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Oliver Cragg

Oliver is the Features Editor at Android Authority. His interests include mobile tech, gaming, smart home gadgets, VR/AR, cinema, and much more.

Oliver's Posts

Sony Xperia 5 review: Not so Compact

Is it a miniaturized marvel or a diminutive disaster? Find out in our Xperia 5 review!
Oliver CraggJanuary 20, 2020698 shares

Will Google undermine the Pixel 4a to make the Pixel 4 look better?

Is Google changing strategy for the second budget Pixel phone?
Oliver CraggJanuary 2, 2020206 shares

Apple iPad Pro 2020 renders leak: Here’s what Android tablets will have to beat

But really, does anyone actually need a triple camera on a tablet?
Oliver CraggDecember 27, 2019763 shares

What is the OnePlus Concept One? Here are our 5 best guesses

What does the "future of smartphones" look like? OnePlus isn't telling until CES 2020, but here are a few possibilities.
Oliver CraggDecember 17, 2019276 shares

Pixel Feature Drops: Google making old phones new again is great news for us all

Our phones should be exciting well beyond launch. Thankfully, Google wants to make that a reality.
Oliver CraggDecember 15, 2019783 shares

We ranked 50 failed Google products from best to worst

We all know about Google's successes, but what about its epic fails?
Oliver CraggDecember 8, 20191088 shares

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus camera: Is it the weirdest looking multi-lens camera?

The Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus has a bizarre rear camera design, but which other phone cameras got hit with the ugly stick?
Oliver CraggDecember 4, 2019523 shares

The 10 best sci-fi movies on Netflix

In space, no one can hear you stream.
Oliver CraggDecember 1, 201989 shares

Black Friday 2019 UK: Best deals and offers on phones, tablets, audio, and more!

Here are all the best tech deals in the UK for Black Friday 2019.
Oliver CraggNovember 29, 2019132 shares

Sorry Stadia, I’m backing xCloud to be the big player in the cloud gaming wars

Why I'm betting on Red(mond).
Oliver CraggNovember 23, 2019328 shares
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