If you’re looking for some cases to protect your shiny new Nexus 6 we’ve gone ahead and rounded up a few that we think are the best options out there for protecting your Nexus 6! Check them out down below!

Casemate Naked tough Case

We’re going to kick this list off with the two official cases for the Nexus 6 starting with the Naked tough case by Casemate. This case features a dual-layered design with a TPU bumper to protect those corners and sides and a plastic outer shell for extra reinforcement. As the name suggest this case is going to provide protection while still allowing you to show off the aesthetics of the Nexus 6 due to it’s clear design. It’s a slim and lightweight style case so it’s not the most protective case in the world but it should hold up just fine against the average drop. The case fits well and doesn’t add much to the Nexus 6 at all and all the openings for the camera and ports are very precisely cut. The metallic buttons for the power and volume keys mimic the real buttons for the Nexus 6 so you still get that ridged power button which is a really nice touch and they’re also very responsive and tactile. Another great feature on this case is the built in kickstand which is awesome for watching Youtube and movies. However, I did notice that the stand felt a little bit flimsy which can be concerning as to how well it’s going to hold up over time. Another thing that I will say with this case is how much dust and lint can get inside of it due to the large opening on the back for the camera and motorola logo and since this case is clear you’re going to notice it very easily. Directly from Google Play this case is pretty expensive coming in at 35 dollars so my recommendation is to go through Amazon where it’s going to cost you half that price.

Casemate Stand Folio

The second official case for the Nexus 6 is the Stand Folio case and this one is also by Casemate. This is a wallet style case for combining both your phone and wallet into one. There’s a hard plastic shell on the inside to hold and protect your phone and the cover is made of a faux leather material to give it that wallet like feel. The case fits well with openings for the front facing speakers and camera but nothing for the Motorola logo. The top and bottom are completely exposed so you should not have any problems fitting larger micro USB cables or headphone jacks but keep in mind there’s not a whole lot of protection in these areas. Just like the naked tough case the power and volumes keys mimic the real keys of the Nexus 6 with a metallic look and a ridged power button. The case also features sleep to wake functionality built into the cover and there are two slots on the inside to hold two credit cards, IDs, or whatever else you want to put in there. Just don’t get too carried away because the cover is not going to close all that well if you pack way too many cards inside and even having just a minimum of two cards will prevent sleep to wake from functioning. The cover can also be used to prop up the Nexus 6 for viewing media and it seems to hold itself up well despite not having anything to lock it in place. The case overall is pretty solid but the build quality is a little bit questionable as the gray lining on the inside separated almost immediately when I started using it. Again, just like the naked tough case the stand folio is very pricey at 40 dollars through Google play. It is cheaper at 30 dollars on Amazon but even at that price it’s still pretty expensive.

Spigen Neo Hybrid

The next few cases are made by Spigen, starting with the ever so popular and very stylish looking Neo Hybrid. As with most hybrid cases the Neo Hybrid features two materials that make up the case: A TPU housing for shock absorption and a plastic frame to give the case some extra flair and more protection on the corners and sides. The frame comes in several different colors but the one that I have is champagne gold. The case is very slim and form fitting and not only does it look good but it shows off the natural curves of the Nexus 6 very well making it one of my favorite cases at least when it comes to aesthetics. The cutouts for the camera, Motorola logo, 3.5 mm headset jack and micro USB port are all very precise as you would expect from a company like Spigen but what I really love is the metallic power and volume buttons. They look good and are very tactile and easy to press and I like how Spigen chose to give the volume key a different look by separating them into two buttons. In the hand the case feels fantastic with the frame providing plenty of rigidity and the TPU on the backsides helps out with the grip. For a price of 20 dollars or less depending on color this is one of the most well rounded cases you can buy for the Nexus 6. Available colors include champagne gold, dante red, gunmetal, and satin silver.

