Though the OnePlus 3T may be an affordable gadget, we all know the Chinese startup is not one to skimp out on anything. Their phones offer top quality experiences for prices that simply can’t be beat, even if it is no longer the latest OnePlus flagship.

The OnePlus 3T happens to have a gorgeous unimetal design that competes with the best in the industry. You don’t want to see this investment damaged, right?

The best way to keep your phone protected from scratches, dents and the usual dangers of life is buying a good case. But we do know there is a sea of options out there. Which is the right one for you? We have curated a list of our very favorite OnePlus 3T cases. These are varied and each offer their own benefits, so let’s see which one better suits your needs.

OnePlus Sandstone Cover

OnePlus’ sandstone texture has become iconic within their smartphone design portfolio. You can recognize a OnePlus sandstone cover from meters away, but that is not the only benefit. Its texture offers a comfortable grip, as well as great looks.

The Chinese startup opted for a metal design with the OnePlus 3T, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up on sandstone. They are also offering their own cases, among which there is a sandstone option. It costs $19.95 and you can get it straight from the company’s website or

RhinoShield Bumper

I recommend bumper cases to anyone who wants to keep a phone safe without sacrificing on design or thickness. These protect the edges of the phone while creating a space between the front/back and whatever flat surfaces these may go against.

At $22.99, this RhinoShield bumper case is not too cheap, but is still a good investment, especially for those who value the device’s thin profile and good aesthetics.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Bumper cases are nice, but there’s no denying they are not always the best way to protect your smartphone. After all, a bumper alone leaves pretty much the whole front and back open to the elements. The lips may protect it from flat surfaces, but you will not have much luck with uneven planes.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case finds a good balance between protection and the benefits of a good bumper cover. This option offers a clear TPU bumper, along with a PC clear case along the back of the device. We also believe it is very reasonably priced at only $12.99.

Orzly Fusion Bumper Case

Orzly takes the bumper case concept to another level. This one offers much more protection by featuring a dual-material design that strengthens the bumper case. In addition, there is a clear protective cover guarding the back of the smartphone.

Of course, the bumper does offer a raised lip for front protection against flat surfaces. And this case happens to be a great idea at only $9.99.

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

This one is a bit of an odd ball, as it dumps yet another factor to the combo. It is a regular case, bumper case and even touts a dual-layer design of sorts. This is looking like a great option among the thinner cases in this list, as it manages to offer great protection, keep the phone thin and happens to look great.

The TPU shell offers a patterned design that will make your device much less slippery, creating a more comfortable grip. All while the polycarbonate bumper creates a stronger frame for drops. It even has metalized buttons that should create a much better feedback and overall improved experience.

Tudia Ultra Slim Merge

The dual-layer construction is a proven method, and Tudia brings this level of protection at a good price. Including materials like TPU and rubber, this is a good option considering the $11.90 price point. There’s multiple color options and the product stays true to its name, adding very little weight and girth to your super thin smartphone.

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Want something with a bit more of a punch? This one can take a few hits. The Spigen armor case features a rugged design that also happens to look nice and doesn’t add too much bulk.

It is made of TPU and features “air cushion technology” for shock absorption. The protective cover will cost $12.99, so it also happens to be a pretty good deal.

Poetic Revolution Series Hybrid Case

Poetic continues making great cases for all types of phones, and their Revolution series promises a rugged protection that should keep your phone safe at all times. This is a hard case to break, built with a dual-layer design consisting of TPU and polycarbonate materials.

In addition, it comes with a front cover, which ensures water resistance. You don’t need to worry about getting it wet! All of this for $19.95. Not bad, right?

OEAGO Tough Rugged Dual Layer Protective Case with Kickstand

This OEAGO case offers multiple advantages over the competition. For starters, it is a steal at only $6.69. You can’t get much cheaper than that for a case like this one!

Want to hear the best part? It has an integrated kickstand for enjoying media, as well as a dual-layer design consisting of TPU and a hard plastic shell. It offers both peace of mind and entertainment.

There you have it, guys! Those are our favorite OnePlus 3T cases around. Do you have any others you can recommend? Hit the comments to help your fellow OnePlus 3T users!

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