Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus face down 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus already has a large 4,300mAh battery, but what if you need even more power? Carrying a portable battery around can be a pain, and it doesn’t offer your phone any protection. If you want better protection and longer battery life, here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus battery cases to get.

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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus battery cases:

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list as more Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus battery cases are released.

Zerolemon 10,000mAh case

zerolemon 10000mah note 10 plus

If you want to maximize your battery and you’re not too worried about bulk, the 10,000mAh Zerolemon is tough to top. It has the largest capacity on the list, but you’ll definitely notice the added size and weight on the back of your Note 10 Plus. Your phone will still fast charge when plugged into an outlet, but the Zerolemon doesn’t fast charge wirelessly for the safety of your battery.

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Zerolemon 5,000mAh case

zerolemon 5000mah note 10 plus

Most people won’t need a 10,000mAh case, which is why Zerolemon has packed all of the helpful features into a slimmer 5,000mAh option. You can still wirelessly charge with the case and it offers a degree of protection, but the 5,000mAh model isn’t nearly as bulky as its larger sibling. Better yet, both storage sizes support Android Auto and Samsung DeX.

Beseller 6,000mAh case

beseller 6000mah note 10 plus

The Beseller case has a larger capacity than the Zerolemon but doesn’t add much extra bulk. It’s made of TPU and ABS for solid protection and a comfortable grip. You can turn the case on or off easily with the button on the back and check the case status with four LED indicators.

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Newdery 10,000mAh case

note 10 plus newdery case

The Newdery case matches the Zerolemon in terms of capacity and keeps the LED indicators as well. It also places an emphasis on the safety of your battery with overheating and short-circuit protection. Luckily, the Newdery case supports Android Auto and NFC, as well as speedy 18W fast charging when you need to re-energize the case.

GDPower 6,000mAh case

gdpower 6000mah note 10 plus case

The GDPower is a solid pick if you don’t rely on a wireless charging pad overnight, as it only supports wired charging. It matches the 6,000mAh capacity and LED indicator design of the last two options, but it doesn’t support Android Auto or USB-C port headphones.

That just about does it for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus battery cases. If you’ve come this far and realized that you don’t need the extra charging power, here are some other great cases to consider: