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Best OnePlus 5T cases

You can keep your smartphone safe and secure by buying one of these OnePlus 5T cases, and these are the best you can buy right now.
April 11, 2018

The OnePlus 5T doesn’t cost as much as the Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V30, and a few other flagships, but it’s still expensive. The 64 GB version retails for $499, while the 128 GB model will set you back $559. I’m sure you take great care of your OnePlus 5T. But accidents do happen, so it makes sense to spend a few extra bucks to get a case that will protect your expensive handset. We’ve compiled a list of the best OnePlus 5T cases, which range from around $4 to $27 — check it out below.

Karbon Bumper Case

OnePlus 5T cases

This is an original case for the 5T, which means it’s manufactured and sold by OnePlus. It’s made from TPU and Kevlar, and has a gorgeous design with a carbon fiber pattern.

The case features a raised lip that keeps the display elevated on flat surfaces and has cutouts for the camera, fingerprint scanner, charging port, and so forth. You can currently get it from OnePlus for $26.95.

Sandstone Protective Case

Sandstone oneplus 5t Protective Case

The Sandstone case not only looks gorgeous but also adds a lot of grip. It has the popular sandpaper-like texture found on the company’s first smartphone, the OnePlus One.

It offers less protection than the bumper case described above, as it doesn’t cover the entire frame. But it is thin, so it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the device. The case has raised edges that offer added drop protection for the camera and screen, and will set you back $17.95.

Silicone OnePlus 5T Protective Case

Silicone OnePlus 5T Protective Case

This case features three layers of impact protection and adds a lot of grip, making sure the device won’t slip from your hand. It’s made from silicon and has a soft microfiber lining.

The case sports a raised lip to protect the display, is easy to put on and take off due to the flexibility of the material, and comes in two color options: red and black. It won’t break the bank, as you can get if for $17.95 from the company’s website.

TopACE case

TopACE case

TopACE’s case is one of the most stunning OnePlus 5T cases. I mean, just look at it. It’s made from TPU and has what appears to be leather (or PU leather) on the back.

It perfectly wraps around the edges of the device, offering great protection in case you drop it on the ground by accident. The case is flexible and has a raised front lip to keep the display elevated on flat surfaces. It comes in black and only costs $8.99 — get it via the button below.

KuGi SS Case

KuGi SS Case

The OnePlus 5T case from KuGi is similar to TopACE’s described above. It’s made from TPU and features a leather-like back.

It looks stylish and has a slim design, meaning it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the phablet. The case is flexible, designed for impact, and sports all the necessary cutouts. It’s easy to slip on and off and is available in four colors: black, navy, red, and gray. The black variant retails for $4, while the other three color options will set you back $5.95.

These are some of the best OnePlus 5T cases that will protect your phone from bumps and bruises, although we’re sure there are a lot of other excellent options available out there.

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