects and the ability to work anywhere, as well as some advantages to choosing Android in particular.
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How to create your first Gear VR app

by: Adam SinickiMay 5, 2016
How to create Gear VR apps using Unity3D or Android Studio with the Mobile SDK. It's easier than you think to create apps and games that you can step into and experience in VR!
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