The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are out and they are the hottest phones in mobile right now. They’re also a fair bit on the pricey side, so you might want to pick up a case to protect your investment.

We’ve got you – and your phone – covered with our roundup below of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases and the best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases to be had for your brand new smartphone.

Official Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases

As it traditionally does, The company has released a few of its own Samsung Galaxy S9 cases which take advantage of functionality built into the phone to deliver a great experience.

S-View Flip case

Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

Returning to Samsung’s lineup is the S-view flip case. This case allows you to see important information such as clock and notifications while the cover is closed. It’s one of the cooler flip cover cases on the market in our humble opinion.

LED View Wallet Case

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases

Samsung’s LED wallet view case gives you information through the cover in the form of LED icons. You can swipe directly on the cover to answer calls or turn off alarms. Plus, this case has a card slot on the inside to hold a card or cash if you’re out and about, making it practical as well as cool.

Hyperknit Cover

Hyperknit covers are made from the same material as some sneakers. The woven fabric is gives your phone a unique and stylish look. It also provides a good deal of grip for your phone, further protecting it from accidental drops.

Silicone cover

One of our favorite types of cases, the silicone cover offers a very secure grip. Plus, it’s soft to the touch and adds little bulk to your phone, keeping it slim and durable at the same time. The basic silicone cover is a basic way to keep your phone safe.

Alcantara Cover

Most mobile fans know about Alcantara material from the covering on Microsoft Surface Keyboard covers. It’s a fabric, soft-touch material that feels great to hold. It will undoubtedly give you a better hold on your device, and it’ll feel great holding it.

Rugged Protective Cover

Samsung also built a rugged protective cover that comes with its own military grade rating (MIL-STD 810G-516.7 compliant). The solid durable material protects your phone from drops by absorbing and deflecting the energy of a fall. Plus you can use the detachable kickstand to prop up the phone for media viewing.

Third party Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

Of course, a slew of case makers have stepped up to protect your new phone. We’ve narrowed down some of our favorite choices here.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case


One of our favorite ways to protect our phones is with a transparent case. The TPU Crystal Clear case gives you the protection you need from falls and scratches, but also allows you to enjoy the design of your phone. Reinforced corners on this case help protect the most vulnerable spots in case of a fall, and precise cutouts and button covers allow you full use of your phone with no impediment.

Asmart Slim Thin Soft TPU Bumper Phone Case


Unless you plan on beating up your phone, you probably don’t want to add too much bulk. Asmart has a great solution to this with this thin soft bumper phone case. This case adds a nice feeling brushed texture to the back of your phone, along with a carbon fiber pattern at the top and bottom. This gives the phone a nice grippy feel, and a sleek look on the outside, along with the protection that TPU brings around the outside of the phone.

SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case


If you want more rugged protection for your phone, check out the SUPCASE Full-body Holster case. This case covers the front and back of your phone, keeping your screen safe as well as the body of your phone. Plus, the case comes with a clip on belt holster, if that fits your workflow. If not, this case works as a stand alone case as well and will keep your new phone safe and sound.


FYY Genuine Leather Wallet Case


For a more classic and functional case, check out FYY’s Leather Wallet case. This case will keep your phone protected, front and back. Plus it will serve as a wallet, holding your ID, credit cards, and even a little cash. The soft leather case is great to hold, and has a speaker cut out at the top, so you can talk on the phone while the case is close. When you’re watching a movie on that gorgeous screen, the case also serves as a kickstand, for hands free viewing.

Those are our favorite cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Did we miss any of your favorites? Did you pick any of these up? Let us know how you like them down in the comments!

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