Mitja Rutnik

Mitja is a full-time member of the Android Authority writing team specializing in news, how-tos, features, and more. In addition to everything tech-related, he also loves basketball and is a self-proclaimed pizza expert.

Mitja's Posts

How to unblock someone on Instagram

Check out the step by step instructions for exactly how you can unblock someone on Instagram.
by Mitja Rutnik23 hours ago

PUBG Mobile: Test out how much you really know about the action-packed game

This PUBG Mobile quiz contains 10 questions about weapons, vehicles, maps, and more — only experts will get all of them right.
by Mitja RutnikDecember 8, 2018

Best cheap VPNs of 2018 — what are your options?

A cheap VPN service can be just as good as an expensive one. Here are a few to consider, starting at just $1.91 per month.
by Mitja RutnikDecember 4, 2018

What will smartphones of the future look like? Here are 6 (crazy) predictions

These features may seem like science fiction now, but they could become a reality somewhere down the line. Fingers crossed!
by Mitja RutnikDecember 2, 2018

Pop quiz: Can you name these iconic phones?

Your job is to look at each of the 10 images and figure out which iconic phone it shows.
by Mitja RutnikDecember 1, 2018

Smartphone quiz: Guess the year

When was the original Galaxy Note announced? What year did Google buy Android? These are the types of smartphone-related questions you can expect in this quiz.
by Mitja RutnikNovember 24, 2018

5 Android settings you should change to level up your smartphone game

These five under-the-radar Android settings will take your smartphone game to the next level.
by Mitja RutnikNovember 20, 2018

Pop quiz: Match the feature to the Android skin!

Each question in this quiz revolves around a specific feature offered by an Android skin. Your job is to figure out which one.
by Mitja RutnikNovember 17, 2018

OxygenOS: 5 features you need to know about

OnePlus' OxygenOS is one of the best Android skins out there. Check out some of the features that make it special.
by Mitja RutnikNovember 14, 2018

What is IMEI and why should you care?

Here's how to check IMEI on your Android smartphone, what's it used for, and why you should never share it with strangers.
by Mitja RutnikNovember 13, 2018
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