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Gary has been a tech writer for over a decade. Prior to that, he had over 10 years of experience as a software engineer. If you are reading this, you should also check-out the Gary Explains YouTube channel!

Gary's Posts

Gary Explains: Armv9 is Here, Plus Loads of Wi-Fi Tutorials

Armv9 is here and chips are already being announced. But if that isn't your thing, what about Wi-Fi and Mesh tutorials?
Gary SimsApril 28, 2021

Wi-Fi range extenders: What are they and how do they work?

Wi-Fi Extenders can help bring Wi-Fi to dead spots in your home. But how do they work? What is the best place for them?
Gary SimsApril 25, 2021

How to understand Kryo CPU numbering in Qualcomm Snapdragon processors

Qualcomm Snapdragon processors use Kryo CPUs. These CPUs have their own number system, separate to the Snapdragon numbering.
Gary SimsApril 18, 2021

Red Magic 6 review: Great gaming hardware with challenging software

The Red Magic 6 is a gaming phone with the Snapdragon 888, shoulder triggers, and a 165Hz display that costs less than $600.
Gary SimsApril 10, 2021

Roku Streaming Stick Plus review: The perfect mix for 4K streaming

The Roku Streaming Stick Plus brings 4K, an easy-to-learn UI, and so much more. Here's our review!
Gary SimsApril 3, 2021

Top 11 Raspberry Pi projects for everyone

Here is a look at the best Raspberry Pi Projects for beginners, advanced users, and kids.
Gary SimsMarch 31, 2021

Gary Explains: Intel to Make ARM & RISC-V Chips!!!

Alongside Intel's big news, find out how to write your own multitasking OS, plus take a look at the new Snapdragon 780G.
Gary SimsMarch 26, 2021

Tested: Is a $400 iPhone SE really faster than the most powerful Android phone?

Apple's CEO claims that the $400 iPhone SE is "faster than the fastest Android phones." Is that true? Let's find out.
Gary SimsMarch 5, 2021

Gary Explains: The $4 Raspberry Pi Pico is Here

The Raspberry Pi Pico is a new $4 microcontroller board. It is cheap and cheerful. Plus more from Gary Explains.
Gary SimsFebruary 25, 2021

IoT security: What you need to know

IoT is gaining popularity, but it has its share of security problems. Learn more here.
Gary SimsFebruary 10, 2021
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