After a rough go of it in the highly-competitive smartphone market that has been dominated by Apple and Android, BlackBerry decided to make another effort at reversing their dipping fortunes by releasing a BlackBerry device that is powered by Android. The BlackBerry Priv¬†was certainly a good first attempt, boasting flagship specifications and features, and fans of BlackBerry’s services appreciated the availability of these features on an Android smartphone. That said, the Priv was not without its flaws, and its high price point proved to be detrimental to its success as well. If you are a fan of BlackBerry though, and were really hoping for an Android device from them, the BlackBerry Priv is a great option.

An additional layer of protection to keep your device safe from accidental bumps and drops is never a bad idea, which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the best protective cases and covers that are currently available for the BlackBerry Priv!

Profer Luxury Leather Wallet Case for BlackBerry Priv
Profer Luxury Leather Wallet Case for BlackBerry Priv
Introducing the Luxury Leather Wallet Case by Profer. Excellent wallet case that you can carry at all time and wherever you go. Made from the finest Polyurethane leather that is shock proof and can prevent scratches to your smartphone. Excellent fit with white stitch accent that gives a luxury feel. It features 3 slots for storage so you can bring your credit card or any important cards with you. It also includes a pocket for small paper such as money. The sturdy leather has an excellent grip thus avoiding drops. The back cover is raised 0.2mm to protect the Camera cut-out area.
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