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The Galaxy Note 4 and every Galaxy Note before it has always had a huge support when it came to accessories. With so many to choose from it can be a little bit confusing and difficult to decide so we’re here to round up some of the best cases and accessories that you can get for your shiny Galaxy Note 4. Check them out below!

Spigen Tough Armor for Galaxy Note 4

As the name suggest the tough armor series is meant to protect and if protection is what you’re looking for then protection is what you’re going to get. The tough armor case is dual layer design consisting of a hard plastic outer shell and an inner layer made of TPU for extra protection. The corners of the case also features Spigen’s air cushion technology to help with shock absorption. The case is nice and thick but not overly so keeping the Note 4 to a manageable size. It also features an integrated kickstand which makes it great for consuming media but the stand itself feels quite flimsy making me question it’s durability. The rest of the case is very well constructed and fits the Note 4 perfectly. All the cutouts are nice and spacious and line up with extreme precision. The front lip is also very meaty giving you plenty of protection for the screen especially if you like to lay your phone face down. All in all this is solid case that will offer plenty of protection from a variety of different drops. Available colors include satin silver, metal slate, and electic red.

Spigen Strong Flex Ultra Capsule for Galaxy Note 4

The Strong Flex Ultra Capsule is similar to the tough armor minus the hard plastic shell. Because of this the case is much slimmer preventing the Note 4 from feeling bulky but you’re still going to get plenty of drop protection from the high quality TPU. The case is very easy to install slipping onto the phone in just a matter of seconds. Once it’s installed it feels great in the hand and the textured back provides plenty of grip giving you confidence that the Note 4 isn’t going to fall out of your hands. Cutouts and fitment is perfect but the best thing about this case is the attention to detail. Even though the case covers up the beautiful chamfered edges of the Note 4 Spigen did a great job of emulating those chamfers through the design of the case. This is one of the better cases to get if you want average drop protection while maintaining a slim and form-fitting design to preserve the shape of the Note 4. Available colors include metal slate, gray, clear, gunmetal, sherbert pink, and mint.

Spigen Fit Series Thin Fit for Galaxy Note 4

If you’re not too concerned about protection but you still want a little something to help from the occasional drop then this case serves exactly that purpose. It’s a thin case as the name suggest and like most thin cases it’s made from a single piece of polycarbonate that wraps around the sides keeping the top and bottom completely exposed. The best part about this particular style of case is that it adds very little bulk and doesn’t hide the design of your phone. The drawback is obviously the lack of protection especially on the top and bottom. Like many other cases from Spigen, the fitment and cutouts are perfect and the case doesn’t give off any creaking noises like you might find with cheaper alternatives. The case is coated in a soft touch finish for added grip and while this isn’t the most protective case in the world, holding onto your Note 4 with this case on shouldn’t be an issue. Available colors include black, white and mint.

i-Blason Armorbox for Galaxy Note 4

The Armoxbox case from i-Blason is another great option if you’re seeking maximum protection and you’re not too concerned hiding the design of your Note 4. The Armorbox case is a very thick case made of two separate layers. The outer layer is a hard plastic shell with TPU on the sides and the inner layer is a plastic frame with a built in screen protector providing for a full 360 degrees worth of protection. The case takes a little bit of time to install but it fits well with very precise cutouts for easy access to all the ports. It even features flaps for the 3.5 mm headset jack and micro USB to protect from dust and debris. The only problem I’ve had with this case is the coverings on the power and volume keys. They’re very easy to find by feel but they’re quite stiff and don’t provide a whole lot of travel or feedback. Otherwise the case is built like a tank and should provide for some of the best drop protection around if you don’t mind the added bulk. Available colors include black, blue, pink, green, and white.

Otterbox Commuter for Galaxy Note 4

The commuter series from Otterbox is another style of case that puts protection at the forefront but it still manages to be very stylish in appearance. It’s a two piece design with a plastic outer shell and a TPU layer on the inside for shock absorption. The case also comes with a screen protector that you can install separately if you want. The commuter does add quite a bit of heft but not so much that the Note 4 feels unwieldy. Cutouts are large and precise and like the Armorbox from i-Blason the commuter also features flaps for the 3.5 mm headset jack and micro USB. The coverings on the power and volume keys are soft, tactile, and responsive and the ridges on the sides of the case provide plenty of grip. This is a great case to go for if you want above average protection but still add a little bit of style to your Note 4. Available colors include white, black, aqua blue, ink blue, and pink.

Samsung Protective Cover for Galaxy Note 4

If you’re looking for something official from Samsung then the protective cover is worth a look. It’s a slim and lightweight case but it’s also very protective at the same time. It’s a single piece design with a hard plastic back and a soft grippy TPU on the sides to provide shock absorption against those corner drops. There’s also a nicely sized lip on the front to protect the screen from drops or just simply laying your phone face down. Since this is an official case from Samsung you won’t run into any problems with fitment or cutouts and it just feels great in the hand. The case is very snug to the Note 4 and the coverings on the power and volume keys have a very satisfying amount of travel and feedback. The case is sleek, stylish and protective and is certainly one of the few cases that does a great job at finding a middle ground between protection and style. Available colors include gray and blue.

Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Galaxy Note 4

Our final case is another official accessory from Samsung and if you love flip style cases this is probably the best one you can get for the Note 4. It’s very well designed and the faux leather material gives it a luxurious feel in the hand. The nice thing about this case is that it doesn’t pad on too much extra thickness to the Note 4 especially since you have to remove the stock battery cover in order to install it. On top of giving the Note 4 a very sleek and stylish appearance the flip cover brings a lot of additional functionality through the square window on the front. You can view weather information, messages, access the camera and flash, respond to incoming calls, and much more. All without having to open up the cover. As far as protection goes this case should protect against minor drops but don’t expect anything more especially with the sides of the phone being completely exposed. Available colors include black, white, mint, and pink.

And that concludes our list of cases and accessories for the Note 4. Which one is your favorite? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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