Spigen Slim Armor

A case that Spigen offers that is very similar to the Neo Hybrid is the Slim Armor case but instead of a plastic frame wrapping around the sides of the TPU housing you have a plastic shell that wraps around the entire back of the device. Also like the Neo Hybrid the shell on the Slim Armor comes in a few different colors but unlike the Neo Hybrid the Slim Armor features a built in kickstand. It’s not the sturdiest of kickstands and it can feel rather flimsy but it props up the Nexus 6 without much of a problem. In the hand the Slim Armor feels practically identical to the Neo Hybrid in terms of overall size and weight but the back is slightly thicker and you can definitely notice that by how recessed the camera and Motorola logo are. The coverings for the power and volume buttons are flat but they’re clearly labeled and very easy to press with a very satisfying click. All in all it’s another solid option from Spigen that’s very good looking and sturdy and for less than 20 dollars it’s very affordable. Available colors include metal slate, satin silver, and shimmery white.

Spigen Thin Fit

If you’re not into these thicker, more protective cases Spigen does offer their Thin Fit series that isn’t going to add much of anything to your Nexus 6 at all. This case is super slim and lightweight but like all cases designed to be this thin you’re not going to get much in terms of drop protection especially along the top and bottom which are completely exposed. The plus side of it being thin is that it preserves the overall size and shape of the Nexus 6 giving it a very sleek feel in the hand. All the cutouts are perfect including the power and volume which are spacious enough that you can still easily press them with your thumb. The best part about this case is the non-slip matte coating that gives it a ton of grip. I never felt like the Nexus 6 was going to slip out of my hand and it actually makes using the Nexus 6 in one hand a lot easier because of how grippy the back is. With a price ranging between 11 to 12 dollars depending on color this case is an absolute bargain. Available colors include clear, mint, shimmery white, and smooth black.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series

Next up is the Unicorn Beetle Series by Supcase and this is another hybrid style case with TPU wrapping around the sides for shock absorption and a hard plastic shell for the back. Unlike some other hybrid style cases the two materials have been fused into a single piece. The case hugs the Nexus 6 nice and tight and provides a pretty solid amount of drop protection without adding that much extra girth to the Nexus 6. It’s not the grippiest of cases because the back is smooth plastic but the textured TPU sides still make it a heck of a lot easier to hold onto than a bare naked Nexus 6. All the cutouts are very clean and spacious and the coverings for the power and volumes keys are very meaty and tactile, even more so than the raw buttons themselves. At a current price of 13.99 on Amazon it’s pretty inexpensive and is easily one of my favorite cases as far as overall aesthetics, protection, and feel in the hand is concerned. Available colors include black/black, frost clear, clear/black, clear/blue, and clear/red.

Caseology Bumper Style Case

And finally our last case for the Nexus 6 comes from Caseology. This particular case is very similar to the Neo Hybrid from Spigen in the sense that it is a two piece design with a tpu housing and a plastic colored frame wrapping around the sides to complete the look. The unique part about this case though is the backing which comes in several different materials and colors like carbon fiber, mesh, and leather. The one that I happen to have here is the leather version in burgundy red and if you happen to have some Motomaker envy these particular cases might be the perfect solution. I can’t speak for the other materials but the leather version does provide a nice amount of grip for the back but the plastic frame is a little bit on the slippery side. You will get a very solid amount of protection with this case without making the Nexus 6 feel overly bulky and the cutouts for the camera and ports are precise but one thing to note is this case does not feature a cutout for the Motorola logo like some of the previous cases we’ve mentioned. The only drawbacks to this case that I’ve found is the coverings on the power and volume keys are a little on the mushy side when it comes to the feedback and the plastic frame doesn’t fit quite as flush to the TPU housing as I would like but otherwise this is a very decent case for the price.

But that wraps it up for our list of top cases for the Nexus 6! What do you think of this list and are you currently using some of the cases we’ve mentioned? If not, what cases are you using? Please feel free to sound off in the comments!

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