The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has generated a ton of media attention in the smartphone world over the past few weeks, and for good reason. The phone (known as the Poco Fi in India) has some high-end specs, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, a big 6.18-inch display, a dual camera setup (12MP and 5MP), a big 20MP front-facing selfie camera and a large 4,000mAh battery. All of that can be yours for as low as $370 if you buy the unlocked version in the US with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard memory.

Even with that low of a price tag, you will want to protect the Pocophone F1 from accidents, spills, and falls. We have found the first examples of what we suspect will be many Pocophone F1 cases that will become available to help protect this amazingly powerful, but still affordable, smartphone.

Dayjoy Pocophone F1 case

Pocophone F1 case

This first Pocophone F1 case comes from Dayjoy and its made of a flexible and soft TPU material. However, the rubber silicone case is also designed to keep the Pocophone F1 from falls and spills, with its shock-proof design. The leather-like pattern on the back also makes it stand out. It’s available now in black, blue, red and gray colors for $13.99 on Amazon.


TopACE Pocophone F1 case

Pocophone F1 case

TopACE makes great cases, and the Pocophone F1 case it has available seems to be no exception. The thin carbon fiber case fits onto the back of the phone, and it includes a  wiredrawing pattern on the back as well, which is supposed to help people grip the case and the phone more firmly. The TopACE Pocophone F1 case is available in black, blue, red and gray colors for $8.99 on Amazon.

Daibo Pocophone F1 case

Pocophone F1 case

This Pocophone F1 case from Daibo is yet another thin, but still protective, product for this phone. The silicon layer is highly flexible, and the textured grip on the back can help keep the phone from falling off a flat surface. Finally, the raised bezel cutouts on the back help to protect the phone’s cameras from scratches. You can get the Daibo Pocophone F1 case for just $5.99 at Amazon.

Anccer Pocophone F1 case

Pocophone F1 case

The Anccer Pocophone F1 case is for those phone owners who want a really thin case design that won’t bulk it up too much. This is a case that is just 0.3mm thick, but is still effective for keeping this phone safe with its hard shell. It also has a very nice smooth finish. Finally, this case has a ton of different color options to choose from, including red, blue. gold, pink, a “gravel” black and a dark version. It’s available on Amazon for $11.99.

Vicstar Pocophone F1 case

Pocophone F1 case

The Vicstar Pocophone F1 case is yet another all-in-one design, with a soft TPU material that can still protect the phone from any small shocks and falls that it might encounter. The brushed texture on the back also helps to give owners an easier way to grip the case in their hand, while also looking good. Finally, you can’t beat the price of this Vicstar Pocophone F1 case, as it is only $3.66 on Amazon. That makes this not only one of the best Pocophone F1 cases, but also the cheapest.

MChoice Pocophone F1 case

Pocophone F1 Case

The MChoice Pocophone F1 case is a bit more rugged than the cased we have posted in this article. It also has a soft TPU inner layer, but it’s covered in an outer PC shell for extra protection. The inner TPU layer also has a heat dissipating design, to keep the phone cool even when it is covered by the case. It’s been made to protect the phone from higher falls and spills. Finally, the case comes in a variety of colors (black, blue, gray, dark gray, gold, navy, pink, red, silver and white). It’s available on Amazon for $4.19.

Sun Van Pocophone F1 case

Pocophone F1 cases

Our final Pocophone F1 case, for now, comes from Sun Van, and is another extra-rugged case for this new phone. Not only does it have a soft TPU inner layer inside an outer PC shell, but that shell also includes a built-in kickstand so you can watch videos on the phone’s big screen hands-free. It even comes with its own glass screen protector. You can get this case in all black, or you can choose from several different color accents (blue, green, pink, orange, purple and red). The Sun Van Pocophone F1 case is available for $6.94.

Pocophone F1 cases – Conclusion

So that’s it for our look at the best Pocophone F1 cases so far.

Since the Pocophone F1 has just recently been launched, it may take a while for more phone case makers to release their own products for this handset. We will update this post as more cases for the Pocophone F1 are released.