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The Huawei P30 Pro is the latest flagship smartphone from the China-based company. It’s highly powerful, and it looks great, but it’s also not cheap. You will want to protect this phone from being harmed if it falls to the ground or gets in any other accidents. Thankfully, there are plenty of Huawei P30 Pro cases already on sale.

Let’s take a look at the best Huawei P30 cases that are currently available.

Editor’s note – We will be updating this post as more Huawei P30 Pro cases are released.

Ringke Fusion Huawei P30 Pro case

Huawei P30 Pro cases - Ringke Fusion

The Ringke Fusion Huawei P30 Pro case offers a lot of protection, but the back of the case still allows you to see the color you picked for the phone. At the same time, the case offers MIL-STD 810G standards for ruggedness, with tough shock absorption in case the phone falls to the ground. Finally, the case has tailored cutouts so that the front display and the phone’s rear cameras get some extra protection against scratches. You can get the Ringke Fusion Huawei P30 Pro case on Amazon in Black and Space Blue colors for $12.99.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Huawei P30 Pro case

Huawei P30 Pro cases - Spigen Liquid Crystal


Spigen already has several Huawei P30 Pro cases to choose from, including the Liquid Crystal case. It offers a way to give phone owners solid protection from spills and falls, but in a slim design that’s completely transparent, allowing you to see all of the Huawei P30 Pro’s design. The case is made of a durable anti-slip TPU material that’s easy to install and has reinforced buttons so you can get a quick response from the phone’s controls. The Spigen Huawei P30 Pro Liquid Crystal case is available on Amazon for $11.99.

Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei P30 Pro case

Huawei P30 Pro Cases - Spigen Rugged Armor

The folks at Spigen also have the Rugged Armor Huawei P30 Pro case for people who want more protection for their phone. This is a thicker, but still flexible,  TPU case with an interior spider-web pattern designed for better shock absorption. The matte black color and design make it look like a fancy men’s business wallet as well. You can get the Spigen Rugged Armor Huawei P30 Pro case on Amazon for $12.99.

Anccer Huawei P30 Pro case

Huawei P30 Pro cases - Anccer

If you want a case that’s not rugged at all, but still looks cool and protects the phone’s back against scratches, check out the Anccer Huawei P30 Pro case. It’s lightweight and it’s only 0.03 inches thick, but its hard shell case will still keep the phone safe from getting hurt in the back. It also has raised lips for protecting the rear camera sensors. Finally, it comes in a variety of color choices, including blue, red, rose gold, black, gravel black and gravel green. The Anccer Huawei P30 Pro case is on sale at Amazon for $12.99.

Olixar Huawei P30 Pro case

Huawei P30 Pro cases - Olixar

The Olixar Huawei P30 Pro case is made of a flexible and durable TPU material. The back of this case also has a stylish textured leather effect design. Not only does it look cool, but it also has the added effect of offering phone owners a better grip when they hold it, so it’s less likely to slip. You can get the Olixar Huawei P30 Pro case on Amazon in black for $12.99.

LiuShan Huawei P30 Pro case

Huawei P30 Pro cases - LinShan

If slim and lightweight won’t work for you, how about something really rugged and durable? The LiuShan Huawei P30 Pro case promises to do just that. It’s a two-layer case, with a soft shock absorption TPU inner layer that combines with an outer plastic shell cover, so your phone can withstand lots of abuse. It also comes with a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing of photos, videos and other content. The case also comes with some extras, such as a small plastic stylus to use on the phone’s display, a silicone fish headset wrap and plugs for the USB-C port. The LinShan Huawei P30 Pro case is on sale at Amazon for just $7.98, except for the black case, which is priced at $7.48.

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