The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the best smartphones of 2018. The handset offers high-end specifications, an exceptional camera, a beautiful design, and is a major improvement from the Galaxy S8 in every measurable way. Unfortunately, it’s not all perfection, as the glass design is a bit on the fragile side. Thankfully there are plenty of great Samsung Galaxy S9 cases that can help keep your phone protected.

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Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases you can buy right now.  Be sure to also check out our Galaxy S9 screen protectors guide

Zizo Bolt Cover case

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the most high-tech products currently available on the widespread consumer market. If you’re walking around without giving that vulnerable curved screen the protection it deserves, you’re outside your mind. For those inside their mind, there’s the Zizo Bolt Cover case.

Available in 10 color variations, the bolt is Military Grade 810.1-G certified, meaning it has withstood test drops of 12ft. This stylish cover is composed of a dual layer case specifically designed to disperse kinetic energy in the event of a drop. The shock absorbing polyurethane interior works in conjunction with the impact resistant polycarbonate shell to keep your Galaxy S9 as safe as houses, whatever that expression means.

In addition to protection, the Bolt also offers functionality and brings some bonuses to the table. A kickstand and 360-degree rotatable holster belt clip (included in the product bundle) provide versatility, and the variety of color options give you ample opportunity to show your style.

All Zizo Bolt Cover cases come with a Samsung Galaxy S9 full glass screen protector free, providing an extra bit of scratch resistance. Click the button below to grab the Bolt from Amazon for just $18.99!



Zizo Ion Cover case

It’s back to Zizo with Ion, a case we’d be remiss to omit. This S9 case is the minimalist little brother of the Bolt. The transparent, grippy bumper case keeps the naturally lean profile of the S9 preserved while still offering protection from all but the most fatal falls.

Like the more rugged-looking Bolt, the Ion meets Military Grade 810.1-G Certification, which means you get full protection while still being able to show off the beauty of Samsung’s hottest flagship device.

The Ion series is available in a variety of colors, all of which are transparent with a consumer-tested grippy edge. We’re actually particularly fond of the Rose variant. Your phone is fully encased and protected with the screen hiding behind an included .33mm 9H Hardness tempered glass protector.

If you’re a fan of the Galaxy line’s natural aesthetic but still want to make sure it survives a tumble intact, the Ion is an excellent option at $13.99.


Zizo Static Cover case

If the Bolt is for hardcore smartphone protectors who would wrap their baby in Nasa-grade aerogel if it were necessary and the Ion is a case that protects while letting the S9 shine, the Static is the happy middle ground.

This shock-proof case isn’t as bulky as the Bolt, but the flashy polycarbonate shell provides nearly as much protection without sacrificing width. The interior is still soft in the form of Tetra Polyurethane, and the Static, of course, meets Military Grade 810.1-G Certification.

Altogether, it’s a slim but still comprehensive Samsung-saver with a slew of color options that let you show off your style. Notably, the built-in kickstand functions in both landscape and portrait mode, a feature born of Zizo’s willingness to listen to consumers and adapt their designs to fit. The Zizo Static is available from Zizo and Amazon for $12.99.



Galaxy S9 cases - MNML

Sometimes you just want a little extra protection from scratches and scuffs without adding a bunch of bulk. The MNML case fits this description perfectly, thanks to its .35mm thin profile. As you’d imagine, this isn’t going to keep you protected from major drops but this second skin does help prevent scratches and daily wear-and-tear. It’s also worth noting that the cutouts are super accurate here, so the fit is exceptionally good. 

This impossibly thin design comes in six colors: clear black, frosted white, matte black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple & Clear. There are cheaper cases out there, but at $14.99 this is far from an expensive option.

Ringke Fusion Samsung Galaxy S9 case

Galaxy s9 cases - Ringke Fusion

The Ringke Fusion is a clear case that combines a polycarbonate body and a TPU bumper, arriving in three varieties: clear, smoke black, or orchid purple. The Bixby button on the case is the only textured button, with the rest simply being layered in easy to press plastic. This case is pretty slim and light, adds very little bulk, and yet offers  a MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certification for shock protection.

It’s worth noting that the hard polycarbonate backplate is a fingerprint magnet and the cutout for the fingerprint scanner dips a little lower than we’d like, otherwise there’s little to complain about when it comes to this case. 

If you’re looking for one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can’t go wrong here, with the case priced at just $10.99.

Ringke Onyx Samsung Galaxy S9 case (bumper case)

Galaxy S9 Plus cases - Ringke Onyx

The Ringke Onyx case is easily one of the very best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases you can buy. The back of the case has a dual-textured designed, with a brushed metal look and a grippy top and bottom. The lip on the top and bottom of the case overhang to help protect the phone in a face-first fall. The back of the phone has great precision cutouts for the camera, fingerprint sensor, and flash.

