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The best chargers to reliably charge your Pixel 7a

There's no charger in the box, so you have to buy one or use an old one.

Published onAugust 9, 2023

The Google Pixel 7a is finally here, bringing some much-needed camera and display upgrades to the budget Pixel lineup. Google gets many things right with the Pixel 7a, but there will be shortcomings on the road to budget stardom. One drawback is that the Pixel 7a doesn’t ship with a charger. You must make do with a charger you already own or purchase one separately. If you’re looking for recommendations, here are some of the best Pixel 7a chargers you can buy today.

Google Pixel 7aGoogle Pixel 7a
AA Editors Choice
Google Pixel 7a
The best sub-$500 camera phone • Solid performance and plenty of RAM • Improved 90Hz display
MSRP: $499.00
The essential Pixel experience
The Pixel 7a delivers more premium features than ever for under $500, such as wireless charging support, a 90Hz refresh rate display, and a 64MP camera.

What you need to know about the Pixel 7a’s charging

The Google Pixel 7a supports wired fast charging up to 18W through the USB Power Delivery specification. This number is on the lower side, as we see relatively quicker charging speeds on other Google devices like the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro (20W and 23W, respectively).

In our charging test for the Pixel 7a, we found that charging the phone takes at least 146 minutes from empty to full. Most users will be alright with those 18W wired charging speeds, though we would have loved something to see something faster.

No, the Pixel 7a does not come with a charger in the box.

Unfortunately, the Pixel 7a has no charging adaptor in the box. Users must purchase one separately or use a preexisting charger they already own.

Google Pixel 7a box contents open side view
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

For the Pixel 7a, you will need a USB PD-compliant charger, so ensure you pick the right charger for your device. You don’t necessarily need a USB PD PPS charger since the Pixel 7a will not take advantage of the newer features, but it will be good future-proofing for your other purchases.

Since the Pixel 7a comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable for its USB-C port, you’d ideally want your charger to have a USB-C port. This will let you use the cable in the box and not require additional purchases.

Note that the Pixel 7a’s 18W max charging speed means you don’t necessarily need a GaN charger. GaN chargers provide higher charging speeds in a smaller form factor but are also more expensive. They are good for future-proofing, but they are not a strict requirement. You will be served just fine with a regular silicon-type charger, which will be cheaper.

The Pixel 7a also supports wireless charging, and you’d need to purchase a wireless charger to take advantage of the feature.

The best chargers for the Pixel 7a

Charging the Pixel 7a with a wired charger will always yield faster results. Here are our picks for the best wired Pixel 7a chargers.

Google 30W USB-C charger

Google 30W USB C Power Charger resting on Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Since the Pixel 7a does not improve the wired charging situation from the Pixel 6a, Google’s 30W USB-C charger remains the best first-party charger you can purchase. It supports the USB PD 3.0 PPS standard, meaning you can also charge your other devices with it.

This 30W USB-C charger sports the Google branding but is priced fairly and remains easy to recommend to most users.

Spigen 20W ArcStation Pro

Spigen ArcStation Pro 20W
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Are you looking to maximize your Pixel 7a’s 18W wired charging rate? The GaN-powered Spigen 20W ArcStation Pro wall charger is all you need, as the 20W exceeds the 18W maximum.

In all scenarios, having a smaller, more travel-ready charging adapter is beneficial. Spigen’s 20W ArcStation Pro measures 1.56 x 1.36 x 1.09 inches — and the prongs fold in. Because of its incredibly compact design, it takes up no more space in your pocket than a case for wireless earbuds.

Anker 511 Nano 3 (30W)

Anker 511 30W GaN charger

The smallest charger in this recommendation list is the Anker 511 Nano 3 travel adapter, thanks to its use of GaN tech. It’s a great product if you do not want to buy the Google-branded charger. Despite its compact size, the Anker 511 Nano 3 supports up to 30W USB PD charging through its singular USB-C port.

The Anker 511 Nano 3 comes in five different colors, and the Misty Blue complements the Pixel 7a’s Sea color very well. You don’t get a cable with the charger, but you can buy a color-matched cable from Anker or use the one that came in the Pixel 7a’s box.

