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Does the Google Pixel Watch work with the iPhone?

The answer is about what you might have expected.

Published onNovember 11, 2022

Google has finally launched the Google Pixel Watch. While Google has long developed its Wear OS operating system that’s used by many third-party smartwatches, this is the first watch the company has designed itself. However, does the Pixel Watch work with the iPhone, the single most popular smartphone family in the world? We have the answer to that question.

Does the Pixel Watch work with the iPhone?

The short answer is “no.” Google confirmed that the Pixel Watch does not support iOS and therefore will not work with an iPhone. Instead, the Pixel Watch only works with Android-based smartphones, at least for now. Google has not indicated whether iOS support will be added in the future.

Apple alternatives for the Pixel Watch

apple watch series 8 apps
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The honest truth is that if you own an iPhone and want a smartwatch, you should shop for an Apple Watch. Apple Watches provide a seamless user experience from phone to wearable, plus unmatched third-party app support. The company recently released its latest flagship and the device has a lot to offer users. In fact, there are a number of solid options from Apple’s lineup.

  • Apple Watch Series 8: Currently the best Apple has to offer, the Series 8 boasts a premium build, plus accurate health and fitness sensors. The device even features a new temperature sensor for added insights.
  • Apple Watch Series 7: For nearly the same experience at a lower cost, last year’s model is often available on sale. The Series 7 doesn’t offer temperature monitoring or Crash Detection, but it’s a very solid device overall.
  • Apple Watch SE 2: For a great value, the new Apple Watch SE 2 is the company’s true budget option. This watch drops advanced health sensors and a few other features in favor of a much lower price tag.
  • Apple Watch Ultra: If you’re a serious athlete or outdoors enthusiast, you can also get the more expensive, but far more rugged Apple Watch Ultra. The Ultra includes impressive durability specs, a new Action Button, and niche hiking and safety features for adventurous users.

The best Wear OS option for iPhone users

Fossil Gen 6 right profile
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

If your heart is set on a Wear OS device, there are a few options that do work with iPhones. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Watch 4 series and Galaxy Watch 5 series are not among those options. Like the Pixel Watch, the last two generations of Galaxy Watch are not compatible with iOS.

The best Wear OS options for iPhone users are the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra or a Fossil Gen 6. Both of these wearables offer a decent smartwatch experience plus health and fitness tracking. However, neither can compete with an Apple Watch in terms of integration.

The best Fitbit for iPhone users

A Fitbit Versa 3 on a woman's wrist, displaying the Hawaiian Punch watch face.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

What about the Fitbit integration on Google’s Pixel Watch? If it’s the Fitbit ecosystem you’re after, all other Fitbit devices are compatible with iPhones. These devices won’t stack up against Apple as far as smartwatch features, but they do offer reliable health tracking, detailed sleep tracking, and a stellar companion app.

  • Fitbit Sense: The Sense lineup is the top tier of Fitbit’s stable with advanced health sensors including an EDA sensor and an ECG monitor. Though a newer generation Sense 2 recently hit shelves, we still recommend the older model.
  • Fitbit Versa 3: A pared-down version of the Fitbit Sense, the Versa 3 features the same built-in GPS, music support, and more, but drops its pricey sibling’s advanced health sensors. Like the Sense, the Versa lineup also recently received an upgrade but we weren’t impressed with the new Versa 4 during our review period.

The Sense and Versa lineups represent what Fitbit offers on the smartwatch front, but they aren’t the company’s only options. For more information about the best Fitbit devices available, read our dedicated guide.


In this case, the short answer is “yes.” However, in our opinion, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a much better pick for Samsung phone users. The series offers specific features for Samsung users plus integration that simply can’t be found on the Pixel Watch.

The Google Pixel Watch app is used to set up and manage the smartwatch. In the Pixel Watch app, users can customize watch faces, set up Google Assistant and Google Wallet, manage notifications, and more. Additionally, the watch requires the Fitbit app for tracking health and fitness stats.

Google’s smartwatch brings a lot to the table, but it’s certainly a first-generation device with room to improve. Find out more information and thoughts in our Google Pixel Watch review.