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Google Pixel 3a XL showing front bezels and camera

It’s unusual for Google to release new phones in the first half of the year, but that’s exactly what happened at Google I/O 2019 with the Pixel 3a and the Pixel 3a XL. Anyone looking for a flagship camera experience for a relatively affordable price has to look no further than the new Pixel 3a series. Affordable or not, keeping your new phone protected is always important. Here are the best Pixel 3a XL cases and covers that are currently available!

Best Google Pixel 3a XL cases:

Editor’s Note: We will continue to update this list of the best Pixel 3a XL cases as more become available.

1. Spigen Liquid Crystal

spigen liquid crystal transparent case for the pixel 3a xl

The Spigen Liquid Crystal Pixel 3a XL case offers decent protection, despite how slim it is. It is made with a flexible TPU that makes the case easy to install. The buttons are covered and precise cutouts are available for accessing other ports and features. The case is also transparent, allowing you to show off the design of the phone.

2. Pixel 3a XL MNML Case

If you like thin cases then you should consider the MNML Case for the Pixel 3a XL. As the name suggests the case is as minimal as it gets, zero branding and ultra thin at just 0.35mm thin. This case is perfect for those of you that are looking to keep the look of your phone and add no bulk.

The case comes in 5 different colors, including frosted black, frosted white, matte black, really blue, and red, and is on sale for $27. Get 15% off with code: 15PX3 only at

3. Spigen Rugged Armor

best pixel 3a xl cases spigen rugged armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor is one of the best Pixel 3a XL cases you can buy. It offers excellent protection without adding too much bulk or thickness by utilizing air cushion technology and a spider-web pattern on the inside for shock dispersion. A raised lip keeps the display, camera, and fingerprint scanner safe and the buttons are also covered.

4. ESR TPU case w/ metal kickstand

esr tpu case with metal kickstand for the pixel 3a xl

If you’re looking for a case that isn’t too bulky but still offers the added convenience of a built-in kickstand, this ESR case is for you. It’s made with a flexible TPU with reinforced corners and a raised lip. The metal kickstand is sturdy and lets you prop up the phone in both landscape and portrait orientations and also allows you to change the viewing angle.

5. Olixar wallet

olixar pixel 3a xl leather wallet

The Olixar wallet for the Pixel 3a XL is made with a premium faux leather. A magnetic clasp holds the folio cover in place and a cutout lets you talk on the phone without opening it. The cover can also be folded and used as a kickstand. The Olixar wallet comes with two slots for credit cards and ID.

6. Encased Duraclip with holster

best pixel 3a xl cases encased duraclip with belt clip and holster

Belt clip holsters are usually available with rugged cases. If you’re looking for this convenient accessory but with a thin case, the Encased Duraclip is for you. It has a patterned back and rubberized finish that adds to the grip. The holster holds the phone securely in place and you can rotate it. The case also comes with a built-in kickstand that lets you prop the phone up in both orientations.

7. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

supcase unicorn beetle pro rugged pixel 3a xl case

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a popular option for those looking for rugged cases. The multi-layered TPU and polycarbonate case does a great job of keeping the phone safe from accidental bumps and drops. The built-in kickstand lets you prop the phone up in both portrait and landscape, and it also comes with a detachable belt clip holster.

8. Poetic Guardian

poetic guardian pixel 3a xl case

If you’re looking for complete protection for your Pixel 3a XL, it doesn’t get much better than the Poetic Guardian. It comes with an anti-scratch polycarbonate backplate, reinforced corners, and covered ports and buttons. A raised lip and a screen protector that is built into the front plate keep the display safe as well.

9. Otterbox Defender

otterbox defender pixel 3a xl case

Otterbox is often the go-to for those looking for rugged cases. The Defender case includes a solid outer shell, along with an inner softer lining that’s designed to keep the phone safe from falls. It also comes with a belt clip holster that doubles as a kickstand. It’s one of the expensive cases on this list, but is worth it if you want to keep the phone completely safe.

10. Google fabric cases

official google pixel 3a xl fabric case

The fabric case that Google first introduced with the Pixel 2 series is now also available for the Pixel 3a XL. A hard shell case is covered with a fabric that feels great and provides a lot of grip. The inside is also lined with a soft microfiber for extra protection. The case is compatible with the Active Edge feature of the phone.

There you have it for this roundup of some of the best Google Pixel 3a XL cases you can buy!

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