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The best NEW Android apps from September 2022

Are you looking for some new apps? We got you covered with the best new Android apps from the last month.
September 26, 2022
AAW dynamicSpot screenshot

App developers are pushing the envelope on a daily basis, trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In fact, so many Android apps come out daily that it’s difficult to track them all, especially when Google provides zero resources to help find new apps.

It’s difficult to usurp the best of the best but if you’re getting bored with what you’ve got and want to try something new, check out the best new Android apps from the last month. You can check out our selections for the best new Android apps released in all of 2021 here.

The best NEW Android apps from September 2022


Price: Free

Backdrop screenshot 2022

Backdrop isn’t a wallpaper app, as its name may suggest. Instead, it’s a location discovery platform. It aims to help you become more familiar with your surroundings. You can check out local places and see reviews made by other people who use the app. Most apps like this focus on businesses and stuff like that. This one aims more for pretty stuff like interesting houses, colorful spaces, and more. It’s definitely a niche thing for people who like to get out of the house a lot, but it did work well in our testing.

Center Stage

Price: Free

Center Stage screenshot 2022

Center Stage is a trading card app. It lets you point your camera at a trading card to see its value. The app developers say this app is for collectors who are negotiating a trade or just want to see the value of their collections. Center Stage works with baseball, football, basketball, and hockey cards out of the gate. The developers say they’re working on support for Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon as well. It’s simple, it does what it says, and although it’s a niche product, it works.


Price: Free / $7.99 per month / $59.99 per year

DanceFitme screenshot 2022

DanceFitme is a fitness app that uses the power of dance to help you lose weight. The app includes a number of different workout styles, including aerobics, cardio, salsa, and more. There are also dances for K-pop, hip-hop, and others. It starts with beginner-level stuff, so you can jump in without previous knowledge of dance. There is a subscription service but also a free trial, so you can try it before you buy it. It’s not your typical workout app. That said, dance is more fun than jumping jacks, so maybe it’ll work for some folks.


Price: Free / Up to $4.99

dynamicSpot screenshot 2022

DynamicSpot is an Android app that emulates the Dynamic Island from the latest iPhones. We anticipate that a lot of these apps are coming out in the near future, but this one, thankfully works rather well. It’s customizable to show a variety of different things like your notifications, music player controls, timers, and even smaller stuff like battery percentage or some navigation info. Again, we think a lot of these are coming, and we’re glad that the first wave has at least one app that works okay.

FM Radio by OneStop Radio

Price: Free

FM Radio is kind of a blast from the past. It’s one of those audio streaming apps that streams live radio. You can stream radio stations from all over the place, and it includes the usual stuff like talk radio, rock, country, rap, and other stations. It boasts over 65,000 stations. Of course, you are streaming these stations live, so there is no offline support or anything like that. It works well for what it does, and it’s an easy way to get the radio when you’re not near a radio.

MJ PDF Reader

Price: Free

MJ PDF Reader screenshot 2022

MJ PDF Reader is a lightweight and free PDF reader. It boasts a minimal UI, a dark mode, a full-screen mode, and more. It has a few features for both productivity and reading. For example, there is a function to print a PDF file, but it also remembers which page you were on in case you want to use it to read a book or a comic. It’s free and open source. It’s an excellent solution for people looking for something simple.

Otternal Life

Price: Free

Otternal Life is a habit tracker app. It helps you build new habits by reminding you to do whatever your habit is every day. It comes with a progress tracker, a journal function to write down your feelings about everything, and it works offline. There is a streak system employed to kind of gamify your new habits or stopping of bad habits. Those are the hallmark features. In our testing, it worked as described. The UI uses pastel colors and is generally pleasant to use.


Price: Free

Qewd screenshot 2022

Qewd is an app that consolidates streaming services. You log in to your Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and other accounts with this app. From there, you can search titles, add shows to your watch queue, and otherwise engage with all of the streaming services under one app. It has some execution issues. The app is a bit clunky overall, and there are reports of sign-in issues. The developers seem at least somewhat active. In truth, we like the idea of this app, and we hope the developers continue polishing it up.


Price: Free

Skilldock screenshot 2022 1

Skilldock is an educational app of sorts. It lets you create your own course for whatever knowledge you want to pass on to another person. The classes you set up are similar to the ones you see on popular websites like Coursera, Udemy, and others. You basically create presentations with various chapters so you can teach your course. You can create, edit, and otherwise share your presentations with others. They also work offline, in case you need that. For now, it’s free. We understand that this one is also niche, but welcome to new Android apps in 2022.

Sleep Reset

Price: Free

Sleep Reset screenshot 2022

Sleep Reset is a sleep tracker that wants to help people get better sleep. It uses a variety of tips, tricks, and methods that it claims came from sleep clinics and doctors. There is also a progress tracker that lets you know when you’re making, well, progress. It boasts a high probability of success and says that its users get an average of 88 minutes of extra sleep per month. Sleep is a funny thing, so we get it if you want to stick with your own sleep tracker, but at least there’s another option.

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