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Smartphone photography tips: 16 handy tricks you should know

by Hadlee Simons June 23, 20180 comments

Five ways foldable phones could change the game

by Scott Adam Gordon June 24, 20180 comments

Why would Samsung want its own GPUs?

by Robert Triggs June 24, 20180 comments

Google’s endless app overlap: What’s going on?

by Anthony Hayt June 24, 20180 comments

Chrome feature might let you link directly to specified text on a page

Imagine being able to link to a specific section of a page, even without using anchor links.
by C. Scott Brown25 minutes ago

Don’t get super comfy with your neighbor’s Poké Stops and Gyms in Pokémon Go

If approved, the proposed settlement would prevent new Poké Stops and Gyms on single-family residential properties.
by Williams Pelegrin56 minutes ago

Smartphone apps are chipping away at the flagrant exploitation of prisoners

Prisoners already face an uphill battle, but these apps aim to help alleviate their -- and their families' -- burdens.
by C. Scott Brown2 hours ago

Deal: BOGO Pixel 3 deal, $599 Pixel 2 XL, and more for Google Store’s President’s Day sale

If you wanted a second Pixel 3 and didn't want to pay full price, this is the promotion for you.
by Williams Pelegrin2 hours ago

Patent filing looks like an Essential Phone 2 (Update: false alarm!)

Last we heard, there wouldn't be an Essential Phone 2, but this patent filing tells a different story.
by C. Scott Brown3 hours ago

These light bulbs have built-in Bluetooth speakers and they’re half off

The Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb can light up any space and fill it with crisp audio from Bluetooth speakers.
by AA Picks4 hours ago

Pre-installed Android apps will soon update even without a Google account

Eventually, when you set up a new Android device, you won't have to sign in to get updates anymore.
by C. Scott Brown4 hours ago

Samsung learns from Xiaomi, will launch a Galaxy A device every month until June

Two can play at the "release lots of cheap phones constantly" game.
by C. Scott Brown5 hours ago

Redmi Note 7 Pro likely to launch in March, after the Mi 9

We don't know an exact date, but the Xiaomi Mi 9 is definitely launching first.
by C. Scott Brown6 hours ago

13 things you need to know in tech for Friday, Feb. 15

Mobile World Congress is almost upon us, and it promises to be the most exciting event in years.
by Tristan Rayner6 hours ago
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