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The best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot accessories

There are plenty of products and devices that will work with your Echo speaker, including cases, chargers and more.
January 20, 2022
A 4th-gen Amazon Echo on a desk
Adam Molina / Android Authority

Connected speakers and digital assistants are slowly becoming an essential part of many households. Amazon is certainly pushing this view, having unleashed a huge range of Echo speakers powered by its own digital assistant, Alexa. But what are the best Amazon Echo (and Echo Dot) accessories? Below, we’ve laid out the top products across a range of categories.

The best Amazon Echo and Echo Dot accessories:

Editor’s note: We will update this list regularly as new Amazon Echo accessories launch.

Echo Sub

Smart speakers may be useful gadgets, but more often than not they’re lacking in the bass department, which is where the Echo Sub comes in. The subwoofer adds 100W to your low-end, and pairs with most recent Echo models, including smart displays like the Echo Show 10. If you pair a second compatible Echo device you’ve got a decent 2.1-channel sound system. The Sub depends on a solid Wi-Fi connection, however, so be sure you’ve got that in place, or you may find it dropping out.

Fire TV Stick 4K

The 2021 Amazon Fire Stick 4K

If you’re willing to go all-in on Amazon’s ecosystem, the best Echo accessory for video streaming is the Fire TV Stick 4K. It comes with an Alexa voice remote, and beyond 4K resolution it supports multiple HDR standards including HDR10 Plus and Dolby Vision. If you pair it with Echo speakers, you can use the latter for TV audio as well as control.

LIFX Smart LED Bulb

LIFX smart LED light bulb stock photo 5
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

LIFX’s smart bulbs are a bit more expensive than some, but they have an advantage in the fact that they work without a hub, using Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth or Zigbee. Below we’ve chosen a standard 800-lumen color-changing bulb, but LIFX offers a variety of other formats and intensities, even night vision and anti-bacterial models. 

Echo Glow

echo glow smart lamp
There are many Alexa-compatible smart lamps nowadays, but the Echo Glow deserves a special mention. It’s a multicolored smart lamp designed for kids, but one that adults can enjoy too. It supports all standard Alexa voice commands and routines, with the bonus of a touch-sensitive dome that switches colors with a tap. Its only real weakness is, well, weakness — it’s intended to supplement primary lighting, not replace it.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

wemo mini smartplug
One of the best Echo-compatible gadgets is the Wemo Mini Smart Plug. It’s cheap, simple, and can make your old “dumb” appliances smarter, so long as they benefit from an on/off toggle. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and your trusty Echo, no hubs or bridges required. Like any smart plug, the full benefits emerge with automation — imaging your morning coffee brewing without lifting a finger.

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest 3rd gen thermostat - one of the best amazon echo accessories
Nest is one of the best-known smart home brands, and its thermostats are among the best Echo accessories, even though they belong to Google. Their signature feature, of course, is a learning algorithm. After a few weeks of use, a Nest Learning Thermostat adapts to your personal preferences — if you always turn your heating on at 7 AM for example, Nest’s software will start doing that automatically.

The thermostat also has a proximity sensor, and will light up to show you the temperature, time, or weather information when you walk by. It’s one of the smartest thermostats currently on the market.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

ring video doorbell - one of the best amazon echo accessories
The Ring Video Doorbell Pro replaces your existing wired doorbell, delivering 1080p video, two-way talk, and color night vision. Linked with Alexa, it can send announcements to Echo devices when the bell is rung or motion is detected, and fire off canned messages when you’re preoccupied. There’s alternately the newer Video Doorbell Pro 2, but you’re probably better off saving that money for a Ring Protect subscription, needed to record video.


ECOVACS Deebot 500

ecovacs robot vacuum

Don’t want to spend a fortune on a Roomba? Then the ECOVACS Deebot 500 may be Amazon Echo gadget for you. This robot vacuum is affordable yet still relatively powerful, and also lasts a while, up to 110 minutes on a single charge. When you link it to your Echo speaker, you can use voice commands to handle tasks such as scheduling, status updates, and changing modes.

Amazon Basics Microwave

amazon basics microwave - one of the best amazon echo accessories for your kitchen

A smart microwave? Yes, that’s a thing. This microwave from Amazon Basics connects to your Echo devices via Bluetooth and even includes a built-in Ask Alexa button. Voice commands include presets for foods such as coffee, rice, or popcorn, or you can specify your own time and power settings. You don’t need to use Alexa, but it adds an extra level of convenience.

Outlet Wall Hanger for the Echo Dot 4th Generation

echo dot wall mount

This wall hanger can be installed in just a few seconds, using either 3M Command Strips or screws and anchors. Your power cord meanwhile wraps out of the way for a more seamless look. Note that the hanger is only compatible with the 4th-gen Echo Dot, but if that’s your Echo of choice, this accessory can be a great space saver. 

Made for Amazon Outlet Shelf

Made for Amazon Outlet Shelf for Echo
The Made for Amazon Outlet Shelf is compatible with most Echo devices as long as they’re small enough. Its installation is similar to replacing an outlet cover, and you can rest other gadgets on the shelf too, as long as the total is under 10lbs.

Ninety7 SKY TOTE Battery Base for the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

If you’ve got an older 2nd-gen Echo, this sleeve adds a rechargeable 8,800mAh battery for up to eight hours of roaming. LED indicators show remaining charge, and the cover is acoustically transparent, with a convenient carrying handle. 

Amazon Echo Wall Clock

amazon echo wall clock

Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock is not only a nice-looking living room timepiece, but equipped with LCD tech to display one or more timers you have running on your Echo. You’ll even get a 60-second countdown animation. Just know that the clock runs on AA batteries, and has to be within 30 feet of your Echo.

Nanoleaf Shapes

Micron Shapes panels in a bedroom

Nanoleaf’s light panels add a futuristic touch to your home. They connect in a multitude of expandable layouts and animate using preset or user-made patterns, including ones synced to music or your computer. If you don’t feel like using Alexa or Nanoleaf’s apps, you can even control them manually via touch gestures.

While Nanoleaf has other excellent panel styles, we’ve chosen the Shapes format because of the flexibility possible in mixing hexagons, triangles, and/or mini-triangles. They also support Thread, which should improve reliability and response times once newer Echo devices get Matter over Thread switched on in 2022.

These are our picks for some of the best Amazon Echo accessories. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out our guide to the best Alexa-compatible devices, and our guide to all things smart home.