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About us

Android Authority is an imprint of Authority Media dedicated to consumer electronics and digital services. Beyond our expertise in mobile tech, our coverage has expanded to include everything from robot vacuums to streaming services to innovations in artificial intelligence. Engineers, device reviewers, veteran journalists, and videographers on our team all work together to deliver industry-leading reporting for tech-interested readers. Through our presence on social media, Google search results, and newsletter subscriptions, we move the needle for 50+ million users and hundreds of brands every month.

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Meet the team

Kris Carlon is Android Authority's Executive Editor, a half-British Australian living in Berlin traveling tirelessly between the US and China.
Since 2012 (Galaxy S3 era!), Bogdan has done just about every job at Android Authority – and loved every minute of it. His passion is helping AA grow, whether it’s through the occasional news story or review or his current focus, data and analytics. Bogdan lives in not-so-spooky Transylvania with his wife and a bunch of unruly cats. He dreams of becoming a beach bum one day.
Andrew Grush has over twelve years of experience as a writer and editor in the mobile space. He has been with Android Authority since 2012, where he started as a writer before joining the management team. In his current capacity, he serves as an editor, writer, manager, and SEO advisor for AA and its sister sites.
Oliver has been with Android Authority since 2017 and has been a journalist and critic for close to a decade, writing about tech, video games, film, and more. Based in Bristol in the UK, he currently watches over all of the reviews and features at Android Authority as Managing Editor.
For the better part of a decade, Robert has been writing about technology and trying not to ignore his various unfinished gadget projects. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Sound Engineering but also considers himself a self-taught boffin in displays, processors, wireless networking, and pretty much any other hardware that's crammed into smartphones.
Rita has been passionate about mobile technology since 2007 and has written about it in one way or another since. She currently lives in France and speaks three languages. She loves traveling, catching football and tennis matches, reading French literature, and she’s very passionate about Eurovision. In a previous life, she owned and managed a pharmacy in Lebanon for 10 years.
Gary has been writing about tech for over a decade and was a software engineer before joining Android Authority in 2012. He currently runs the Gary Explains YouTube channel and is responsible for the development of Speed Test G, Android Authority's custom benchmarking platform. Gary is commonly referred to online as The Professor, with decades of experience in tech under his belt.
C. Scott Brown is an Editor at Android Authority. He lives in New Haven, CT, where he drinks a lot of tea, watches a lot of movies, and eats a lot of delicious food. He likens technology to a catalyst that advances the human race, which is why he is so passionate about it.
Joe Hindy is known as the 'app guy' around these parts. He's been at Android Authority since September of 2012. Previously, Joe was a part of the US Army and attended college for video game design and development. He also quite enjoys yard work for some reason.
Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Hadlee is part of the news team at Android Authority, joining the website in 2018. He has over a decade of experience working in the tech journalism space. When he's not working, he's gaming, watching motorsport, or running. He'll get back on the jiu-jitsu mat when this pandemic is over.
Ryan started writing for Android Authority when he finished college in 2019, and he currently resides in Pennsylvania. When not contributing the latest and greatest recommendations, you can usually find Ryan hiking, climbing, or otherwise unplugged.
Adamya is an Editor at Android Authority. She lives in New Delhi, India but considers herself a wanderer at heart. After working as a national News Producer and Television Anchor for many years, she finally found her passion in technology reporting and hasn't looked back since. In addition to her love for all things tech, she is a serious streaming addict, a beagle mum, and an amateur chef.
Ryan went from measuring chemicals in laboratories to covering news from the video game and tech industries. Since 2012, he has written for various sites including Answers, Inverse, Forbes, and Digital Trends. He specializes in games and VR. In his free time, he enjoys playing games, watching and playing sports, learning new languages, and talking about nerdy stuff.
Kaitlyn is an outdoor enthusiast and well-worn traveler. She has been writing in the health and fitness sphere for nearly a decade, and was the managing editor of a wellness magazine before joining Android Authority in 2021. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kaitlyn is often found hiking precarious landscapes or tinkering with a camera.
Mitja is a full-time member of the Android Authority team, primarily working as an Evergreen Editor. In addition to everything tech-related, he also loves sports and is a self-proclaimed pizza expert.
Edgar Cervantes has been a tech journalist for over 10 years and has spent nearly half of his writing career here at Android Authority. Part of his daily routine includes writing and overseeing photography projects for the website. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of his daily drive.
Frederick is a Vancouver-based writer and has been covering tech and entertainment for the better part of a decade. He is particularly interested in genre and cult cinema and has written books about the films Serenity and Jennifer's Body. He re-joined Android Authority in 2021 after a brief stint in 2018 and has written for Vice, Paste, Senses of Cinema, io9, Realscreen, and more.
Before joining Android Authority in 2017, Nick developed custom training programs for some of the largest companies in the world. When not geeking out about tech, he can be found interviewing creatives on his website Tiny Workshops.
John was a newspaper reporter before becoming a technology and video/PC gaming writer in 2000. He has been writing at AA for over four years. He handles updates to evergreen articles and writes new features and news stores, primarily concentrating on streaming services. He lives in Greer, SC with his wife and five cats.