The cutouts and the button covers are not perfect. The buttons are a little on the squishy side. We wanted more responsiveness from the buttons on cases.  The case could also be a bit grippier. Still if you can look past a few faults and want a solid bumper case, we highly recommend considering this Samsung Galaxy S9 case. 

Samsung Hyperknit case (slim shell cases)

Galaxy S9 cases - Hyperknit

In addition to making a great phone, Samsung’s got some great cases for it too. Among its unique designs is the Hyperknit Galaxy S9 case. This type of woven cloth is usually reserved for gym shoes. It turns out it makes a great case material too. This case feels great, is comfortable to hold, and will keep your phone safe from slips and falls.

It is a little hard to keep clean because of the design, but this is still one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases you can buy.

Samsung Alcantra case (slim shell cases)

Best Galaxy S9 cases - Samsung Alcantra case

Another official Samsung Galaxy S9 case, this time made with Alcantra. As such, it’s largely the same the hyperknit case. The cutouts are precise, with the camera, fingerprint sensor, and flash all getting their own ports. The case is a great fit, as one would expect from an OEM case. The buttons work very well with great responsiveness. But the story here is in the material.

Alcantara is the super soft, great-feeling material made famous in the tech sector by Surface keyboards. It’s like feather-soft fabric is stretched over the case. You will spend time petting your phone, even if it’s unconsciously while waiting in line. That luxury comes at a price of nearly $50, which is pretty high.

SkinIt Lite (slim shell cases)

Best Galaxy S9 cases - Skinit Lite

Looking for something you can customize? The Skinit Lite case lets you upload a photo directly from its website, letting you make the phone stand out in way that fits with your personality.  Overall, this is a great case but it is a fingerprint magnet. If you tend to remove your cases often, you’ll also find this one is a little hard to take off.

At $35, this is a pretty good deal when you consider all the customization options in play. 

Ringke Wave (rugged)

Best Galaxy S9 cases - Ringke Wave

The Ringke wave case is a great combination of protection and style. As the name suggests, the back plate sports a wave design, which is pretty and functional. An inner layer of TPU cushions the phone, while the outer hard shell really protects it. The dual layer protection should keep this thing safe from drops and scuffs, yet at the same time it’s not ultra-bulky.

The combination of form and function is perfect here. Overall it’s one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases we had the opportunity to review. At $14.99 it’s also pretty affordable.


Tudia Merge case (rugged)

Best Galaxy S9 cases - Tudia Merge

This Samsung Galaxy S9 case merges a TPU inner layer and a hard outer shell. The Tudia Merge offers a good balance between protection and bulk. This case’s hard back covers most of the back, with only the top and bottom sporting the softer TPU material. The merge itself has a nice grippy finish on the back and sides which makes it easier to hold and like prone to slips and falls. The backplate also unfortunately picks up oils from the skin and can get smudgy. With the silver finish on our review unit, we didn’t notice it that much, but it’s there if you look closely.

Overall, the Tudia Merge is the safer choice between it and the Wave. It’s simply a little more “standard”. It’s also less expensive at just $13. 

CoverOn SecureCard case (wallet case)

Best Galaxy S9 cases - CoverOn SecureCard

This was our favorite Samsung Galaxy S9 case. This wallet case has a nice brushed metal design on the back and sports a card holder. You can get two cards in there, which makes it good for replacing your wallet. The case is dual layered TPU and polycarbonate for great impact and shock absorbance. The buttons are nice and responsive and the cutouts on the back have enough bezel to not interfere with the camera and fingerprint sensor.

It’s very bulky, mostly because of the card holder on the back. It adds a certain amount of heft to the phone while other wallet cases do not. The card slot door also acts as a kickstand for hands free media viewing – which is a nice extra. At just $10, it’s also super affordable. 

Kerf case (Spalted Maple)

Best Galaxy S9 cases - Kerf Spalted Maple

Looking for something different? This Samsung Galaxy S9 case is hand made from wood. There’s just something attractive about a phone can be repaired with a belt sander if it gets dinged. It is also a beautiful case. If you’re not sure what Spalted Maple is, this web page has a good description. Basically it’s a coloration that happens when a certain fungus inhabits wood. It’s gorgeous, but very expensive case at around $100. 

Still, if you want something that stands out and feels great, this is one of the best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases you can buy. 

That’s it for our best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases roundup. Any great cases you’d like us to check out? Let us know down in the comments.

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