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5 best first aid apps for Android

First aid is an important skill. It can save a life, assist someone in need, and give you confidence in tense situations. Certifications and in-person training is best. However, there are apps that can teach you some of the basics. Here are the best first aid apps for Android!

Published onFebruary 22, 2022

American Red Cross best first aid apps for Android

First aid is a basic skill that many people know. It can help save a life, assist someone in need, and even give you confidence during tense situations. However, you do have to learn the skills first. We would not recommend any first aid apps over an in-person course with certifications. However, there are apps and tutorials out there with the basics. Even the basics can be helpful. Here are the best first aid apps for Android!

American Red Cross first aid apps

Price: Free

The American Red Cross has several first aid apps. They range from the basics on down to a first aid app for pets. The information includes basically everything from allergic reactions to burns, bleeding, heatstroke, asphyxiation, and other potential emergencies. It even has a shortcut to call 9-1-1 if the app doesn’t have the answers you need. Most of their apps support English and Spanish at a minimum. Other countries and dialects likely have similar apps by medical authorities. We recommend them first because they should have the latest first aid procedures.

Fat Belly First Aid

Price: Free

Fat Belly First Aid screenshot
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Fat Belly First Aid is a guide to many first aid techniques and situations. It includes things like ABC, how to potentially deal with emergency childbirth, and the usual stuff like CPR and poisoning. The UI is a bit basic, but colorful and smooth enough to get things done. You should be able to cleanly read everything the app has to offer. There aren’t any video guides and we think a search function would’ve been nice. Plus, an ad-free premium option is always appreciated for something like this. Otherwise, the app has a lot of very useful information.

New Zealand Red Cross First Aid

Price: Free

New Zealand First Aid screenshot

New Zealand Red Cross First Aid is a lot like the American Red Cross version of the app and you can use either one. This one has step-by-step instructions for many emergency situations, including CPR, what to do about burn injuries, and various other medical emergencies like heart attacks, open wounds, and others. The app is super simple to use and the UI shouldn’t confuse anybody. That’s good for an app you may need to reference under pressure. This is also up-to-date enough information to earn a first-aid certificate in New Zealand.

Offline Survival Manual

Price: Free

Offline Survival Manual - best nature apps

Offline Survival Manual is one of the interesting first aid apps. It doesn’t necessarily specialize in first aid. The app focuses mostly on surviving out in the wilderness. It has guides on building fires, plant identification, water filtration, food, planning, and other stuff. Part of that includes basic first aid for injuries or illnesses you may encounter in the outdoors. It’s best for survival training. However, this isn’t terrible to have even on your basic hiking or camping trip, either. Plus, as the name implies, it works offline. It’s also totally free.


Price: Free / $12.99 per month

As usual, YouTube is an excellent place to brush up on a topic. There are plenty of channels and videos about first aid, what to do in various emergencies, and some other stuff. It’s a little harder to verify than something like the Red Cross or similar apps. However, much of it is good stuff. The videos are a tad hard to find on occasion. On the plus side, watching someone perform these actions is a little better than reading about it in many cases. Plus, YouTube is free (with ads). There is always a YouTube Premium subscription for those who don’t want to view ads, let videos play in the background, or want to download videos for future play.

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If we missed any great first aid apps, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.
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