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Our smartphones have replaced everything we used to carry around, so why not have it take the place of our wallets as well, while also helping to keep the phone safe? Here are some of the best wallet cases for the Google Pixel 4 you can get right now! Be sure to check out our choices for cheap, ruggedthin, and clear cases. And of course, we have a master best Pixel 4 cases post here.

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The best Pixel 4 wallet cases:

  1. Procase genuine leather wallet
  2. Arae leather wallet
  3. Vena wallet
  4. Ghostek Exec wallet
  5. Torro wallet

Editor’s note: We will continue to update this list of the best wallet cases for the Pixel 4 as more become available.

1. Procase genuine leather wallet

procase genuine leather wallet for the pixel 4

The Procase Pixel 4 wallet case is made with genuine leather that looks and feels great. A magnetic clasp holds the folio cover in place, and the latter can also be folded into a kickstand. It comes with two slots for bank cards or ID and a large cash pocket.

2. Arae wallet

arae PU leather walletThe Arae is made with a premium faux leather and comes with a unique design. Instead of a folio wallet, where you run the risk of your cards scratching the display, this case houses everything on the back. A flip cover opens to reveal three card slots and a cash pocket and it stays closed with the help of three magnetic buttons.

3. Vena wallet

vena wallet pixel 4

Vena’s wallet case combines the best parts of a wallet with the protection of a rugged case. The back panel is leather that can be folded to double as a kickstand and extended to protect your cards. Unfortunately, the Vena wallet case doesn’t have a pocket for cash, but it’s MIL-STD 810G-516.6 certified so it might be the most durable wallet case out there.

4. Ghostek Exec wallet

pixel 4 ghostek exec

The Ghostek Exec offers solid protection and the option to easily detach the wallet as needed. You’ll have to remove the card carrier for wireless charging, though at least it can hold four credit cards. The case itself has a soft TPU bumper to protect against drops while a polycarbonate shell protects your new Pixel 4 from scrapes and scratches. Raised corners help to protect the screen and camera, but there’s always a chance that the wallet will fall off when dropped.

5. Torro wallet

torro wallet pixel 4

The Torro wallet case is a genuine leather folio that can double as a kickstand. You can store cards in three interior slots and carry some cash or receipts in the rear pocket. The genuine leather cover and microfiber lining should provide some luxurious protection for your Pixel 4, though it may not be the most drop-proof.

There you have it for this roundup of the best wallet cases you can buy for the Google Pixel 4!