The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is arguably one of the best and most well designed phones that Samsung has ever made and with the new metal frame creating for an improved build quality you’re most likely going to want to protect your investment. With that being said we’ve rounded up some of the best cases and accessories that you can get for your Samsung Galaxy Alpha below!

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Galaxy Alpha Case

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case is a slim profile case and one of the more popular line of cases from Spigen. This case is comprised of a solid clear plastic back and tpu on the sides. You’ll get a good amount of protection from all corners and sides without making the phone bulky and with the clear back you can still show off the design of the phone. There are no issues with any of the cutouts and the volume rocker and power button are very responsive and clicky even though they are covered. If you’re worried about the clear plastic back getting scratched up from sitting on a table Spigen has put tiny rubber feet on each corner to keep it elevated and there’s also a nicely sized lip on the front if you want to put your phone face down. It’s a very sleek and stylish case the quality and fitment is perfect just as you would expect from a company like Spigen. Available colors include soft clear, gunmetal, and mint.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Galaxy Alpha Case

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is another sleek and stylish case from Spigen that will give you great protection while keeping your phone slim. It’s very similar in size and shape to the Ultra Hybrid series but the Neo Hybrid features a two piece design. There’s a main TPU layer for shock absorption and a polycarbonate frame with metallic buttons that wraps around the perimeter. The polycarbonate frame makes this case stand out and they’re interchangeable if you want to switch up colors. Fitment is perfect, cutouts are precise, and the metallic buttons are a nice aesthetic touch with a very satisfying click. The case not only looks great but feels great in the hand and the textured tpu back gives the case plenty of grip. Available colors include gunmetal, champagne gold, electric blue, and satin silver.

Terrapin TPU Gel Case

This simple and inexpensive TPU case is a very slim profile case that will provide you with 360 degrees worth of protection without turning your phone into a brick.  The Galaxy Alpha still feels very sleek and slim in the hand with this case on and the fitment is perfect. All the ports and peripherals like the headphone jack, micro usb, microphone holes, camera and speaker have precise cutouts. The volume rocker and power button however are covered but they’re still very easy to press with great feedback. The case also features a slight lip for those of you who like to lay your phone face down. If you want a decent amount of protection for your phone without adding much thickness this is the perfect solution and it comes in at a very attractive price. Available colors include clear and smoke black.

Shocksock Galaxy Alpha Armband

If you’re into fitness and like using your phone for music or tracking exercise the shocksock is a great accessory to have. The shocksock is an armband that allows you to to strap your phone to your arm so it’s out of the way when you’re working out but still easy to reach when you need it. The phone slips easily into the band and you have full access to the touch screen although the clear layer doesn’t sit very flush to the screen so interacting with the touch screen can be a little difficult. The arm band is elastic with velcros and two sizing slots built in to fit a variety of arm sizes. The materials used for the band are also very soft making it extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Caseformers Duo Armor Galaxy Alpha Case

The Caseformers Duo Armor case is a dual layer case with a soft tpu inner layer and a hard outer shell providing for plenty of shock absorption. The case also comes with an optional belt clip if you’re into that sort of thing and a kickstand on the hard outer shell which makes it great for consuming media. This case is surprising a lot thinner than I expected for having a built in kickstand and feels very comfortable in the hand. Fitment is great and all the cutouts line up perfectly. The coverings for the power and volume rocker are very soft, easy to press, and provide very satisfying feedback. If you like cases with belt clips and kickstands this is a solid case for a very affordable price. Available colors include black, blue, green, hot pink, purple, red, and white.

Red Shield Flip Wallet Galaxy Alpha Case

If you’re looking for a case to combine your phone and wallet into one the Red Shield Flip Wallet case is one to consider. This case not only minimizes what you have to carry in your pocket every day but also provides 360 degrees worth of protection. The wallet itself is made of a faux leather material with stitching around the perimeter that gives off a high quality feel, and when the front cover is closed the screen of the phone is protected. There’s also a magnetic flap to keep it all together. Inside you’ll find card slots and a pocket for money. There’s also a tpu case attached to the inside for holding your Galaxy Alpha in place and offering additional protection. The case fits well and has precise cutouts. The coverings on the volume and power keys are also easy to press but the feedback is quite shallow and not as satisfying as I would like. All in all it’s a very nice wallet case that looks classy and  feels very high quality despite being very inexpensive.

Mr. Shield Screen Protectors

The Mr. Shield screen protectors provide great protection for your screen without sacrificing screen clarity. The 4H hardness will also make it resistant to scuffs and scratches. Each pack of screen protectors come with the screen protectors, dust removal stickers, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth. If installed correctly the screen protector fits perfectly and is practically invisible and installation should take no more than 5 minutes. While it’s not glass it still feels pretty smooth and silky to the touch and does a great job of detracting fingerprints. The Mr. Shield screen protectors come in a 3 or 5 pack and are available in either premium clear or anti-glare.

How are you protecting you Samsung Galaxy Alpha? Let us know your favorite cases in the comments below.

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