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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases you can buy

We take a look at the best Galaxy Note 9 cases you can currently pick up for protecting Samsung's latest flagship smartphone.
August 24, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest, biggest and most expensive phone launched in the popular Galaxy Note series to date. It has features like a huge 6.4-inch display, as much as 8GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard storage, a huge 4,000mAh battery, and an updated S-Pen stylus that has Bluetooth LE hardware inside, so you can use it to remotely launch and control apps and features on the phone.

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As we stated, the Galaxy Note 9 is also the most expensive Note phone ever launched, with a starting price of $999. Naturally, you will want to keep this phone protected from any falls or spills it might take. We have picked the best Galaxy Note 9 cases you can currently buy to help keep your phone safe. We will update this post as more Galaxy Note 9 cases come to market.


Incipio DualPro Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case

Galaxy Note 9 case - Incipio
The folks at Incipio have just started launching their series of Samsung  Galaxy Note 9 cases. One of them is the company’s DualPro model, which uses a flexible, shock-absorbing inner core combined with an outer ultra-durable polycarbonate shell. The case has been designed to keep the Note 9 safe from falls as high as 10 feet. It also has a razed bezel in the front to keep the display safe from issues. It’s available now from Incipio for $29.99 in red, blue, black, gray and rose gold colors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S-View Flip Case Cover

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases - S-View Flip cover

Samsung has a number of its own cases and covers for the Galaxy Note 9. One of them is the S-View flip case cover. The clear cover helps protect the front of the Note 9’s display, while also allowing you to see any of the S-View’s notifications, and interact with the phone when it sends you alerts about incoming phone calls or message. The Galaxy Note 9 case cover can also flip back so it serves as a kickstand so you can watch videos hands-free in landscape mode. It’s available now on Samsung’s website for $59.99, and while that’s a little pricey this is still easily one of the best Galaxy Note 9 cases you can buy. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 LED View Wallet Case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases - LED case

Here’s another one of Samsung’s official cases for the Galaxy Note 9. This one lets you see LED-based notifications on your phone when the cover is closed, such as incoming messages, music controls, alarms and current battery status. You can also designate specific LED caller ID icons so you can see and know who exactly is calling you on your new Note 9. Finally, this is a wallet case, which means you can open it up and store credit cards in its interior pocket. It’s available now on Amazon for $64.99. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case Rugged Protective Case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases - Samsung rugged

Our final official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case is this rugged protective product. Samsung says this case has been dropped tested to military standards and should protect the Note 9 from any falls or spills it might take in its lifetime. It also has a built-in kickstand, which can be used for watching videos without the need to hold the phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rugged case is available via the company’s website for $39.99.

Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Rugged Armor case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cased - Spigen Rugged

Spigen is one of our favorite phone case makers, and they have several models available for the new Galaxy Note 9. One of them is this rugged armor case, which offers a high degree of protection while also having a fairly slim design. The one-piece case still has Spigen’s Air Cushion Technology to keep the Note 9 safe from any falls from a few feet high, while also having textures in the back for a better grip in case you want to game or watch videos in landscape mode. You can get this case now on Amazone for just $12.99.

Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Tough Armor case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases - Spigen Tough

Want some extra protection for your Galaxy Note 9? Then you should consider the Spigen Tough Armor model, which has a dual-layer design and a military-grade specification for keeping the Note 9 safe. It also has raised edges around the display, the dual camera and the fingerprint scanner for some extra protection against scratches. Finally, there’s an embedded kickstand for watching hands-free videos. While many of the best Galaxy Note 9 cases are pricey, you can get the Spigen Tough Armor case for the Note 9 in black, blue, grey or even lavender colors for just $17.99.

Ringke Fusion-X Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases - Ringke

Ringke also has some excellent phone case covers, such as the Fusion-X model for the Galaxy Note 9. The dual-layer design on the sides of the case is certified MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 for falls and drops. At the same times, the case also is transparent in the back so you, and everyone else, can check out the cool color choice that you picked when you bought the Note 9. The bezel protection layer can also prevent the phone’s cameras from being damaged. You can get the Ringke Fusion-X case for the Note 9 at Amazon for $13.99, making it not only one of the best Galaxy Note 9 cases, but also one of the cheapest. 

Caseology Skyfall Galaxy Note 9 case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases - Caseology

We have another transparent-based Galaxy Note 9 case you can check out. The Caseology Skyfall model has a durable scratch-resistant clear cover that not only shows off the phone’s design and colors for everyone else to see but also provides a solid amount of protection against scratches, falls and slips. The dual-layer design of the case also makes it easy to hold onto in case you want to play some high-end gaming. You can get the Caseology Note 9 case on Amazon now for $13.99, a discount compared to its normal $24.99 price tag.

Spigen Galaxy Note 9 Slim Armor Wallet case

Best Galaxy Note 9 cases - Spigen Slim

Spigen not only offers rugged cases for the Galaxy Note 9, it also has some slimmer models to choose from as well. The Slim Armor model not only gives you solid protection for the phone in a thin design, but it also has a special section in the back that can slide out. The space inside the sliding portion can be used to store up to two credit cards, along with some paper money as well. You can get this Galaxy Note 9 case in black, blue or lavender colors for $16.99.

SnakeHive Galaxy Note 9 Leather Wallet Case

Do you want a Note 9 case that also serves as a real wallet? Then take a look at this real leather case from SnakeHive. The company claims this case is made of full grain European Nubuck leather, and inside there is a secure rubberized TPU holder to keep the phone safe and in place. The case can also be used as a kickstand for watching videos hands-free, and of course, you can put in many credit cards and paper money in its inner sleeves. It’s available in several different colors for $29.99.


For now, these remain the best Galaxy Note 9 cases you can buy. As we stated, we plan to update this post when more Note 9 cases are launched. In the meantime, which cases do you think can be added right now to this list?