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Samsung’s premium Galaxy S21 Ultra offers plenty of features that make it an adventurer’s dream. The powerful camera and impressive internals are just a few of the highlights. However, you’ll want to protect your new $1,200 device as long as possible. If you’re gearing up to explore, check out these picks for the best Galaxy S21 Ultra rugged cases.

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The best Galaxy S21 Ultra rugged cases:

Editor’s note: We’ll be sure to add to this list of the best Galaxy S21 Ultra rugged cases if new options launch.

Spigen Tough Armor

rugged galaxy s21 ultra spigen tough armor

You probably expected Spigen to make an appearance on our list, and the Tough Armor offers pretty much everything you could ask for. It’s a tough, two-piece hybrid case with a soft TPU bumper on the inside. Spigen’s polycarbonate exoskeleton keeps the Galaxy S21 Ultra safe from scratches, and you can choose from black or Gunmetal finishes. A sturdy kickstand helps to tie the whole case together, and you can tap into your favorite shows both vertically and horizontally.

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UAG Monarch

rugged sgs21u uag monarch

The UAG Monarch is another popular pick on many of our lists, and for good reason. Almost all of UAG’s cases are MIL-STD 810G certified, which means they can handle more than a few drops. The Monarch is one of the most durable options around, and it protects your Galaxy S21 Ultra with heavily reinforced TPU corners. UAG’s case actually includes five layers of protection, and the internal honeycomb structure helps to absorb the toughest of impacts.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra rugged case

galaxy s21 ultra rugged

Most of our preferred rugged Galaxy S21 Ultra cases come from third-party sources, but Samsung is no slouch. Its very own rugged cover is impressive in its own right, with raised ridges and textured side rails to boost your grip. You can choose from either black or silver and the back panel doubles as a handy kickstand for hands-free bingeing. The Samsung rugged cover also covers most of the camera unit for some extra protection.

Otterbox Defender Galaxy S21 Ultra rugged case

rugged sgs21u otterbox defender

Otterbox has been around for as long as phones have needed rugged cases, and the Defender line is as good as it gets. While you might struggle to fit the heavy-duty protection into your pocket, Otterbox includes a handy belt holster with each case to make things easy. The Defender is primarily available in matte black, though you can choose the Varsity Blues finish if you prefer a pop of navy and green color.

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Supcase UB Pro

rugged sgs21u supcase ub pro

One more rugged Galaxy S21 Ultra case for you to consider comes to us by way of Supcase. The UB Pro is the company’s flagship offering, and it doesn’t skip on any of the details. While you won’t find a built-in screen protector like some models, the UB Pro still employs hybrid protection for drops and scratches. You’ll lock your phone in place with the tough polycarbonate ring, and an internal TPU bumper helps to complete the setup. Finally, Supcase’s UB Pro comes with a kickstand in the back panel.

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