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The best NEW Android apps from May 2023

Are you looking for some new apps? We got you covered with the best new Android apps from the last month.
May 29, 2023
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App developers are pushing the envelope on a daily basis, trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. In fact, so many Android apps come out daily that it’s difficult to track them all, especially when Google provides zero resources to help find new apps.

It’s difficult to usurp the best of the best but if you’re getting bored with what you’ve got and want to try something new, check out the best new Android apps from the last month. You can check out our selections for the best new Android apps released in all of 2022 here.

The best NEW Android apps from May 2023

6000 Thoughts

Price: Free

6000 Thoughts screenshot 2023

6000 Thoughts is a life coach app. It helps you organize your various thoughts into coherent data that you then use to make a decision. You start by putting the thought into the app. It then asks you questions, lets you identify your feelings about the thoughts, and other such things until you work it out. You then start again with any other topic. It’s a neat little way to help someone process their thoughts, especially if they are frequently scatterbrained. The app looks nice, works well, and it’s free as of this writing.


Price: Free

Artifact screenshot 2023

Artifact is a news aggregator. It works like most others. You pick the topics that you’re passionate about, and the app brings you news about those topics from sources that the developers consider trustworthy. It worked pretty well in our testing. We wish that the algorithm was a little more customizable. The app can sometimes think you like something and kind of overload your feed with it, even if you click that you’re disinterested. Other than some small quality-of-life issues like that, it works pretty well.

Google Home

Price: Free

Google Home screenshot 2023

Google I/O was this month, and with it came quite a lot of announcements. Among them was a large redesign for the Google Home app, so we thought we’d talk about it. The app includes a new UI, the ability to view some of your smart home gadgets on your Wear OS watch, and you can view your security cameras directly from the web. Those are the big changes, but there are plenty of smaller ones as well. We have an overview of the new Google Home app if you want to learn more.


Price: Free / $11.99 per month / $42.99 per 6 months

HandyAI screenshot 2023

HandyAI is an AI-powered app that offers quite a bit. It does the usual ChatGPT stuff like image generation from text, chatting with an AI bot, and stuff like that. There are some templates and some other models you can experiment with if you want to. The app is packaged pretty nicely, with a better design than many other apps that were cobbled together quickly in this space. It’s pricy like all ChatGPT apps are, but it’s one of the better ones overall.


Price: Free trial / $15.99 per month / $99.99 per year

Imprint screenshot 2023

Imprint is an educational app that tries to teach the user new things. It omits many of the basics that you’d find in an app like Khan Academy and instead focuses on other things. Topics include philosophy, bitcoin, blockchain, NFTs, general history, and more. The app delivers chapters in bite-sized sessions that you can do while on break at work or while waiting in line at the movie theater. It’s similar to how language learning apps like Duolingo do it. In any case, the app is free to try, but requires a rather pricy subscription afterward. We’ll let you decide if it’s worth it to you.

International Spending Tracker

Price: Free / $1.49

International Spending Tracker screenshot 2023

International Spending Tracker is a simple, independent app for folks who travel to multiple countries pretty often. It basically lets you input any financial decision you make into the app where it then converts it to USD. This works across currencies as shown in the screenshot above. Of course, it’s developed by a single person, so it’s not quite as powerful as some others in this space. However, we do enjoy how clean it is and how well it works for the simple stuff. The pro version is $1.49. It’s entirely optional with the only unlocked feature is more consistent currency conversion updates.


Price: Free / $2.99

POI 2 NAV screenshot 2023

POI-2-NAV is a point-of-interest app. It lets you save points of interest offline. Once you need them, you can simply port them into any navigation app that you want to get directions to that specific spot. For the most part, people are just going to use Google Maps or something similar. However, we think there are some niche use cases for something like this, especially if you go hiking or biking a lot. It’s also useful for things like parking your car in a huge lot or landmarks in a city that you’re visiting. The UI isn’t the best looking, but it’s functional, and that’s ultimately what matters.

TOndO Keyboard

Price: Free / $3.14

TOndO Keyboard is the first unique keyboard we’ve seen in some time. This one groups letters together in a series of joystick-style inputs. You tap each group and then slide to the letter you want to type. It’s not as wild as some other keyboards we’ve seen, so the learning curve isn’t quite so dramatic. Otherwise, it’s clean, has modern features like autocorrect, and even a split mode for tablets, and foldables. Like most unique keyboards, your mileage may vary, but we think it’s a neat idea.


Price: Free / $3.99

VoiceGPT screenshot 2023

VoiceGPT is an AI app that works mostly with voice inputs, hence the name. It lets you communicate with an AI chatbot with either your voice or through text. There is also the option to have the bot respond through spoken output or through text. Thus, it’s entirely possible to carry on a conversation with this chatbot, which is its unique feature. We found that it works pretty well in testing, about as well any other ChatGPT bot. You can ask it all of the same stuff as the others.


Price: Free

Weatherian screenshot 2023

Weatherian is a weather app with a fun premise. It tries to give you everything you need to know about the day’s forecast in a single screen with no scrolling or tapping necessary. It does this by showing you a graph with multiple sources of information like temperature swings and precipitation. The app also uses multiple weather sources to try and be as accurate as possible. It pairs well with something like MyRadar, a dedicated weather radar app, which helps fill in the features that Weatherian lacks. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it does what it says. However, it’s not quite as granular as a full-fledged weather app.

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