Roger is a long-time tech industry writer with credits including AppleInsider and ScreenRant. Originally from Canada, he now resides with his family in Austin, Texas. Outside of the tech sphere some of his interests include weightlifting, gaming, and movies. Within the tech realm some of his specialties include Apple, wearables, smarthome accessories, virtual reality, and personal electric vehicles. He also has a pro photography background, so he can explain everything from the zone system to the value of a mirrorless camera over a smartphone.
Andy Walker is a news writer at Android Authority. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, he has over seven years of experience in the tech journalism space and holds a degree in English Literature. He's also a Formula 1 fan, makes a mean G&T, and can sometimes be spotted away from his desk lazing in the South African sun.
Calvin is a technical writer-turned journalist with experience in the tech and cryptocurrency industries. He's drawn to niche technologies such as decentralized networks and cloud-free smart homes. Outside of writing, Calvin is a passionate electronics builder, gamer, motorcyclist, and mechanical keyboard snob.
Mark has been a freelance technology writer since 2004, writing for various sites such as eCommerceBytes, Lifehacker, NowSourcing, GroovyPost, Lifewire, Trendblog, Small Business Trends, PC World, Online Tech Tips, Switching To Mac, and XDA Developers. He has also been the managing editor of five tech websites. Mark has become an expert at cyber-technology and online privacy, online marketing, and online business. He also self-publishes his own spy fiction novels.
Paula has been a writer and editor since 2012, specializing in tech since 2019. She's Android Authority's Copy Editor, and also gathers the top tech news for The Weekly Authority newsletter. Outside of work you'll find her with a good story-driven game or watching horror films at the cinema.
Harley is a video producer for Android Authority and SoundGuys. As an emerging independent filmmaker, he has gained experience as a location sound mixer, freelance film composer, video editor and camera assistant. When he's not dabbling in film, you can find him browsing through Omnisphere presets, baking a cake, or hittin' the gym.
Tayo is a designer and product manager at Android Authority, passionate about all aspects of design and development.
Matt is the Deals Editor at Android Authority and has been scouting out the best offers from around the web since 2017. In his spare time, he likes nothing more than catching up with the latest news and sports podcasts on the beach.
Luka Mlinar is an SEO Analyst who also chips in on our social networks, ensuring questions on Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms are answered.
Before Jonathan began writing for Android Authority back in 2014, he used his computer sciences and software development education to oversee IT systems in the commercial space. Speaking of space, Jonathan keeps his eye to the sky as a certified remote pilot. That passion for flight helps him overseeing our partner site Drone Rush, putting drones to the test in a safe and legal manner.
Ankit has a background in Telecom Engineering, but decided he'd rather talk about phones than make them. He's been with Android Authority for close to ten years, writing about cases, accessories, smartphones, wearables, VPNs, and so much more. When not immersed in the tech world, he makes the time to indulge in his other favorites - genre TV and movies, and video games.
Based out of New Delhi, India, Dhruv has been testing, writing about consumer technology for a decade and then some. He joined Android Authority in 2019, before which he balanced his journalistic career with multiple start-ups including a makerspace. Dhruv is your go-to guy if you want to chat about travel, coffee, records, or vintage electronics.
Chris is Head of Product Testing for Android Authority, and acts as the Executive Editor for our personal audio site: SoundGuys.
Lily covers everything from true wireless workout earbuds to portable Bluetooth speakers. Their educational pieces break down auditory health, Bluetooth technology, and the psychological effect of music on exercise. She has addressed topics like "Noise-induced hearing loss" and "Understanding Bluetooth codecs."
Sam Moore is a Canadian journalist who's written on a wide variety of subjects. At Android Authority he's an editor, word nerd, and regular nerd.
Chase has been reviewing headphones, phones, and tablets at SoundGuys and Android Authority ever since the world nearly crashed and burned in 2020. Currently studying Commerce and Applied Music Technology at the University of British Columbia, his passion for audio products extends from a love of music, with songs mixed and produced by Chase amassing thousands of plays across streaming platforms.
Curtis is one of our Canadian content creators based in Vancouver, BC. He joined Android Authority in September 2021 and has deep-seated passions for gaming, music, ice hockey, and, of course, mobile technology. He wrote for Elite Prospects and Monstercat while studying English Literature and Language at UBC. He started creating content in 2010 and has been writing in a professional capacity since 2014.
Tina writes for Android Authority and its sister site SoundGuys. She has been a technology journalist for the better part of her professional life. Originally, tech blogging was her creative outlet while completing a thesis in biochemistry. Still a biologist at heart, when she's not at her desk, you'll find her caring for her plant collection, hiking a nearby trail, or exploring the many beautiful lakes in the Pacific Northwest.
Armed with a BA in Cognitive Systems: Mind, Language, and Computation, Adam advocates for human-centered technology, products, and platforms that serve our needs and values, not just our impulses. In his spare time, he's streaming the latest movies or series, gaming on his PS5, or getting fresh air on a hike in the beautiful wilderness of British Columbia.
Kevin is an experienced NYC journalist and editor who has written about technological developments in all areas of life. When not writing about the latest NASA Artemis developments or 8K television, he can be found in a very low-tech environment called Nature (version 1.0).