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Mitja Rutnik

Mitja is a full-time member of the Android Authority writing team specializing in news, how-tos, features, and more. In addition to everything tech-related, he also loves basketball and is a self-proclaimed pizza expert.

Mitja's Posts

Documentaries on YouTube: 10 best ones to add to your watchlist

Why pay for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu when you can watch documentaries on YouTube for free.
Mitja RutnikAugust 25, 2019236 shares

Smartphone quiz: Name that flagship killer!

Can you name a flagship killer just by looking at it? Let's find out!
Mitja RutnikAugust 24, 2019531 shares

Smartphone quiz: Which statement is false?

Each question in this quiz contains four statements regarding a popular phone. Your job is to figure out which one is false.
Mitja RutnikAugust 17, 2019165 shares

Should I upgrade my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the Note 10 or Note 10 Plus?

Check out a few reasons for and against upgrading to one of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phones from the Note 8.
Mitja RutnikAugust 15, 2019711 shares

YouTube in numbers: Monthly views, most popular video, and more fun stats!

Check out how many YouTube videos are watched every month, how much money the highest-paid YouTuber makes, and other stats!
Mitja RutnikAugust 11, 2019167 shares

Pop quiz: Which Android game is this?

Can you recognize an Android game just by looking at its screenshot? Let's find out!
Mitja RutnikAugust 10, 201997 shares

Galaxy Note 10 vs Pixel 3 series: Which one is right for you?

A look at the differences and similarities between the Galaxy Note 10 and Pixel 3 phones to help you decide which to buy.
Mitja RutnikAugust 8, 2019235 shares

Best microSD cards for your brand new Galaxy Note 10 Plus

These microSD cards for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus are durable, support 4K video, and won't break the bank.
Mitja RutnikAugust 8, 201915 shares

Forget Netflix! Watch these free movies on YouTube instead

Why pay as much as $16 per month for a Netflix subscription if you can watch great movies for free on YouTube?
Mitja RutnikAugust 5, 2019332 shares

Galaxy Note 10 series: How much do you really know about the upcoming phones?

This quiz contains 10 questions that revolve around the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 series. How many can you get right?
Mitja RutnikAugust 3, 2019168 shares
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