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The 10 best Christmas movies on Netflix

From comedies to musicals and more, there's a variety of movies to watch for the holiday season.
March 28, 2022
christmas netflix movies 2021

Christmas comes but once a year, as the old saying goes. In reality, people think about the holiday season all year long. That includes people who love Christmas movies, even if it’s 105 degrees and sunny outside. In the past few years, cable networks and the major streaming services, including Netflix, have been flooding us with new and classic Christmas films to watch.

It can be a chore to find the ones worthy of watching. To save you the hassle, we did some research and made a list of the top 10 best Christmas movies you can currently stream on Netflix.

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Best Christmas movies on Netflix:

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list as new Christmas movies are added, and older ones leave Netflix.

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles one of the best christmas movies on netflix

One of Netflix’s biggest original movies of 2018 was this Christmas film, which stars Kurt Russell as Santa Claus himself. However, due to the antics of a couple of kids, Santa finds himself stranded in Chicago on Christmas Eve, and there’s a race against time to get him back together with his sleigh and reindeer. If he doesn’t complete his yearly gift-giving before Christmas Eve ends, the world will lose that great holiday spirit.

Russell’s depiction of Santa as a hip grandpa is perfect for him, and the movie itself is fun to watch with your family and friends. You can also watch the sequel, The Christmas Chronicles 2, on Netflix right now.



This 2019 Netflix original movie was nominated for the Best Animated Movie of that year at the Academy Awards. This movie is basically an origin story for Santa Klaus. A postman who lives in the far northern areas of the world hooks up with Klaus, a humble toymaker. Together, they start sending toys to local children and soon Klaus starts to develop into the Santa Claus we all know and love.

A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas

Ok, we are stretching things just a tad by putting this on our best Netflix Christmas movie list (it’s just 56 minutes long), but it’s Bill freaking Murray in his own Christmas event. The special has Murray close to launching his live Christmas TV event in New York, but a snowstorm may cause his guests to not make it. Murray tries to go ahead with the special, with mixed results. He’s joined in song with guests like Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, George Clooney, and many others.

If you’re looking for a somewhat oddball holiday event, this one on Netflix might suit the bill.

Love Hard

This new Netflix original holiday movie stars Nina Dobrev who falls in love remotely with a guy that she only knows from her dating app. When she decides to go see him as a surprise for Christmas, she gets a huge shock when her dream man isn’t who she thought he was. However, the guy that she did fall for, at least physically, does exist. Can she get him to notice her, or is the person she really wants right under her dating app?

Father Christmas Is Back

Here’s another new Christmas movie, this time from the UK. Four sisters get together at their ancestral home and start feuding as usual. Things get even more interesting when their long-lost father decides to join them. The movie stars Elizabeth Hurley, John Cleese, and Kelsey Grammer.

A Boy Called Christmas

This upcoming 2021 Christmas Netflix movie centers on a young boy who leaves his native town to search for his father, who himself was searching for the fabled elves of the woods. The boy is helped by a reindeer called Blitzen and a pet mouse, Nikolas. Can the boy find both his father, as well as hope for his village?

White Christmas

White Christmas Netflix Christmas movies

You can’t beat this holiday classic from 1954. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye play two former World War II soldiers who try to help their former general save his inn during the Christmas season. It’s not much of a plot, but you’re watching this movie for the musical numbers, especially for the title song.

Christmas with the Kranks

christmas with kranks

Here’s another Christmas movie that’s become something of a sleeper hit. Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis play a couple who, for the first Christmas in a long time, won’t have their daughter come and visit them for the holidays. So instead of spending money decorating the house and having a big Christmas dinner, they decide to “skip Christmas” and use the money to go on a tropical cruise for the holidays. Naturally, this doesn’t sit well with the surrounding neighborhood. This is a fun family comedy with some particularly memorable scenes.

The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch

This 2018 original Netflix Christmas movie stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy, a baker from Chicago (there’s Chicago again) who travels to the European country of Belgravia to participate in a Christmas baking competition. However, she runs into her lookalike, Duchess Margaret Delacourt (also played by Hudgens), who wants to find out what it’s like to live like a normal person before she marries the Prince of Belgravia. Yes, it’s The Prince and the Pauper story retold again, as the two ladies switch identities to find out how the other half lives. It’s the kind of Christmas movie that always has a happy ending, and that’s just what some folks want.

Look for the sequel, The Christmas Switch: Switched Again, on Netflix and the third movie The Christmas Switch 3, is due on November 18th.

A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince

Our last entry in our best Netflix Christmas movie list is yet another original movie. Launched on the service in 2017, A Christmas Prince stars iZombie’s Rose McIver. She plays an American journalist who gets assigned to cover a press conference for the Prince of Aldovia. She’s then mistaken for the new tutor of a young princess of the country, and McIver uses this opportunity to get even closer to the Royal Family to get a big scoop. However, she soon starts having romantic feelings for the Prince.

This movie became a big hit for Netflix, and it spawned a sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, in 2018. A third movie in the series, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, is now available to stream as well.

New Netflix Christmas movies for 2021

2021 brings a lot of new original Netflix Christmas movies. Here’s a look at what else you can stream this holiday season.

  • A Castle for Christmas – Brooke Shields plays a woman who travels to Scotland for Christmas. She settles in a castle and also gets the attention of its owner and duke, played by Cary Elwes (November 26th).
  • Single All The Way – A man convinces a friend to travel with him to his family for the holidays and pose as his boyfriend. Complications start happening soon afterward. (December 3rd).
  • A California Christmas: City Lights – This sequel to 2020’s A California Christmas shows the happy couple at the end of that movie falling apart when he has to return to the city (December 16th).

These are our picks for the best Netflix Christmas movies that are currently available on the service or will be in the next several weeks. We’ll add more options to the list once they make it to Netflix.