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The best smart scales you can buy

Why track your weight when these scales can do so much more?
December 27, 2021
garmin index s2 smart scale review scale on floor
Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

There’s more to a connected fitness experience than simply counting your steps. It helps to have a smartwatch and to log your calories, but it’s worthwhile to go a step further. If you want to track your body composition, BMI, and in some cases, your heartbeat, a new smart scale might be just what the trainer ordered. Here are our picks for the best smart scales.

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All of our top picks pack plenty of smart features, and you’ll notice a few options from top brands like Garmin and Fitbit. If you’re already in one ecosystem or another, it makes sense to give them a good look. However, it’s more fun to be a fitness free agent. Ready to step to it?

The best smart scales:

Editor’s note: We’ll update our list of the best smart scales as we find new options.

Withings Body Plus

smart scale withings body

If you’re a true fitness geek, the Withings name is probably well-known to you. The Body Plus is one of the most popular smart scales worldwide. The original Body was one of the first options in the entire category. Thanks to the eight customizable profiles, it monitors weight trends and your BMI, and it’s a perfect fit for big families. The Body Plus offers a complete body composition analysis, and you can sync your information with hundreds of the top health apps on Android and iOS.

Garmin Index S2

smart scale garmin index s2


Garmin’s smartwatches are some of the most popular for runners, thanks to their GPS functionality, but the Index S2 smart scale is made for your whole family. You can check your complete body composition and monitor your results at any time with the Garmin Connect app. The bright display is colorful and easy to read, and it doubles the user count of the Body Plus with up to 16 profiles. It can also help you get ready for the day with a weather report whenever the Index S2 is connected to Wi-Fi.

Fitbit Aria Air

smart scale fitbit aria air

Fitbit’s Aria Air might be another familiar name. This affordable smart scale is an entry-level alternative to the Aria 2. The Aria Air itself keeps things simple and only displays your weight on the scale, but it packs all of your information into the Fitbit app. It takes just minutes to set up over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and you can track multiple people with their own accounts.

Wyze Scale

smart scale wyze

Although the Wyze Scale is the most affordable option on the list, it doesn’t sacrifice any smart functions to keep the cost down. It measures 12 essential metrics, including your heart rate, so you can check how intense that last workout was. Of course, you can sync your data with the first-party Wyze app or a variety of other popular picks. The Wyze Scale syncs automatically with up to eight profiles, or you can use guest mode to register an unlimited number of single-use measurements.

Eufy Smart Scale P1

smart scale eufy

Eufy’s Smart Scale P1 tops the Wyze model with 14 essential metrics, and you can track them all with the free EufyLife app. It offers fun for the whole family with 16 unique profiles. You can set up each user in just minutes with your Bluetooth device. The Smart Scale P1 also supports Apple Health, Google Fit, and the Fitbit app, so you’ll have to stick to a slightly limited list of options. You can only check your weight on the scale itself, but the rest of your data should sync almost immediately.

QardioBase 2

smart scale qardiobase

The QardioBase 2 is a circle in a world of squares, literally. It’s the only round option on this list, and it offers one of the more helpful displays. While the main focus is to monitor your weight, the QardioBase 2 also displays your profile name so that you know you’re storing data to the correct account. You can also get smart feedback in the form of emojis that react to each of your data points. The QardioBase 2 is another family-friendly option with eight profiles and the ability to set fitness goals.