Google Pixel 5 rear camera macro 3
David Imel / Android Authority
  • Pixel 5 owners say the phone still has problems with severe battery drain when the phone is idle.
  • This happens regardless of the number of apps running.
  • Google claims the issue was fixed in December 2020, though many users are still having issues.

Update: February 16, 2021 at 1:44 p.m.: Google has clarified to Android Authority that the Pixel 5 idle battery drain issue was addressed in the December 2020 Android security patch. However, at least one of our Pixel 5 units, as well as many other users on Google’s help forums, are still experiencing this issue. We will continue digging into this issue and report back with our findings.

Original article: February 15, 2021 at Do you wake up to find your Pixel 5 battery has lost much of its charge, even though it was doing little more besides sitting on your nightstand? You’re not alone. Reader Pulak reports (and Android Authority can corroborate) that Google’s latest flagship still loses a significant amount of battery when idle despite promises of a fix.

In our experience, a Pixel 5 left with a 70% battery charge before bed dipped to 52% in the morning, seven and a half hours later. That’s despite clearing all apps and otherwise keeping activity to a minimum. Even new phones appear to have the same problem.

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Google promised in December that a fix for Pixel 5 battery drain was coming “soon” through an Android software update, but that doesn’t appear to have surfaced in either monthly patches or off-schedule releases.

While the battery issue won’t necessarily affect every Pixel 5 phone, it’s bound to be frustrating if yours has this problem. As long as the Pixel 5 normally lasts, that doesn’t matter much if you have to make it through the day with far less than a full charge.

The Pixel 5 isn’t the only modern Google phone with problems, we’d add. Pixel 4a 5G owners reported touchscreen issues following the December 2020 security update. Even if these issues aren’t necessarily rampant, they suggest Google’s Pixel software might need some further polish.