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The best official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases you can buy

Why turn to a third-party case when Samsung has plenty of premium options?
July 17, 2021
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen straight on close 2
David Imel / Android Authority
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the culmination of years of hard work. Every last inch has been upgraded, from the camera array to the S Pen. It’s so refined, in fact, that you may not even want to add a bulky third-party case for protection. Why not turn to Samsung itself for protection? Here are the best official Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases you can get.

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The best official Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cases:

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best official cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as more are released.

Silicone cover

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra silicone cover

If you want to keep things simple, it’s tough to top the official Samsung silicone cover. It’s less than 2mm thick yet withstands minor shocks and bumps. While the silicone cover may not be the most durable option on the market, the grippy silicone ensures that it shouldn’t go sliding off a table or any other surface. You can grab the Samsung silicone cover in black, pink, and white, to name a few.

S-View flip

sgn20u sview flip

Samsung’s S-View flip cover kicks things up a notch in terms of protection. You’ll have full 360-degree coverage thanks to the flip cover, though you can still see notifications through the transparent strip down the side. The S-View flip case even displays who’s calling, so you don’t have to open the cover to answer a call. It’s easy to snap your phone into the stiff frame, and the case is available in various colors, including white and pink.

Clear cover

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra clear cover

This clear cover for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra takes after the silicone cover in that it adds minimal bulk and a decent amount of protection. It’s not quite as tactile as its silicone sibling, but the plastic construction should stand up to daily scrapes and scratches a bit better.

Clear with kickstand

sgn20u clear cover kickstand

If you find yourself drawn to the style of the clear cover but you want a bit more functionality, Samsung also has an official Note 20 Ultra case with a kickstand. It’s made of a similar TPU material, but the folding metal kickstand means you can stream your shows or play mobile games hands-free. Even better, you can still show off the design of your phone other than what’s covered by the kickstand.

Rugged official Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case

samsung galaxy note 20 ultra rugged

The ridges that run the length of Samsung’s rugged case are one of the most identifiable features around. One look and you know that it’s the toughest option that the OEM offers. Better yet, the built-in kickstand on the back panel positions to either 45 or 60 degrees for a perfect streaming experience. The tactile side rails should help you to maintain a strong grip on your phone even if the back panel can get a bit slick.

Kvadrat official Galaxy Note 20 Ultra case

sgn20u kvadrat

Thanks to the textile cover, Samsung’s official Kvadrat case for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra may be the most comfortable option on the list. It’s made entirely of recycled bottles and comes in red or gray finishes. Like many other cases, the Kvadrat case emphasizes protection without adding much bulk, relying on a TPU frame for drop protection.

LED flip wallet

sgn20u led cover

The last pick on today’s list is a combination between the S-View flip cover and a wallet case. It relies on an LED matrix on the front flip cover to show you notifications and display the current time. You can also stash a credit card or ID in the slot inside the cover for safekeeping. Unfortunately, the cover doesn’t double as a folding kickstand, though an antimicrobial coating should help to keep germs at bay.