Welcome back to this week’s showcase of the best mobile plans near and far. Today’s steal comes from Cricket: a pair of Unlimited plans that will save you $30 every single month.

What’s the scoop?

This new offer from Cricket gives you two lines of unlimited data for $80 per month. Considering the usual price for their Unlimited plan is $55, we’re calling this a pretty stellar deal.

Here’s how it works: you’ll get the first line for the usual price of $55, but when you add the second line, they’ll chop more than half of the monthly price off. So you pay $55 for the first line and $25 for the second line.

Cricket’s adding a little bit of extra sugar to the offer as well. In addition to the monthly savings, the carrier will also give you a crisp $50 bill just for signing up.

Okay, so it’s not a literal¬†Ulysses S. Grant being mailed to you in a clean white envelope. Cricket will give you $50 credit to your account when you bring your number to them. You’ll get that applied within 2 months.

Okay, where’s the fine print?

Not much fine print on this one. As is par for the course for these kinds of deals, you’ll have to pay any taxes, surcharges, and applicable fees. However, Cricket uses “all-in” pricing, so these are actually included in the price tag. In short, you walk out the door paying just $80.

This deal also isn’t eligible for autopay or GroupSave discounts.

Cricket Unlimited Plan in a nutshell:

  • Unlimited talk, text to/from US, Canada and Mexico
  • Unlimited data with max data speeds of 3Mbps running on AT&T’s network (users of more than 22GB in a month may notice temporary reduction in speeds during times of high network traffic)
  • Video streaming at SD quality (480p)

Ready to stop monitoring your data every month or overpaying for the freedom of unlimited? Click the button below to see if Cricket is offering something better than you’ve currently got!

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