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Does the Google Pixel 7a have eSIM?

Yes, and with eSIM, you can add a second SIM to your Pixel 7a.

Published onJune 17, 2023

The Google Pixel 7a is here, and as we mention in our Pixel 7a review, it easily slots in as the de-facto phone to recommend to budget buyers. It does everything you expect from a phone and has really good specs, with very little value wasted on overkill. If you’re about to pick up a Pixel 7a and are wondering about its eSIM support and compatibility, we have good news. The Pixel 7a does support eSIMs, and here’s what you need to know about it.

Google Pixel 7aGoogle Pixel 7a
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Yes, the Google Pixel 7a has eSIM support. This is in addition to the presence of the single physical nano-SIM slot on the phone. You can have up to two active SIMs on this phone, either as nano-SIM plus eSIM or eSIM plus eSIM.


Does the Google Pixel 7a support eSIM?

Google Pixel 7a box contents open
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Yes, the Google Pixel 7a supports eSIMs, and it does so out of the box. The phone has a single physical nano-SIM slot and support for eSIMs. If you want to use two SIMs on the Pixel 7a, you need to make use of at least one eSIM.

Google officially mentions eSIM support in the specs page of the Pixel 7a but notes as a disclaimer that the feature is carrier dependent and may not be supported by all carriers in all countries.

Your mileage in getting the eSIM activated on the Pixel 7a (or any other device, for that matter) may vary depending on your carrier. In the US, the three major carriers (Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T) support eSIM, though the activation process has some friction points.

How many eSIMs can the Pixel 7a have?

Google Pixel 7a SIM tray and tool
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The phone can have multiple eSIM profiles stored on it, but it can only connect to a maximum of two simultaneously. This can either be nano-SIM plus eSIM or eSIM plus eSIM.

If you have also inserted a nano-SIM into the phone, then the phone will connect to only one eSIM. If you need help, we have a guide for removing and adding a SIM card.

How to activate an eSIM on the Google Pixel 7a?

Activating an eSIM is very easy on the Pixel 7a. The carrier will likely have already linked the phone’s IMEI to an appropriate eSIM profile if you purchased the phone straight from it.

If you’ve purchased the phone unlocked or if the IMEI is not already linked to an eSIM profile, you will need a QR code from your carrier to continue with the eSIM setup. For detailed instructions, follow our guide on how to activate an eSIM on a Google Pixel phone.

If you’re migrating your eSIM from an older phone, do remember to power off your older phone in order to receive cell network on the Pixel 7a using that eSIM. This is a small detail that many users overlook.

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Activating an eSIM on an unlocked device usually requires customer service assistance in generating a QR code. Sometimes you can do this through the carrier’s website, but sometimes you need some help from the support team. If you have the QR code or purchased a carrier-locked device, you can activate eSIM on your own.

Yes, the Pixel 7a supports eSIMs alongside the nano-SIM. You can have two active numbers on the same phone this way.

An EID is a serial number that identifies the eSIM device, and is often needed for carrier eSIM activation. On the Pixel 7a, go to Settings > About phone > SIM status > EID.

Yes, you can activate an unlocked Pixel 7a series on Verizon’s eSIM. We actually have a guide on activating Verizon eSIMs. You can also do it with T-Mobile and AT&T, as well as plenty of MVNO carriers in the USA.

It is not possible to migrate eSIM profiles from iPhones to Android directly. You must contact your carrier’s customer service to generate the migration QR code. It is expected that future Android versions will make eSIM migration easier. But for now, we do not have that feature.