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How to get more spell energy in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Spell energy is the most important resource in the game. Here's how to get more!
Nick FernandezJune 25, 201936 shares

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Professions guide: How to farm Scrolls, Spell Books

Learn how to choose the right Profession and farm up Scrolls and Spell Books!
Nick FernandezJune 25, 201952 shares

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite best wand guide: How to choose your wizard weapon!

Any wizard needs a good wand, so we put together a guide to creating the best wands in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite!
Nick FernandezJune 24, 201996 shares

This week in Android: Google’s iMessage alternative and more Huawei legal issues

RCS is coming to more Android phones and Huawei just can't catch a break.
Nick FernandezJune 23, 2019296 shares

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite out now — Here’s everything you need to know

It's finally here! Learn everything you need to know about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in this handy guide.
Nick FernandezJune 22, 2019171 shares

The top new Android games of the week, plus what’s coming soon! (June 21)

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and more were released this week. Plus, there are tons of exciting titles coming soon!
Nick FernandezJune 21, 2019117 shares

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite tips and tricks — Become a master wizard!

You might be muggle-born, but that doesn't mean you can't become a master with these tips and tricks!
Nick FernandezJune 21, 201988 shares

The 10 best sci-fi shows and movies on Hulu

The best sci-fi movies and binge-worthy shows available on Hulu!
Nick FernandezJune 20, 201979 shares

No console or PC? Here are 8 games from E3 that would make great Android games

Any of these titles making it to Android would be a boon to mobile gaming.
Nick FernandezJune 17, 2019128 shares

This week in Android: Official Pixel 4 preview and Huawei’s shifting strategy

This week we got an official look at the Pixel 4 and learned more about how Huawei might overcome the U.S. ban.
Nick FernandezJune 16, 2019117 shares
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