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Adamya Sharma

Adamya is a full-time Editor at Android Authority. In addition to her love for all things tech, she is a serious streaming addict, a beagle mum, and a pretty good cook.

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Honor teases 9X Pro global launch, will be its ‘first HMS-based smartphone’

Huawei Mobile Services are set to go mainstream next week, albeit on a 2019 smartphone.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 18, 2020372 shares

New US proposal could all but kill Huawei’s smartphone business

The US is apparently mulling a regulation that could cut off Huawei's access to the world's largest chipmaker.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 18, 2020938 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 early rumors reveal camera specs, colorways, and more

The phone could borrow its photography skills from the Galaxy S20 Plus.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 18, 2020184 shares

Huawei’s Google Mobile Services replacement is finally nearing wider launch

Huawei Mobile Services will reportedly get a wider launch at the company's Barcelona launch event.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 18, 2020254 shares

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is already getting its first software update

The update adds a missing camera feature to the phone.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 17, 2020864 shares

Durability test shows Galaxy Z Flip’s display can be scratched with fingernails

Turns out the Galaxy Z Flip screen is as prone to scratches as the plastic display of the Galaxy Fold.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 17, 202091 shares

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is selling like hot cakes, sold out online in US

A cheaper price tag and a pocketable design maybe the reasons for the Galaxy Z Flip's high demand.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 14, 20201213 shares

Huawei’s latest license extension cut in half by US government

This further diminishes hope of Huawei phones regaining Google services any time soon.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 14, 2020544 shares

Motorola Razr gets “most complicated” award from iFixit (that’s not a good thing)

iFixit's teardown doesn't really inspire confidence in the $1,500 foldable phone.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 14, 2020209 shares

Xiaomi Mi 10 series pricing and availability: How much for an 8K flagship?

We'll be updating this article as Xiaomi confirms price and launch information for various markets.
Adamya SharmaFebruary 14, 20201339 shares
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