Pixel C-34

Google has today launched the developer preview for Android N several months ahead of the expected release at Google I/O and if you’re a developer, the company has a special offer for you in the form of a discount on the Pixel C. To encourage Android N development, Google is offering $150 off the cost of the Pixel tablet and it’s for the 64GB version as well!

Google launched the Pixel C last year and with a retail price of $600 excluding the keyboard or any other accessories, the tablet somewhat struggled to compete against the likes of the iPad Air 2 and Surface Pro 3. Now, if you’re a developer, you can get the tablet for just $450 – which represents a 25% saving – although the discount only applies to the tablet itself and not the keyboard, making the total cost for the tablet and keyboard, $600.


Can you get the discount if you’re not a developer? Sadly not, so if Google’s tablet is on your radar, you’ll have to pay full asking price. Should you shop around for a better deal, we hear you ask? As the only official retailer for the Pixel C, you probably won’t find a cheaper price or offer than the one being offered by Google direct.

To pick up this deal, head over to the source link below. Are you an Android N developer interested in picking up the Pixel C? What about the Android N developer preview, are you going to download and install it? Let us know your views in the comments below guys and check out our Google Pixel C review below!

Nirave Gondhia

Nirave is a Managing Editor at Android Authority with a background in technology that dates back over ten years.