Samsung 25W SuperFast Charging Travel Adapter

Samsung 25W TA 800 charger

Samsung’s 25W charger (model number: TA-800) is one of the most reliable and versatile chargers you can buy. With support for USB PD, it remains an excellent option for phones that cap out at 25W. Despite being a Samsung charger, it is an excellent Pixel 7a charger recommendation, considering its brand value, broad availability, and a one-year warranty.

We’ve recommended This solid charger for years for both Samsung and non-Samsung devices (including Google Pixels). There’s no cable included, but Samsung often pairs the charger with a compatible USB-C to USB-C cable as a combined deal, so look out for that.

Anker 713 Nano 2 (45W)

Anker 713 Nano II 45W charger

The Anker 713 Nano 2 is overkill for the Pixel 7a, and you should consider it only if you have a higher budget. This compact 45W GaN charger supports USB PD and has excellent headroom for today and the future. You can charge the Pixel 7a and other phones and laptops that accept up to 45W USB PD. So this has the potential to become the only charger you need to carry in your bag, which is impressive considering its compact size.

The pricing for this charger is high, especially since no cable is included. We recommend opting for this only if you want something that stays future-proof. Anker also offers an 18-month warranty on this charger for added peace of mind.

The best multiport chargers for the Pixel 7a

Multiport chargers are fantastic tools that grant greater flexibility and versatility. The chargers below work well with the Pixel 7a and are compatible with other devices.

To identify the right multiport charger, you must ask yourself how many devices you’ll need to charge regularly simultaneously. You will also want to know their maximum charge speed and what ports they need.

Iniu 30W USB PD charger

Iniu 30W USB PD charger

The Iniu 30W multiport charger is a convenient charger for the Pixel 7a. The top USB-C port can output up to 30W, while the bottom USB-A port can output up to 18W. So, you can fast charge the Pixel 7a with either port.

The presence of a USB-A port lends incredible versatility in charging with older cables and is perfect for charging accessories like your earbuds and smartwatch. Note that the charger’s max output stays capped at 30W if both ports are active. In simultaneous charging scenarios, using the bottom USB-A port for accessories that do not require more than 10W of power is best.

Tecknet 45W USB PD Dual Port charger

Tecknet 45W Dual USB C port charger

If you don’t want to spend much on a multiport charger and want something with a high charging speed, then this GaN charger from Tecknet is worth a look. It comes with dual USB-C ports that can output a total of 45W. When used simultaneously, you get a split 25W+20W charging on the two ports, either of which will be more than enough for the Pixel 7a.

Note that there is no USB cable included with the adaptor. This charger also makes a lot of sense if you own a Pixel Watch, as the Pixel Watch’s charging adaptor needs a USB-C port.

Anker 735 Nano 2 (65W)

Anker 735

The Anker 735 Nano 2 65W charger is an excellent option if you’re looking for more ports and power. This GaN charger maxes out at 65W when either USB-C port is used alone and at 22.5W for the USB-A port. Simultaneously using all three ports, the charger maxes out at 64W (40W+12W+12W). The middle USB-C port drops to 12W when any other port is used simultaneously.

The Anker 735 Nano 2 is very much overkill for the Pixel 7a, and we recommend it only if you have multiple devices to charge simultaneously. This charger can charge your MacBook at 65W, which is excellent if you want to buy one charger that can handle all your devices. As expected, the pricing is higher, so go for it if you want to be reliably future-proofed.


To charge the Pixel 7a, you will need a USB PD-compliant charger.

Yes, the Google Pixel 7a supports wired fast charging up to 18W.

No, the Pixle 7a does not come with a charger in the box.

Yes, the Pixel 7a supports wireless charging up to 7.5W.

Using a wired charger, the Pixel 7a can charge at up to 18W.

You can use any USB-C charger to juice up your Pixel 7a. It will only charge at up to 18W speeds, the maximum supported charging speed.

The Google Pixel 7a supports wired fast charging up to 18 watts.

No. If the charger supports 18W USB PD, you can charge the Pixel 7a at its maximum possible charging speed.

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