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Andrew Grush

Andrew Grush has been with Team AA over 5 years now. He's passionate about tech, writing, gaming, and doing his best to help grow the AA team.

Andrew's Posts

Google Nest Wifi review: A well-working, beautiful router

Google Nest Wifi looks great, but how does it function? We take a closer look at the router in this review.
Andrew GrushNovember 8, 2019168 shares

Should you get a smart bulb or smart switch? And what are your options?

Smart light switches are a bit more complicated than smart light bulbs and come with their own advantages and disadvantages.
Andrew GrushNovember 6, 2019594 shares

Google Pixel 4 XL vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: Apples vs Oh So Oranges

The iPhone 11 Pro Max and Pixel 4 XL are two of the hottest new devices on the market, how do they compare?
Andrew GrushNovember 5, 2019126 shares

Amazon Alexa commands — our guide to everything Alexa can do

There is a plethora of Amazon Alexa commands you can use. Let's get you started with a list of the best ones!
Andrew GrushOctober 24, 2019280 shares

A month in, I barely use the Google Nest Hub Max (yet I still recommend it)

After more than a month, I don't find myself using the Google Nest Hub Max as much as I once did. But I still like it.
Andrew GrushOctober 24, 201945 shares

Now might be the perfect time to buy a OG Pixelbook

Not impressed by the Google Pixelbook Go? Now might be a good time to pick up the OG Pixelbook.
Andrew GrushOctober 20, 201998 shares

iPhone 11 shows Apple finally takes affordable flagships seriously

The Apple iPhone 11 is Apple's latest attempt to make an affordable flagship, and it's the best effort to date.
Andrew GrushOctober 16, 2019939 shares

Best Disney movies on Netflix

Looking for something to watch with the family? Here are the best Disney movies on Netflix right now!
Andrew GrushOctober 15, 2019104 shares

Are minor smartphones refreshes really a problem?

The OnePlus 7T Pro has come under fire for being a minor update. But are minor smartphone refreshes the real issue?
Andrew GrushOctober 14, 2019174 shares

I spent the week with the iPhone 11 Pro Max: Here are my thoughts

What's it like on the other side? I spent a week with the new iPhone 11 Pro to find out.
Andrew GrushSeptember 30, 2019574 shares
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