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Mitja Rutnik

Mitja Rutnik

Mitja has well over a decade of experience in the industry, with his first article being published way back in 2007. He has written for various publications in North America and Europe and has experience with both digital and traditional publishing. During his career, Mitja has written thousands of features, news, commentaries, and other articles that have garnered millions of views across the globe.

As the Evergreen Editor at Android Authority, Mitja is responsible for the day-to-day management of the team behind the best lists, guides, and other evergreen articles that give readers the insight they are searching for. He’s a well-respected expert in the field of search engine optimization thanks to years of hands-on experience and the countless professional courses he has under his belt. Mitja also stands out due to his creative spirit and has launched several of Android Authority’s popular series including “Did you know” and “Change my mind.”

He holds a Business and Economics degree, graduating among the top of his class. His love for technology and a great understanding of how companies operate give him a deeper insight into the tech market as a whole. Mitja is a OnePlus user (for now), loves his Kindle, and is a big fan of Lenovo’s ThinkPad laptop series.