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Does the Google Pixel 7a have dual-SIM support?

eSIM support is now a staple in Google's device lineup, but it may not be available in every market.
May 31, 2023

Why constrict yourself to one mobile carrier when you can connect to two? More modern devices are now packing support for two SIMs, but what about Google’s latest smartphone? Read on to learn whether Google Pixel 7a dual-SIM functionality is supported.

Does the Google Pixel 7a have dual-SIM support?

Google Pixel 7a SIM tray and tool
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Yes, as mentioned in our Pixel 7a review, the device has dual-SIM support but only comes with one physical SIM card slot. The Pixel 7a features a nano-SIM card slot for traditional carrier cards and eSIM support, which can be used alongside the physical SIM.

Unfortunately, the lack of a second physical SIM slot does have its disadvantages. If you’re updating from a phone with two physical SIM card slots, you must choose which card to use in your Pixel 7a and consult the other carrier about their eSIM support if you wish to stay on their network.

Importantly, eSIM functionality will not work with every carrier in every country. Be sure to check with your preferred network provider in your region before purchasing a Google Pixel 7a if you need dual-SIM functionality.

Our extensive Google Pixel 7 series eSIM activation guide has all the information you need to get started, whether you purchased your phone through Google or directly from a carrier.


No, the Pixel 7a does not include a microSD card slot, nor can the SIM tray accommodate a storage expansion card.

Yes, the Pixel 7a supports DSDS functionality.

Yes, the Pixel 7a supports 5G networks. Some models only support sub-6GHz networks, while one supports mmWave 5G networks. Our Pixel 7a 5G explainer has more information.

If you bought the Pixel 7a through a carrier, you can often activate the eSIM yourself. However, if you purchased an unlocked Pixel 7a, it’s best to consult the carrier of your choice. Our Pixel 7a eSIM guide has more information on setting up your device.