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Dead Island: Survivors review: Enough to rise the series from the dead?

Is Dead Island: Survivors enough to rise the franchise from the dead after a series of mediocre releases? Find out in the full review!
by Nick FernandezJuly 14, 2018

Pokemon Quest tips and tricks: From beginner to Pokemon master

We've compiled a full list of Pokemon Quest tips and tricks to celebrate the mobile release. Check it out!
by Nick FernandezJuly 4, 2018

Pokemon Quest review: A mobile take on the iconic franchise

Pokemon Quest might have come out a month early on the Switch, but it's clearly a mobile game at heart. Check out the full Android review!
by Nick FernandezJuly 3, 2018

PUBG Mobile inches closer to Fortnite with Royale Pass in update 0.6.0

PUBG Mobile version 0.6.0 adds a number of new features, including a Royale Pass that's eerily similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass.
by Nick FernandezJune 19, 2018

Final Fantasy XIV Companion App slated for late July release

Managing your FFXIV inventory and market board is about to get a lot easier with the Final Fantasy XIV Companion App.
by Nick FernandezJune 17, 2018

EA revives the C&C franchise with Command and Conquer: Rivals

It's time to don your leather jacket and start harvesting tiberium, because Command & Conquer is back on Android and iOS.
by Nick FernandezJune 10, 2018

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians tips and tricks

We've compiled this list of Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians tips and tricks to get your wizardly grind off to a good start.
by Nick FernandezJune 8, 2018

Marvel and Nexon are teaming up for Marvel Battle Lines card game

Marvel Battle Lines features an original story written by Alex Irvine, as well as hundreds of unique cards to collect.
by Nick FernandezJune 4, 2018

Star Ocean: Anamnesis is coming to the West, pre-registration available now

The mobile entry in the Star Ocean franchise is finally coming to the West two years after its release in Japan. Pre-registration open now!
by Nick FernandezJune 3, 2018

Dragon Next M joins the ranks of mobile MMORPGs on Android

Dragon Nest M, a remake of the popular anime-style PC MMORPG by the same name, is now officially available on Android.
by Nick FernandezJune 3, 2018
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