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The Moto G (2nd Gen) is one of the best budget smartphones you can buy on the market right now but even with it’s relatively low price tag many users will still want to protect their investment, or at the very least add a little bit of customization to give the Moto G some extra flair.

Since the Moto G isn’t necessarily a flagship smartphone the accessory support is very few and far between and this most likely isn’t going to change as the device ages. That said, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of the best cases and accessories for the 2014 Moto G. Check them out below!

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Shells for Moto G (2nd Gen)

The colored shells for the Moto G 2014 is an official accessory from Motorola and not only does it serve as a replacement back but it’s also a great way to personalize your Moto G without changing the overall feel of the phone or adding any bulk. Since this is an official accessory from Motorola itself there are no issues with fitment and functions just the same as the original back the Moto G ships with. While certainly no MotoMaker, Motorola has done a great job with bringing customization to the Moto G. Available colors include turquoise, lemon, cherry red, royal blue, chalk, violet, and spearmint.

Flip shells for Moto G (2nd Gen)

The flip shell cases for the Moto G 2014 is another official accessory created by Motorola to personalize your Moto G. The flip shell cases also serve as a replacement back so installation is a breeze but the big difference is the attached flip cover to help protect the screen. Sleep to wake functionality is built into the cover and this case adds virtually no bulk, keeping the look and feel of the Moto G intact. Fitment is perfect just as expected and if you’re a fan of flip cases this is the perfect choice. Available colors include, turquoise, lemon, cherry red, royal blue, chalk, violet, and licorice.

Tudia Ultra Slim Lite TPU Bumper Moto G Case

The Tudia TPU case is a slim, durable, and easy to install case for the Moto G. It provides drop protection from all corners and sides, and the case is very soft allowing for a very comfortable grip. The lip on the front creates for a lay on the table design all while protecting the screen at the same time. All of the ports are perfectly cut out and easily accessible, and the thin profile of this case helps to maintain the Moto G’s sleek design. The only problem with this case is the button coverings are a bit stiff but otherwise it fits great. Available colors include black, clear, purple, and teal.

Mpero Impact X Kickstand Moto G Case

 The Mpero Impact Kickstand case features a polycarbonate outer shell and a silicone inner layer for some ultimate protection against accidental drops and bumps. A locking kickstand is also built in which is ideal for those who love to consume media on their phones. The silicone material also helps to provide grip and increase tactile feedback. The case is bulky and the two piece design does create for a lengthier install process but that is to be expected from a case designed for maximum protection. Available colors include black, pink, blue/gray, blue/green, coral/mint, glow in the dark green, hot pink/pink, and sandstone/gray.

Mr. Shield screen protector Moto G

The Mr. Shield screen protector has a hardness of 4H and will protect the screen on the Moto G from scratches and scuffs without reducing clarity. If applied correctly, it essentially becomes invisible. I managed to install the screen protector in a matter of minutes and it lines up perfectly with cutouts in the appropriate places. The protector doesn’t feel like glass but it’s still very smooth to the touch for every day operation. Each pack of Mr. Shield screen protectors includes a total of five clear screen protectors.

What is your favorite case for the Moto G?

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