Parents these days know that raising a child is the most rewarding but daunting task that they will ever experience in their lives. Children these days are living in a world where technology and information can reach them instantly.

Without parents’ watch, children may be influenced by content that is way beyond their comprehension or worse, poison the way they think.  Or, if they explore the real, physical world, children are gullible to the murky and dangerous elements of society.

Luckily for us, there are applications that can help us ensure that our children are always safe. Here are some of Android’s best child safety apps that can greatly help you, as parent or guardian, in keeping your child away from harm.

Children TV

If you always want to monitor your kid’s activities everyday in the things they do and most especially in the things they watch, then Children TV is the right application to help you. Children TV is specifically designed for children and adults to enjoy watching video clips on YouTube.

Children TV works like a filtering system and only allows “child-friendly video clips” to be streamed on your phone. Don’t be surprised if your child’s TV show is already on the list as the app is smart enough to know programs that are certified to be child-friendly.

The app also allows you to select different cartoon animations based on their language. Children TV is a nice application if you have kids who already know how to operate a smartphone.  The app also helps keep them safe from watching inappropriate content.

Kids Place

Kids Place is a parental control application that automatically transforms any Android device into a child-friendly environment for children to play with. Kids Place is an app launcher that features parental controls and child lock kits that protect all of your sensitive data and restrict kids from snooping around adult content or applications that are not suitable for their ages.  Kids Place also prevents children from tinkering with your mobile data plan and from downloading unnecessary material, apps, and other forms of useless data.

Not only that, Kids Place also restricts your child from randomly dialing numbers, composing text messages, or performing other smartphone actions that may cost you money. Other features that parents might find useful include auto app restart, blocking incoming calls, and even completely disabling wireless signals or communication services.

If you have lots of kids at home who always want to goof around with your phone or to play a game or two, be sure to run Kids Place before giving your phone to them.

Vaulty Stocks

Tired of people messing with your phone? Does privacy mean a lot to you? Want to keep all of your personal files private? Then all you need is Vaulty Stocks, an Android application that is specifically made to hide all of your closet skeletons from prying eyes. If you have kids at home and you don’t want them to see inappropriate material, then this is the application for you.

Hide all your pictures and videos from your phone’s gallery without letting your kids know that those files ever existed.  Keep your multimedia files safe inside Vaulty Stocks. All of your files are protected by a stock password. The app is simple to use; all you need to do is simply select the files that you want to keep hidden, and let Vaulty Stocks do all of the archiving for you. It’s that simple.

FBI Child ID

Each year, thousands of children are abducted or go missing. Luckily for us, the FBI has stepped in to help parents solve the problems of kidnapping or of missing children by providing parents a handy little application that tracks down children. Introducing FBI Child ID, a recently launched free application that conveniently stores photos and vital information of your children. The essential info about the child can easily be accessed using your mobile phone for those emergency situations.

The app includes loads of information like tips on keeping children safe, as well as specific guidelines on what to do during the critical hours when your child goes missing. There are also links to other sources of information like the victim’s family. The app will store information on the FBI’s servers only during an emergency.

Other features of the app includes creating multiple child profiles, relaying information to authorities during an emergency, and getting informative tips in keeping your child safe.

Family GPS Tracker

Worried about your family’s safety? Then Family GPS Tracker app will definitely make your life a whole lot easier. With Family GPS Tracker, users will be able to track the exact location of their family members and alert users when they are in a sticky situation. Thanks to the app’s inbuilt check-in feature, you will always know if your family member has safely arrived in one piece at a location.

The app is useful for tracking kids, especially if you are most concerned about their safety on the field. Users can also track anyone, as the app is specifically designed to locate family members. To locate a person all you need to do is open the app, and a map will be shown with your family members’ corresponding pictures and locations. In case of an emergency, any member of the family running the application will be alerted.

Sex Offenders Search

Concerned about the safety of your family, especially your kids? Find out who lives in your neighborhood with Sex Offenders Search by Fibercode. The world can be a dangerous place for your child to live in, but threats can be minimized. Sex Offenders Search is basically a search application tool that allows you to sniff your neighborhood for potential sex offenders.

Search results of offenders will be displayed on an interactive map that you can navigate. You can also search by city, actual address, or ZIP code for a more specific approach. Inside the map, users can click on any location and they will see information about offenders in that area, including the offenders’ pictures, name, address, and crimes committed.

Currently, Sex Offender Search only registers sex perpetrators in the United States. The app is continuously updated as new information comes in.

Sprint Family Locator

Sprint Family Locator is one of the best GPS-based locators avalable on the Google Play Store for your family members. Sprint Family Locator is easy to install and set up. One of the things that makes Sprint Family Locator the best among the other GPS locator applications is that it doesn’t need any installation on the phones you want to track. The app will automatically locate family members in real-time using an interactive map, and will send you a text message and alert you if your family members are not in the place where you expect them to be.

To install, all you need is to download the application, sign up, and you’re good to go. When you first download, you are entitled to a free 15-day trial, after which the app will bill you US$5.00 each month to be able to locate up to 4 phones. Charges will reflect on your Sprint monthly bill.

Famigo Sandbox Kid

Turn your phone into an instant child-safe device in just 30 seconds with the Famigo Sandbox app for Android. Famigo Sandbox will let your child play all the educational apps they need in a fun and safe environment. Parents who are constantly monitoring their child for inappropriate content will never have to worry about anything ever again as Famigo Sandbox will help protect your child from adult content.

Once installed, Famigo Sandbox will automatically filter applications, block app purchases, restrict text messages, disable calls, and locks down Internet access, making it a child-friendly environment for your kids to enjoy. The app is rich in colors with a beautiful set of icons.

Setting the application is easy as parents are offered a tutorial when they first run the app. Famigo Sandbox is a powerful parental control management app that will surely monitor your kids even if you are far away from home.

Kids Mode

Here’s an application that will surely make parenting a lot more fun and enjoyable for parents and for their kids. Kids Mode is a fun educational app for children that not only helps educate them but also keeps them safe from inappropriate content. The multi-awarded app is trusted by millions of kids and parents as it features clever educational applications for your child to grow and stay protected.

Kid Mode includes fun educational games that your child will surely love. With the built-in Child Lock feature, you can rest assured that your child will stay protected from inappropriate content as she or he goes along exploring your phone. There is also a powerful parental control that will help parents configure what they want for their child.

Safe Browser

Safe Browser is a cloud-based Internet browser filter that monitors over 8 million websites and a billion web pages a day to keep your child from snooping around websites that are flagged as inappropriate for their age.

Parents who let their child use the computer or their smartphones everyday will be happy to know that they can ensure their child’s safety and prevent them from browsing illicit material such as porn, drugs, gambling, and/or other dangerous sites. Safe Browser is easy to use and set-up. Every time your child browses the Web, Safe Browser will make sure that your children don’t reach places that are inappropriate for their age.

Keep your children safe by securing your phone and by monitoring who lives in your area. If your child safety app of choice didn’t make it to our list, share it with us in a comment below.

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