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Homo Machina is a fantastic, brief exploration of the human body factory (review)

Homo Machina adapts Fritz Kahn's illustrations about the human body into a beautifully crafted mobile game. Read the full review for more!
by Nick Fernandez4 days ago

Dragon Ball Legends hits Android devices in the US ahead of iOS

Dragon Ball Legends, the latest game from the ever popular Dragon Ball franchise, has officially been released for Android users in the U.S..
by Nick Fernandez4 days ago

New details about Wonder’s ambitious Android-powered gaming phone

Wonder's new gaming device will run a custom layer of the Android OS tentatively called WonderOS. Can it avoid the fate of the OUYA?
by Nick Fernandez5 days ago

Pixar-style stealth horror game Hello Neighbor coming to Android

Start running and don't look back, because the 2017 stealth horror hit Hello Neighbor is coming to Android on July 27.
by Nick Fernandez1 week ago

Dungeon Hunter Champions review: The endless grind begins

Dungeon Hunter Champions is Gameloft's latest addition to the action RPG franchise, and it features tons of content and new MOBA-like PvP modes. Does it live up to the hype? Find out in ...
by Nick Fernandez2 weeks ago

An updated Material Design look for Pocket Casts revealed by Google

Pocket Casts has promised that no major changes are coming after their recent acquisition, but a redesign is in the works.
by Nick Fernandez2 weeks ago

The latest battle royale release on PC is… PUBG Mobile?

The steamroller that is Tencent Games doesn't stop, and its latest project is an official PC emulator for PUBG Mobile.
by Nick Fernandez2 weeks ago

Google News app hands-on: The be-all-end-all news aggregator

A new Google News app was announced at Google I/O 2018. Here's a first-hand look at the new Google News!
by Nick Fernandez2 weeks ago

Battleship: Official Edition puts a new spin on the classic board game

Annoying younger siblings everywhere rejoice! Battleship: Official Edition is now available in the Play Store. Thankfully, this version of the classic game of naval combat incorporates ...
by Nick Fernandez2 weeks ago

Fortnite Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: Ten differences between the two biggest battle royales

PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile are set to shake the mobile gaming community, but what are the differences between the two? Here we break down the features that make each battle royale ...
by Nick Fernandez3 weeks ago
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