Huawei mate 20 pro in twilight with water on the back

Spring is right around the corner, and that means April showers followed by summer heat. If you want to enjoy your time in the water without leaving your phone behind, a waterproof phone pouch is a must-have. Even if you have a waterproof phone, a pouch adds a little extra assurance. For those without waterproof phones, it’s the difference between a live phone and a dead one. 

A waterproof phone pouch keeps your phone protected by sealing out all the water in a system that’s not too dissimilar from a Ziplock bag. They’re not always the prettiest, but they will get the job done better than anything else. They are transparent, so you can operate the touchscreen through them and even take underwater photos.

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The best waterproof phone pouch:

CaliCase floating waterproof phone pouch


phone pouch calicase

CaliCase might just be the highest quality waterproof pouch on the market. It looks and feels durable from the first time you use it. The pouch floats so you don’t have to worry about your phone sinking and if you want to go underwater you can go up to 100 feet thanks to its IPX8 Certification.

The company seems to have really put effort into making this otherwise simple product one that is well thought out. While most competitors have a single layer of cheap plastic protecting your devices, CaliCase uses dual PVC protection, a strong carabiner, and a high-quality lanyard.

The CaliCase fits every size phone, is available in 14 different stylish colors, and costs $29.99. Get 10% off with exclusive discount code: CALI10 only at

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JOTO cellphone dry bag

phone pouch joto

This one is a little cheaper than CaliCase’s and a great alternative. Though it may not feel as solid, the company promises the same functionality and they have a similar design language. Joto’s cellphone dry bag comes in a two-pack, and it features windows on both sides so you can see the display and take pictures. It’s also IPX8 rated, so it can be submerged to 100 feet and does fit phones sized up to 6.9-inches.

FRiEQ floating waterproof phone pouch

phone pouch frieq

If you need a case that floats and you’re looking for a fun colorful case then the Frieq Waterproof pouch is a great place to start. The Frieq case fits all phones up to 7-inches and comes IPX8 certified for up to 100 feet underwater. It skips the colorful bumpers around the sides, going for a fully transparent design. This allows you to easily access the volume rockers and power button on your phone. You can grab a two-pack right now with black and pink options.

Hiearcool universal waterproof case

phone pouch hiearcool

This waterproof phone pouch from Hiearcool is another great option for phones up to 7-inches. It comes with three layers of protection, as well as four different color combinations. You can grab classic black along with blue, green, and purple to match your favorite color. Hiearcool also includes an adjustable lanyard with its pouches. Just make sure to set up other ways to unlock your phone as in-display fingerprint readers won’t work.

Mpow 097 waterproof case

phone pouch mpow

One last waterproof phone pouch for your consideration is the Mpow 097. Like most other options, it comes in a two-pack, but Mpow’s option is an Amazon’s Choice product with more than 37,000 ratings. The Mpow case is slightly smaller than the others though, as it only fits devices up to 6.8-inches. You’ll get a 20-inch lanyard to work with, and you can choose from five different color combinations.

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