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Edgar Cervantes

Edgar Cervantes has over 9 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of his daily drive. Not to mention his mad product photography skills, which have taken Android Authority imagery to the next level.

Edgar's Posts
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Google Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE camera shootout: You pick the winner!

In this Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE camera shootout you decide which is the best camera phone of the two. Let the battle begin!
Edgar Cervantes14 hours ago164 shares

What is ISO in photography? Everything you need to know

What is ISO? Let's talk about what ISO stands for, its effects, and how you can use it to your advantage.
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 2020215 shares

The best dumb phones you can buy right now

A smartphone isn't always the smartest choice. The best dumb phones won't take time from what matters most in life.
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 2020

The best Siri commands for productivity, information, laughter, and more

Wondering what to ask Siri? Here is a list of the best Siri commands for all kinds of situations.
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 202094 shares

What is dynamic range in photography? Everything you need to know

What is dynamic range? Don't worry! Understanding the concept is easier than it seems, and we are here to explain it to you.
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 2020133 shares

The best HomeKit accessories for your smart home

Those invested in the Apple ecosystem probably want to buy the best HomeKit accessories. Here's a list of them!
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 202012 shares

Why is my phone’s battery draining so fast?

Wondering what's killing your smartphone's battery life? Let's fix that! These are the four biggest battery hogs around.
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 2020770 shares

How to use manual mode on your smartphone camera?

What exactly is manual mode and how do you make the most of it on your smartphone?
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 2020179 shares

The best Sony cameras to spend your money on

Looking to get yourself a new Sony camera? Sony has offers in all categories, and we have put the best ones in this list.
Edgar CervantesAugust 1, 202096 shares

How to create an Android phone ringtone and notification sounds

Changing your phone ringtone makes mobile devices more personal and fun, but making your own tones is even better.
Edgar CervantesJuly 27, 202036 shares
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